Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Schoolgirls saw ghost in school

This incident happened in Alor Star where a bunch of schoolgirls saw a long-haired woman in a flowing white gown hovering in the canteen. Seems to be real, I don't know but one of the girls said:

"I screamed and then blacked out after seeing the figure"

Where another 17 girls from Forms One to Four of SMK Langgar became hysterical after they claimed they saw the apparition in the school canteen at 9.30am.

There have been all kind of news regarding ghost appearing in school but most of them never made it to the news. This was a bit special because it involve 50 students.

Read all about it at:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Choosing the Best Tour Agent in Kota Kinabalu

I happen to had breakfast in Devis Curry house this morning, yes the roti is delicious there. Anyway Promande Apartment hotel lobby is just beside the shop. So you get to see tourist would stop in front of Davis and go into the main entrance of Promanade apartment hotel.  There was this particular lorry big a few Chinese looking tourist at the back of it. Try have a look:


Well anything could happen so it was nothing much to look at.. Maybe the transport they were using had some breakdown or something. So I saw them bringing down their luggage and so on entering the hotel.


Then I notice the driver of the lorry was doing something at the back of his lorry:


Notice the two item at the back of the lorry? Well I thought it was something mirror or TV being covered with a canvas & well the other item was a place . But no, the driver used it for something else…



Yes the driver just converted his lorry into a public transport now LOL. People can ride the lorry with out worrying about the sun now. The very same Chinese tourist came out of the hotel lobby and yes waited for the driver to finish setting up the tent hahaha…


The driver even show the tourist how they can climb up the lorry. I don’t see any of them having any problem except for the last guy.. yes he was the biggest there, not to mention carrying around his DSLR camera.


Two of his friend had to help pull him up LOL, the driver was this setting up the canvas. There is even a place to sit at the back.


Well maybe the tourist them self rented the lorry. Where they are heading I do not know, as I don’t think I know where can they go with a lorry and not with a 4x4 vehicle  :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Naruto Chapter 445 Download

It is friday and yes a new chapter for Naruto. Not going to say anything about it, so just download it and find out yourself :)

Naruto Chapter 446
Still not out

Latest Update's from GutterUncensored

Well for most of you guys out there should know Mr. Gutter already. I mean if you been a blogger for some time. Anyway there are finally some real updates on his site. Apparently he is still having trouble finding a host that allows nudity and well you know so on. Not really easy to find a server which allow contain he post so I guess it take some time before the site becomes stable.

Anyway he has some updates on Abigail Clancy stuff, I am sure you perverts out day be happy to check it out as it is about nipple slip again haha

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Statistic of Gary Ng Blog

I started to notice a lot of people are starting to Google Up for Gary Ng Blog. Most of the time they would search for

gary ng blog28
elizabeth wong17
gary ng video11
gary ng10
gary ng blogspot4
garyng blogspot3
gutteruncensored.blogspot.com2 traffic rank in other countries

* 24,386 Australia
* 30,403 China
* 362,712 Germany
* 7,969 Hong Kong
* 221,027 Japan
* 894 Malaysia
* 2,192 Nigeria
* 37,473 Russia
* 169 Singapore
* 67,861 United Kingdom

With all this traffic and ranking on Alexa. I bet he can stop working already lol.

Want to know more about Gary Ng blog and his latest no face sex video? Google him up or just click on the link below:

Kelantan Royalty accuse of abusing young wife

A member of the the Kelantan Royalty has been abusing his wife badly. As reported by Kosmo! It took me a while to search for more information about it. But so far I only found ;

Yes a picture of Manohara Odelia Pinot from

It seems like our Kelantan Royalty has done something. There have been not much news on it here, well I am not sure as I stopped watching the local television news. Even asiaone has a news about it saying:

"KELANTAN, Malaysia - A member of the Kelantan royalty has hit the news in Indonesia for allegedly kidnapping and torturing his model wife, reported Kosmo!" Read More

Yes more from Kosmo and no royalty name? Then again Malaysia-Today reported about it and no name miss out. Where in the Malaysia-Today mention:

"Her mother, Daisy Fajarina, said her daughter had suffered 'emotional and physical abuse' at the hands of her husband, who was holding her against her will in Malaysia. She said she had been refused entry to Malaysia to see her daughter, who was crying and distraught when she last spoke to her Indonesian family by phone from Malaysia on March 21."

Just for your information, Mrs. Manohara married last year to Tengku Temenggong Mohammad Fakhry, the prince of Malaysia's Kelantan state. Read all about it on:


I just manage to access TM Website today as it was like down for the whole 2 weeks or so. There had 2 new announcement and this is one of the announcement:
Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to inform our Streamyx customers that Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) will be performing a network upgrading exercise from 11.00 pm, Wednesday, 22th April 2009 until 6.00 am, Thursday, 23rd April 2009.

