Thursday, February 19, 2009

Statistic Of thegutterpost

Well since thegutterpost has been only open to the authors which is the owner himself, I have notice there is a lot of people actually searching for information on what really happened. Here are the keywords that is being used on the search with google:

what happen to gutterpost23
thegutterpost down18
what happened to gutterpost13
what happened to thegutterpost10
what happen to thegutterpost9
gutterpost alternative8
thegutterpost closed8


So like myself, I too would like to know what actually happened. Did some idiot report it as a abusive site? or reported too the police?

Please leave some comment if anyone knows actually what have happened :(

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Anonymous said...

haha~I searched for "thegutterpost violation" then I found my way here, LOL!

Would love to know what happened too~

Adriel D.K said...

Wonder if he is arrested or something :\

Anonymous said...

aiya!!!.. u know la....

i think should be some "political" ppl complaint lo......
last nite i m still able go thru ... :)

i would also like to know what could happen to the author???....

am i toking so much????

sorry ya.....

anony b said...

sigh.. i also trying to enter.. cannot.. :-( hope he saw our messages here and may be give his password and login to us. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Probably some idiot that can't bear with the fact that they are themselves to blame for letting their sensitive info leak out on the web

Why blame others for spreading your shyte when you shouldn't have shat in the first place ?

gutterfan said...

what the crap is this. One politician scandal and shut the site down? This is bullshit.

You dont see other celeb asking gutter to shut down when their nude photos are shown on the site?

malaysians (especially politicians) always have to make a fuss out of everything. malaysia boleh my ass.

I'm embarrassed to be a malaysian, any country wanna take me?

Anonymous said...

gutterfan.. i have to agree with you. they are the ones who creates the scandal and yet they wana make a huge fuss out of it.

i wonder what had happen to the site? will gutter re-open another site? waiting for his answer

jiun said...

i search for
"what happen thegutterpost"
then your blog appear in the 1st result.

Anonymous said...

This sucks big time. Can anyone recommend any alternative sites similar to gutterpost?

Gutter is Still Online said...

The Gutter Live!

Malaysian MP Elizabeth Wong try to stop the Gutterpost but it has moved to

Spread the word, they can't stop the Gutter

Anonymous said...

wonder who is the #### that did this ? send him to iran and chop off his head..

Adriel D.K said...

woh.... someone posted a new link :D:D:D:D

puppy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
puppy said...

Bookmark in your browser. It will always link to the surviving site. Long live "thegutterpost"!!!

anony b said...

yeah... thegutteruncensored, he is there!!

Anonymous said...

LOSERS. get a life.

Adriel D.K said...

My life is stuck, will you give me some money so I can start a new life.. maybe few millions? :D