Thursday, July 31, 2008

My view regarding Anwar Case

I have been thinking about it for a while now, even if he say this and that.. can any of this save Anwar Ibrahim?

With our current government in power... I would say anything he is currently doing would be useless (Why? heh.. if you never read the news or don't even know what is going on with our country I suggest you go back to Primary school and continue on playing like a small kid). I don't think he is dumb enough not to notice this himself. So what likely is his plan to overcome this accuse to him?

A.) Start gathering his own Army to have war to save us Malaysian.

B.) Seek help from outside power and in exchange we share our resource.

C.) Hire a sniper and start shooting down the top guys.

D.) Become a suicide bomber and hug the man who exploded the Mongolian model and place his scapegoat as a replacement.

E.) Become a good man, follow the law and rot in jail while waiting for the case to drop only to get out after few years.

Well then again this is what I might do, Anwar Ibrahim might have a better plan. So what is likely to happen now since his wife have send in her resignation letter?

I bet he be arrested where he has no choice but to choose plan A or B. As I cannot see what other plans he has to overcome this problem he is going to face.

So what about our current goverment in power? Why are they doing this? For their own greed? are they that confident in their power? When will this end?

For real, I just hope there be war and we just restart the whole country system.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bandwitdh Test

I got bored so wanted to check out my bandwitdh... even thought i can see it from my modem what is the speed cap at.. but well just for fun:

If you guys wanna try it out click on the link below:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

DNS that could allow attackers easily to compromise any name server

Check your system by going to this site:

Read more technical stuff about it on Slashdot:

Click Here

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just to know..

I would just like to know those who visit my blog here.. can you guys post a comment or something as... I seem to be getting a lot of visitor lately... would like to know where are you guys from.

If it is just some google bot then ... ignore this post. lol

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FRU being exploited?

copied from TheStar

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Commission of Malaysia's (Suhakam) two-day public inquiry into the allegation of excessive use of force by law enforcement personnel at Persiaran Bandar Mahkota Cheras 1, Bandar Mahkota Cheras on May 27 began Wednesday.

The first witness of the alleged assault by FRU personnel at the disputed Bandar Mahkota Cheras barricade in May claimed that he stopped his car before making a U-turn as there were cars in front of him when he saw at least 10 FRU personnel carrying batons and shields rushing to his car.

Chang Jiun Haur, who is a 23-year-old mechanic, said the FRU personnel kicked his car door, hit the passenger door window screen and opened the door before he was forcibly dragged out by at least five personnel who later beat him until he lost consciousness....

Click here to read the whole story

or read the list of blogs reporting about it with pictures too!!!

Click here to find the list of blogs

For some strange reason... NST is not reporting anything about it... wonder why... hm... not to mention even the latest Anwar is being cornered on the website... strange....


A weekly prize will be given to the Director of the video that received the most votes (accumulated) and also the Fan with the most viral(accumulated).

At the end of the contest, the Director with the highest overall number of votes and the Fan with the most overall viral number will each win the grand prize.

Each winner is only eligible for 1 weekly prize. Grand prize and weekly prize can be won by the same Director or Fan.



Well I tried to register and it did not allow me to register. For some odd reason the error message I receive while clicking submit did not make any sense here is a screen shot of it:

Free Image Hosting at

I can't figure out why my full name as in I.C must be alpha numeric???

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have made RM1.25 from all the Nuffnang Ads. Here is a Print Screen of it (Why printscreen? because i can't lie then.) I scroll down a bit as I don't want people to know which email I use even thought you can google it up if you know what keyword to use. anyway here is the SS:

Free Image Hosting at
Click on the picture above

Did not update much on this blog as I am kind of busy with my working life :\ if someone donated me maybe RM56million or more I try to update this place everyday. But chances of that happening is like 0.00000000000000000001% hahaha

Anyway I went shopping few days ago with Griselda and well saw some thing funny while she was shopping her girl stuff:

Image Hosted by
By adk, shot with W850i at 2008-07-21

Well so what is wrong? erm.. o.. if you guys can't see well in the area I highlighted said

Mengeratkan Keintiman

I was laughing when I saw that, it make the girl stuff thighter??? LOL

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From NTV7

Just watched the local tv news and NTV7 reported this. The idiot said he did not do any personal attack against his opponent . So what did he do? gave history lesson during the debate?


Lame News?

Copied from NST website:

Anwar - Ahmad Shabery live TV debate ends with no clear winner

Did they watch the show or just heard it from Ahmad Shabery mouth? Here is my review of the show.

The idiot was out of topic, his face was red, and he made himself look like an idiot. Anwar? of cause not. The other one.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The tiring experience?

It was a really tiring day yesterday, Jeremy dad wanted to use the wira back so I had to return it. Because my car was in the workshop still, so I tried borrowing another car from Griselda. So after arranging all our time together reaching Jeremy house by 12.50pm and still have some time to drink before sending off Griselda back to town. Her car died, so there we were in Taman Antara Bangsa. Sweating a lot and calling everyone we know who could help out. But in the end we just left the car there lol... I had to go back office because I had to find a product for my boss from a company in K.L while she had to go the bank.

I wanted to post this last night but well.. was busy formating my desktop pc and installed Vista premium on it. The vista score on it was 4.3 and more then my laptop which is only 3.1. Not to mention my desktop has only 1 gb ram but it is corsair :P

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friendster new virus?

Well something seems weird again today as I logon into my Friendster account, I receive a few messages from more then 5 people saying the same thing and all with difference subject?

  • Letting you know...
  • Hey buddy
  • My profile
  • Hola!
  • Hi All
The messages:
I know you,
is everything going good?
I got a new webpage, hit me up there
(I didn't put the full url because I do not want people to get infected clicking from the link if it was really a virus :P)
New virus? or spam? Do my friends who send this message know they are sending msg?

List of people who send me the message:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Whats with the Ads here?

Well currently I am trying to see if I can make any money with all this ads around the blog. Its going to be like this maybe for half a year, if I don't get much cash out of it I will pull it off again.

So what will kind of help will I need?
You guys to click on the ads which interest you, even better buy something from the ads.

What kind of benefit will any you get if I make any money?
Find me and I buy you a beer (If i make any money)

What if you don't drink?
Too bad then.

What other benefit will you get?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Conversation on the phone

I am still having problem while trying to speak over the phone with someone I don't know and here is the dialog:

Adriel: Hello is in?
Reception: Yes, may I know whos on the line please?
Adriel: This is Adriel from Harmonic Security
admin: Ok hold on.
Mr.Xxx: Hello
Adriel: Hello Mr Xxx?
Mr.Xxx: Speaking, who's on the line?
Adriel: I am Adriel from Harmonic security, I am calling regarding the Bose installation and the others setup we did. I would like to know who should I address the bill too as Mr.B told me to ask you about this.
Mr.Xxx: Well I can't tell you at the moment, I am very busy can you call me back tomorrow morning?
Adriel: Around what time sir?
Mr.Xxx: Try calling me around 8.15am is possible
Adriel: But is that not to early?
Mr.Xxx: Just call because I be very busy later on
Adriel: ok sir, I will call you tomorrow morning ok?
Mr.Xxx: ok thanks
Adriel: ok Sir.

Hang up

So this is how i would speak over the phone to one of our client if needed. Most of them can be a jackass and wish to deal directly to my boss sometimes when i call them. Then again I don't really have a choice if my boss instructed me to deal with them. But most of the time he ended up having to deal them himself lol..

Busy days...

My boss is slowly making me stay in the office more now days to do most of the paper works.