As a result, Streamyx customers in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur may experience a disruption of service during the stipulated period. We would like to assure you that the service would resume to normal after this period.

TM apologizes for any inconvenience caused whilst the same time, we would like to assure you that we are upgrading our network to enable us to serve you better.

Customers can call TM at 100 and select “Internet Services” or e-mail us at for any Streamyx related problems.

Thank You.

This was announce on the 14/04/2009, during the site was down. lol.. Read all about it at

Tips for those who are afriad of Ghost

I receive a forward email from Christy. It's is about How to avoid Ghost in Hotel Rooms. Not that I don't believe in ghost or anything, yes I do believe there are spirits. But I never really seen one, if I do ever get a chance to see 1. The first thing comes in my mind is to ask for a Jackpot Number and hope I win 1st Prize lol..

Anyway back to the main topic, I receive the email from Chrity and here are the contain:

Ok, here are some beliefs of the hoteliers:
For single hotels, there is at least one permanent room which should be left vacant at all times. No matter how full the hotel is, they are not to sell that room(s) to any guest. It is said that the special room is 'reserved' for those 'special visitors'.

So, if you plan to stay in some hotel, always book in advance. Try to avoid walk-ins. If the receptionist tells you there's no more room available, do not insist to get one anymore or try to bribe them to give you a room. If you do that, most of the time the room you have will be that 'special room'.

Sometimes those 'special visitors' might go to other rooms also, so here's some tips on how to protect yourself.

Before entering your room, always knock on the door first, even if you know the room is vacant.

After you enter the room, if you feel very cold suddenly and have 'chickenspore', leave the room quietly immediately and go to the reception to request to change room. Most of the time, the receptionist will understand what's happening.

After you enter the room, immediately switch on all of the lights, and open the curtain to let the sunlight in.

Before you go to bed, arrange your shoes so that one of them is upside down. Some say this represents yin and yang to protect you while you're asleep. Always leave at least a lamp on while you're sleeping, preferably the toilet lamp.

If you're staying alone and they have give you a twin bed, do not sleep with the other bed vacant, try to put your things, like luggage, on the other bed before you sleep.

Here are some tips on protecting yourself in the cinema:

Do not attend the first screening of any movies in the cinema. By the first
screening, I mean the first time the movie is shown in that particular cinema.
What's the reason?

The first screening is meant for the 'special visitors'. However, if you insist on going, then sit somewhere in the middle. The first and last rows are reserved for 'them'.
Be warned....

Ever notice the last row in your local Cineplex is always vacant? Now you know 'who' reserves the seats."

Anyone seen a real ghost? :\

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gary Ng has a new video

Gary Ng has a new video and it is having sex in the shower. Gary also has announce that he never had sex with the girl name Amanda who said he had sex with her. Where she also inform the reporter about it. So yes free advertisement!!!!! haha What does Gary has to say?

"I cannot imagine someone actually can use my name to get popular in her FL business...Yes, she did get popular with 2 pages of news report, but i think everyone in the forum are not stupid & had already know what is happening." Read more

So yes the whore used Gary Ng name to gain a short publicity on herself. But I guess she has enough money to pay her school fee now.

News about Amanda
Asiaone - The first report
Asiaone - Amanda claiming she slept with Gary NG

Watch Gary Ng Latest video on his blog - Sex in the shower

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Black armpit pictures of Elizabeth Wong have appear

Well this news has been around, I did not dare to post it. But yes for you guys out day who don't know how to use google to find where are her new pictures. Try using this keyword:

Oh my sexy assemblywoman

News Site:

She has a black armpit, and well can see a bit of her beer belly. Yeah so that's about it for Elizabeth Wong new pictures. Not really worth looking at, I am still wondering why do they call it scandalous.

Unlike former MCA Chua Soi Lek, he had a sex video ha ha ha with a young lady too. Not to mention he did not want to resign at first until everyone pressured him LOL

Sick neighbour strangled a four-month-old puppy to death

I find this people really sick, all because of their culture and religious beliefs. They are willing to kill the puppy? That sound like pure bullshit, racist, sick, and they should be killed.

Not only they killed the puppy, the son of the neighbor even threatened the puppy owner. For exposing the incident to NST causing him to go her house armed with a metal pipe, shouting for her and her husband. Yes the puppy owner is a lady by the name Sri Indria from Indonesia and she is pregnant too.

What kind of barbaric act is this? Threatening your neighbor for exposing the truth? Not to mention even willing to kill a harmless puppy. People like this should never live in Malaysia, they should go to some war country then get rape then killed.


Time to update my "Blogger's I never met" list :D
I have remove the one I stopped visiting and yes added a new one. If you love to read, more ever it is about someone life I bet this one will just make you wonder what is her blog all about.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Strange IRC msg I receive

I was accessing my old mobo and notice there were a lot of message on the IRC tab. So I checked them all and this one caught my eyes:
[6:22pm] Hello. i'm eRic 45 M France. I'm there to share informations concerning theories about our origins. Creationism & Evolution's theory are based on beleifs 'cause nothing in science can establish that these theories are correct

[6:22pm] However, the new one considering that we have been created by human beings of a most advanced civilisation mastering biotechnologies (intelligent Design) is enlightened with real facts. Wanna read about it ?
This guy with the same nick had join the channel once back in January this year and join another time today at 6pm too. He's from french well the ip was showing as he join in #malaysia channel in Dalnet server:

Wed Jan 21
[11:28pm] YoLtA ( has joined. 1154 people
Sun Apr 19
[6:13pm] YoLtA ( has joined. 1129 people

He never gave me the link, could be a virus site but then again you never know..

Admitting people you do Masturbate sometimes

Well like most of us, we would never admit such personal information. Unless you are a couple, married, or maybe into some orgy relationship. Then again unlike 1 of the Jonas Brothers, lead guitarist Nick Jonas made a announcement saying;

""I've been masturbating since I was 12. I see nothing wrong with it", Jonas explained." Read more

Not like there is anything wrong other then getting more attention from the media. Unless us the normal people, if a celebrity gave out such information it be a hot news. In other words, there be more free advertisement for them. It does help boost up the image and so on but it don't always turn out good.

For Nick Jonas case, I would say he really must have a thick face giving out personal information lol. If I was paid like 500k I would consider telling the world I am masturbating. Then again it would cover the expenses I need to go hiding for a while till people don't remember me. But on second thought... maybe I would still not do it.

Then again I still think they are like some gay brothers. Maybe it is because of the name, Jones Brothers. Sounds gay to me, but one of the Jones brothers did say “I get hard sometimes”. Joe said it but then again he did not have the gay look like Nick does. Try imagine nick saying that:


Fits in well lol :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penang Police officer caught with his Zip open

The Penang Islamic Department officers caught the deputy chief of a police station with a women who is a teacher, both in their 40's. Inside a car but with his zip down. So basically he was given a blowjob? lol

""The police officer shouted abusive words at the religious department officers and refused to show his authority card after identifying himself as a policeman." Said one of them." Read more

Well anybody caught would do the same thing to a religious officer in Malaysia. I mean like even myself, during the fasting month. They would go around supposedly with a police officer. I myself got checked a few times and there was 1 time I was eating in a Indian shop. An religious officer came to ask for my I.C, I looked at him and said "Where is yourt Identification card?, which department are you working? Where if your supervisor and police officer?" He quickly took out his Identification card and called his supervisor along with the police officer. Lol I then showed the police my Identity Card.

If someone ever claim they are from some religious shit, then ask for your Identification Card. Never give your card out or follow them where ever they ask you to unless they are with an Police Officer and alone with few others religious officer. If there are just 2 of them, you can start kicking them in the balls and shout for help. Because if you are a girl they will usually take advantage and do more if you understand what I mean. Even if you are with your friend or boyfriend. Never believe anyone out there. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I went to the venue area which located at Segama Waterfront. The whole walkway area was being fully utilize for the welcoming party of Malaysia 1st Submarine. It was really a great event, I mean like they had a event for the submarine which was not even there. The submarine is parked at Sepanggar Bay, well not like they did mention the submarine will be at the event area and Adrian was there too. Anyway I took some pictures and yes there were some nice stuff to look at :)

The Only picture of the submarine Available there?



A shot taken from the back of Strawberry Building :)





Jabatan Kastam was there too and showing all kind of pictures they have

Adrian Posing hehe


Some of the pictures that caught my eyes


Adrian’s hand on the left lol He had to take a picture too


The fish which worth MYR3,000,000.00 & Our typical Malaysian the Fat Trafic police :D (Too Much Kopi O!!)


There were some competition going on too for school kids. One of them was a Coloring Competition, I am not sure what will they win but I am sure it was something good. Because there were kids crying on the competition while continue on drawing and coloring lol

Despite crying, she still continue on drawing something.. erm odd.


Another crying kid, she was still coloring while leaning on the floor :\


There was a Clown too but I think maybe that the reason why the kids are crying..


Here are two.. erm.. youngster cosplaying as a pirate & sailor


I took a lot of pictures but most of them were not good. Then again I was using a Canon Digital IXUS 70 which belongs to Sorian. My camera was with Alan and I forgot I wanted to use it today. This is an easy camera to use where you just have to click, focus, and press to get a nice shot with all its user friendly features. Unlike mine, I have to adjust the setting before getting a good shot.

Anyway for real, I would have to say the whole event was bad. Everybody was standing like an idiot waiting for the VIP’s (Very Annoying Person). I mean like the event was suppose to start on 9AM. Don’t fucking make the public wait just because you are some big shot bastard. Don’t they realize they got a job because we are paying them with the tax money? I did not stay long because I came like around 8 AM and by 9AM the sunlight was shining everywhere. Take a look:

Everyone was waiting and this was like already 9.42AM


I left the place around 10AM, as I could not stand the heat and yes… I sweated a lot. Anyway I took some pictures of the VIP’s and yes they were very relax because of the place they are sitting and the pretty girls around them:

Teleporting? :)



For those who are interested to go, I would suggest you to go night time. They be on till 10PM if I am not wrong, as for me I might go for some nice cold beer and not waste my time taking pictures of something common. :)


News On Freedom

Aditional Information On Freedom Entry Event

Friday, April 17, 2009

Naruto Chapter 444

I did not find it interesting to read this chapter, it was boring. I hope the next chapter will be something to look forward too :\

Yes tomorrow be 18th April 2009 and I be going to watch Malaysia 1st Submarine. I bet our PM will never forget about it, I mean not only being the 1st submarine bought. But also it has some relation with the Altantuya Shaariibuu Fashion model Murder :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adjusting my daylight saving?

For some strange reason, I always fell asleep around 3pm now days. Be it in front of this laptop, on the sofa or yes the best place of cause on my bed (Not strange falling asleep there). I am trying to adjust but I can't seem to discipline myself with the flexibility of time I got now. I still go to bed before around the same time, then only I do less work in the afternoon. I wonder is it because of the heat we are facing here in Sabah?

It has been pretty hot the past few days, you get sun burn easily if you are not used to it. But of cause some idiot wants to get sunburn and go for sun tanning during this summer time. Where they end up getting sunburn and not tan lol.

Anyway Malaysia 1st submarine is expected to arrive Kota Kinabalu soon. You can have a look at it infront Segama waterfront I think... nvm in front of Cocoon Restaurant and Bar I mean. I am sure everyone knows where is that. There is a new pedestrian walking area, just near the big sword fish which cost rm3 million to be build. I would like to go there but then it would depends on the weather, my mood and of cause... how crowded is it. If there is just too many people I don't want to go.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

56 Year old & disable man is actually a local p0rn Star LOL

"A 56-year-old disabled man running a laundry service, who is receiving monthly assistance from the Welfare Department. Is actually a porn star actor and have been filming his own sexual exploits also sold it to the public. The police claim to have been watching him for a while after receiving some tips from his fans. Then around 4pm raided him seizing a pen drive which contained video recordings of the man having sex with a woman believed to be a foreigner in her 20s." Read more

Who would imagine a 56 year old man could be making money by selling his own porn? Maybe he had those big Cd-r burner that could burn up 10-20 Cd's at a time, then using it to burn all his porn movie he created. I bet he must be 1 rich disable man lol..

Are you being harrassed online?

If you are a Malaysian and you need help regarding some big problem you face online. Also tried going to the police but they laughed at you and advise you to ignore it or ignored you?

Well for your information there is a good team of people who can handle such case. Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT),

MyCERT was formed on January 13, 1997 and started its operation fully on March 01, 1997. Operating from the office of CyberSecurity Malaysia, MyCERT provide a point of reference for the Internet community here to deal with computer security incidents and methods of prevention.

They have a section to handle such case which is called Cyber999 services. The site even include guide line on how to make the report, as they will need details such as the IP address, what kind of damage was done and so on. If your I.T knowledge is bad, I suggest you check the guideline first before doing a report.

GutterUncensored latest post

"The new blog should be up in a few days, I wanted to change the name again but will not. After April 15 I can put some time in getting the new blog going and switch over to the new hosting option. Also, might be looking for some more guest authors or bloggers from certain countries to contribute posts."

Read All about it from
(Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. So you can forget about commenting anything about it)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Traffic rank between few blogs & My traffic rank in other countries:

  • 325,048 Canada
  • 155,235 Indonesia
  • 4,067 Malaysia
  • 9,569 Singapore traffic rank in other countries:
  • 72,290 Australia
  • 196,226 China
  • 212,703 India
  • 1,699 Malaysia
  • 1,419 Singapore traffic rank in other countries:
  • 100,031 Australia
  • 48,590 Indonesia
  • 265,046 Japan
  • 1,068 Malaysia
  • 21,111 Singapore
  • 71,175 Thailand traffic rank in other countries:
  • 4,002 Australia
  • 617 Brunei
  • 89,123 Canada
  • 38,520 China
  • 100,130 India
  • 29,905 Indonesia
  • 293 Malaysia
  • 6,473 New Zealand
  • 5,935 Qatar
  • 81,148 Russia
  • 1,052 Singapore
  • 29,208 United Kingdom
  • 294,892 United States

What is
Alexa Internet, Inc. is a California-based subsidiary company of that is best known for operating a website that provides information on web traffic to other websites. (Wikipedia)

I was bored, not to mention I worked till late night yesterday. Then again I could not reject any work offered at the moment, so I just accepted anything requested by friends, existing client, and new client that is with in my capability to handle.

Ever thought of becoming a toyboy?

Have any of you young man ever thought of becoming a toyboy? For some strange reason they guys are getting paid more the chinadoll's. Well if we compare the rate, here in Kota Kinabalu there may be some exchange rate issue. But I don't think the girls in Singapore are getting paid any difference if you compare the figure paid.

"A popular toy boy may earn about RM4,600 a night, said one of them." Read more

So like wow, they can earn what a average Singaporean earn in a month? So guys if you think you got the looks and the needs for money. I can bet you be earning a lot becoming a toyboy :)

What is a toyboy?
A young male partner for a woman or man..(Wiktionary)

Windows 7 Anyone?

Has anyone tried windows 7? I mean like does does anyone really need it?

"A survey, of more than 1,100 IT professionals, is one of the first extensive looks at Windows 7's early sales prospects. It found that a whopping 83% of enterprises plan to skip the OS in its first year. While the business market typically tends toward caution when it comes to new products, the figure is nonetheless surprising given that almost no large companies migrated to Vista and as a result most have been using XP much longer than planned." Read more

Did microsoft ever think about it if the people really want a new Operating System or a fix XP? :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gutter Latest update With New layout

Copied from Mr.Gutter Facebook

"Gutter Uncensored:
Sorry, New Blog Not Up Yet. It will be up in a week or two with all new updates. Only thing needs to be done now is to pick a new template or theme for the blog because it seems a lot of people did not like the all black look. Any ideas drop a line at The original plan was to launch the new website on May 1th but that seems too far away for most people and I am getting pretty bored too.last Tuesday"

Music Monday: Typecast - The Boston Drama (Official Version)

I got bored and checked out ane_fallarme blog. She has this Monday Morning thing but like everyone else not much of us likes Monday Morning. Especially those working people but then again if you are free you can always post a blog. I am not sure if I am doing this right but you just need to copy some codes and yes register with a site and all the details are below. Anyway I usually listen to korn or something nice in the morning so this is just 1 of them :)

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

My New temporary Identity Card

I went to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) today (Yesterday actually because it has past 12am). Thought of changing my I.C (Identity Card) at the same time but after looking at the form I got to fill up I just change my mind. So my main purpose to go JPN still is get a replacement for my MyKad. As many of you guys notice, the MyKad I am holding is just the same like many Malaysian. It has the same similar problem, not to mention the same damage too. I have met a lot of Malaysian who experience the same thing like what I have posted in my blog here (Click here to read about it).

So back to the main topic, about my new temporary I.D. It is much bigger, more flexibility, much thinner, and yes it is printed out of a laser printer. Here is a picture of it:

I did something that I never done before on all my I.C, driving license and student card. I smiled :D

As you can see it is just temporary, but I actually need to bring this around in my wallet? I mean just look at my old MyKad that has been place in my wallet:

Well then again it is just for 1 month. But there are case where people sometimes only get after like 6 months. That is a very long time and if you needed to open a bank account. The fucking bank would not allow you to do so with the temporary Identity Card. Yes I have experience it with RHB bank while trying to activate back my account, that was the reason why I changed my card last year.

So back to the main point, if your MyKad has a problem reading the chip, or there are crack just like most Malaysian buildings. It is time for you to change it, it just cost RM10. But if you insist on not paying it and would like to find a alternatively way. Go make a police report saying you were rob, along with your Identity Card taken. Just say you left your driving license, atm cards and so on back at home. After finishing the police report, go to JPN then tell them that you were rob and need a new MyKad. It be free from what I heard with few of my friends. Might be true but if anyone did it or experience being rob before please leave a comment about it because I never tried that yet.

For MyKad
Public Bank
RHB bank

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shop owner striped and taken nude picture by potential tenant.

"The robbers had contacted her and made an appointment to meet her at the shop lot. Telling her, they wanted to rent the shop lot. But instead they robbed the woman of RM200, her handbag, a mobile phone and also forced her to strip. Then they took pictures of her. Also forced her to give them the personal identification number of her automated teller machine card before making their getaway". Real More

The lady must have really gotten pissed off. Not only she was cheated thinking she finally found somebody willing to rent her shop. She was also rob and being humiliate while being pictured in nude... It really sucks for such incident to happen but... how NST reported it... LOL I cannot help not laughing while reading it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

NST strage link removal

I was checking out "MOST READ STORIES" from NST website. Where I notice a title that catch my interest "From murderer to nationalist". Like wow NST is reporting something interesting but then deleted it?

Sorry, the requested URL you're looking for is no longer available or have moved. Please check the URL for proper spelling or capitalization. You can also try visiting NST's homepage or use the search box."

I am wondering what happened, maybe the editor made a mistake and thought it was his blog or something. Then again here is a screen shot of the missing link in case they remove it or updated it.

See the circle highlighting "MOST READ STORIES"

The missing link

It could be a mistake, or it maybe because of our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak words :

Be responsible in reporting
Never tell lies or the real truth
It only undermined public confidence in the political process
You be C4'ed

Read all about it

Vietnamese Bride dumped after being used?

"A 47-year-old businessman dumped his young Vietnamese wife at the matchmaking agency just 17 days after their wedding and demanded a full refund." Read more

This businessman claim that he could not communicate with her (Ngo could only speak Viet­na­mese), she wouldn’t wear the clothes he bought for her, but he understood that she kept saying she wanted to go back to Vietnam???

What a fucking big fat liar, how can he claims she wants to go back when he could not communicate with her. He should have choose a Russian wife from ebay. At lease he can say "She only know how to say yes, no & $500 dollar!!!!" as an excuse to dump her back to the agent with a refund.

Strippers in Sweeden are being TAX!!!

Who would have thought a strippers can be tax by the government? Well it is a job but here is the thing I don't like about government. They want to tax as long they think it is a job. Legal or not legal both are the same to me, if you are running something illegal here and the cops find out. They have a chance to become the income tax agent. Yes, they will ask if you want to be arrested or pay the monthly tax(protection money).

"I don't think they have any costs really - almost 100% of what they earn is pocketed. Many have regular work and this is extra income. We want them to register their activity as a business - it's still taxable, even if it's a hobby," Read more

What idiot wants to register them self with the income tax? Idiots.

Government Talking Crap?

I was reading NST site and yes another article about Malaysia Government. I mean like they are talking cock and why say:

"Korn's heavy metal music and N.E.R.D's "erotic style" could damage the morals of teenagers"

So it is OK for adults to listen to them? I mean like even walking on the street now days could damage the teenagers. There are arcade center allowing students to play all day long and the contain of some game has nude scene. There are parents who let their kid be a spoiled brat just like on GutterUncensored site post. So what is wrong having some freedom enjoying real heavy metals, or partying so wild just to enjoy 1 night?

You see high ranking minister enjoying pleasing them self with prostitute. I bet every officer ranking guys in the government department has their own hidden secret. So why bother to disturb the public entertainment?

This people now days really don't have anything better to do.

Naruto chapter 443

For those who found this blog while searching for Naruto latest chapter. Just click on the link below to download :)

Sacred Heart Church

I was in church today and yes I was there here is a video of it:

So yes I went for the good Friday mass today with Griselda, Emily & Leigh. Started off at 6pm, the place was really pack as you can see from the Video and really warm.. no Hot. We were sitting below the fan and yes I was sweating a lot still. Anyway the church has really a long history in Kota Kinabalu. Back then it was called The Pre-War Sacred Heart Church. From the name itself you would know it was a church build during the war time & completed in 1938.

The Pre-War Sacred Heart Church
completed in 1938

The idea of constructing a new Cathedral building was first mooted in early 1970s when it was discovered that the roof structure of the old Pro-Cathedral was weak and threatening the safety of the building. The old building was constructed in 1953 after the World War II when the former church was demolished by aerial bombing in 1960, certain renovations and additions were found necessary to cope with the increasing numbers coming to the Sacred Heart Church.

The job was awarded in September and completed in early November 1981. The main Cathedral has a capacity of about 1,200 on the ground and another 250 seats on the balcony. The interior of the Cathedral is column-free and the Building Committee has paid special attention to acoustic, ventilation and lighting for the building.

Today a striking landmark in the State Capital, the Cathedral holds four Sunday Masses (Sunset Mass in English, First Mass in Chinese, Second Mass in English and the Third Mass in the Malay language) with a combined congregation of about 5,000 faithfuls.

I just notice it is over 12.. so I mean the post was suppose to be yesterday stuff... :\


Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

It is good friday, I don't think I be posting much today as I just woke up and it is already 1.30pm. I am hungry... and got a bad hang over :\


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nuffnang D.O.B Alert

Well I don't remember having any problem more ever when I am registering anything over the internet for a account. But today I receiver a notification from Nuffnang saying there might be some problem with my personal details:
Dear blogger,

You are receiving this email because you are registered as having the minimum year of birth ( 1997-1998 ) on our system. We have found that there are a number of users who have registered an incorrect date of birth, whether intentionally or unintentionally by leaving it at the default year setting.

If you have registered your correct date of birth with us then kindly disregard this email.

Otherwise, we strongly encourage you to correct your date of birth entry. We use your age to determine campaign targeting as well as in our proposals to clients for other projects. Please be assured that your age is never displayed publicly.

You may update your date of birth by logging into your blogger account.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day!

- The Nuffnang Team


I did not bother much as they said "If you have registered your correct date of birth with us then kindly disregard this email.". So I without thinking much I wanted to ignore it.. but then I just had to check my Profile Details in Nuffnang.. I opened up and saw :


So with no hesitation I updated my details right away and fixed it. Anyone else receive the email and notice their Birth of Date is wrongly set? Please leave a comment.

How I met Griselda back?

Well I guess most of you guys always wondered how I met girls. So basically it's the other way around for me, most of the time. As for Griselda, she found me on Friendster an Internet social network service. This is is a brief explanation on how we knew each other. Me & Griselda were classmate in St Francis kindergarten yes there was Emily, Cathy & so on. But I just remember Cathy because she is my cousin & Griselda because we were very close during that time. I remember being dragged around the class by her most of the time. We ever had a picture of just 3 of us, anyway we lost contact the moment I left kindergarten. But lucky me there was Cathy who I can actually ask "Still see Griselda ka?" and she would usually reply "Ya, why? like her ka? I can ask her!". So it goes on like that till the day my family migrated to Kuala Lumpur for 3 years.

I was back in Kota Kinabalu during 1996, I was primary 6 by then. I did meet Cathy and asked about Griselda but as usual the same answer causing the conversation about her to end all the time. As I grew up I met a lot of people, girls and well good friends. With out them I would have not used Friendster nor do I had the intention to register on it during the beta time. But after few days resisting I ended up registering for a Friendster account. It did took a while before Friendster was going popular and I think it was around 2004 when most Sabahan's started to own a Friendster account. As popularity started to gain, people are starting to find back their old friends, schoolmates, workmate, young boys(BiBi & Ash), Pretty girls( Chris), & so on from FriendSter.

So as time pass by, I too wanted to find my old friends including Griselda but I did not know how was her name being spelled. Yes I mean like I was kindergarten and not everyone that time knew how their friend name are spelled? Anyway she found me.. erm.. from Cathy friend list. With some hasitation she gave me a message there

From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/04/2006 12:06 pm
Subject: hello..
hi adriel,
i was wondering...r u the 1 who was schooling in
St Francis kindergarden?...n r u cathy's
cousin? still remember
Of cause I would lol so I replied her:

Adriel wrote:
erm... I think so... we were in the same class is
it for a while? near the principle office? also I
was calling by ur second name griselda?
is it?
From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/05/2006 8:57 am
Subject: yup......
hi..kamusta kana?...hmmm....yup,dat's u..we were
in the same class..hmm,i thought u didn't
recognize not second name but it's
the 1st name..juz using my confirmation name in,how life?where r u now?having
kids odi ka?working?haven't seen u in
gosh u hv grown..hahaha..but,never c ur face
larr,submit 1 photo for me la..can ka?..i oni met ur
cousin cathy..i also ask about u..hihihi..s for
me,im working here in Tg Aru Plaza..find more
money..hahaha..well,c u soon...chawing..
Adriel wrote:
eh.. oh first name haha... didn't know cause ur
name show like this "angela griselda".. lol just
doing some freelance job, fixing pc and so on at
the moment. Trying to find a regular job that I
have interest in, not having any kids yet!! gila
ah want have kids lol, living around town and
still in kk. Which shop or office are you working
at? the cyber? anyway if you got msn or yahoo
add me
yahoo messenger: REMOVED
msn messenger: REMOVED
talk with you later or just by friendster msg :P
From: Griselda Girley
Date: 07/05/2006 2:03 pm
Subject: hmmmm....ok..
hello... doing pc
stuff...dat's good oso la..LOL..i thought u hv kids
odi la...still young working in one of a
contruction company.s a general
clerk..LOL..ordinary work only..nothing much..i
thought u r in KL or sum where else...LOL..i only
have internet in the office...i hv both of the ym n
msn..add u odi...

So yes.. the chit chat goes on till 1st April 2008 then we officialy started dating :)

Why april fool? erm.. at lease I would know if I get a rejected, I can still act like it was a joke. hehe Dawing XD

I hate spammers

Well I don't mind someone dropping by saying hi but to fucking spam me and fuck so he can fucking win some IPOD NANO. FUCK YOU GAYBOY

Nickname: wilsonphua
Date: 09 Apr 09 12:47
IP Address:

Even Chimpanzees pays for sex?

Like the title says, I was reading this article from and for some strange reason they posted about it. Well it is science finding not on technology but animals?

Anyway the article was written by BBC news about how does the Chimpanzees enter into "deals" whereby they exchange meat for sex.

"This is a long-term exchange, so males continue to share their catch with females when they are not fertile, copulating with them when they are." Real more

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Public Bank ATM & Visa Debit Card VS MyKad

I finally had the chance to settle my new debit card issued last month Visa Electron from Public Bank. I do like the new color and theme from Public Bank here are some of the pictures I took:

I have remove some personal details so please don't mind the bad picture editing :)

Visa Electron

Public Bank ATM Card

The card quality are good, not to mention my old atm card lasted me 8 years. Not a single change during those 8 years, never had too even now. The only reason I changed is because I thought it be replace with the red color atm card like other people have.

But still, those atm card could not beat our MyKad created by Government. They spend millions of tax money into inventing the MyKad. Not to mention they finally made use of our Tax and made something like the world's first smart identity card. So like wow I actually own 1 of those MyKad I mean like EVERY MALAYSIAN DOES!. For those non Malaysian, well can't blame you for not having a smart government like ours. I mean this MyKad is really good, just look how does it looks like after less then 1 year having it:

Can you see the edge of the MyKad & the Chip?

Close up shot of the Chip it also store bacteria.

No other card in the world has this bending ability

It even has a big crack just like our buildings in Malaysia

So tell me which country in the world has such 1st class Identity Card like Malaysian does?

Or by the way, I had to replace the old MyKad last year because RHB bank could not read the chip on it. That was around end of April 2008 so I guess it is 11 months and 8 days old. I think.

Reference for this post:
MyKad -
Public Bank -
RHB Bank -

Latest Updates from GutterUncensored

"Gutter Uncensored
Sorry, New Blog Not Up Yet. It will be up in a week or two with all new updates. Only thing needs to be done now is to pick a new template or theme for the blog because it seems a lot of people did not like the all black look. Any ideas drop a line at The original plan was to launch the new website on May 1th but that seems too far away for most people and I am getting pretty bored too."

Was taken from his FaceBook Profile

Engaged lady Raped by her own friend

Ampang: She was about to get married but just because she took a friend offer to send her, she ended up getting rape.

It happened around 8AM in the morning while waiting for a taxi in front of her house. Where her friend happened to pass by then stopped to offer her a ride. She claim to have rejected the offer but the friend repeatedly request to give a ride. So the victim just followed with out knowing the rapist real intention.

While on the way to work, the friend claim to have left some important document back at home. So he inform her that he needs to go back home and take it. But the lady insisted to send her first which resulted a small argument and it ended up with a physical attack. The lady was repeatedly slapped on the face causing her to pass out.

"As the guy reached home, the lady regain conscious and tried to run away also shouted for help. But with no luck there was nobody and the friend over powered her physically. She was raped repeatedly onwards." Read more (malay)

I have notice there is a lot of rape incidents going on now days. I mean like is it increasing or is it getting more expose?. Those victim who are being raped has more confident in the police rather in this time, rather then before maybe just telling their friends and hunt down the rapist and kill him. Maybe because of the technology today, rapist are being tempted by the Porn available for free from the internet. Making them desperado and turning them into a rapist. Still I wish to see someone actually being arrested and also being a victim of Anti-Rape Condom. I am sure he be a famous rapist, going to the hospital along with the rape victim lol.

Anyway I was reading about it on from myMetro and yes they write almost about everything and not just Politics like some others local news. The only issue I had was the language they use. Only Bahasa Melayu, not that I could not read it but if there is something interesting and yes I would like to blog about it. I have to do a translation for the whole article. Anyway if you are a Malaysian I would recommend you to have a look at the site :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Someone claim to be working from Astro giving a free second decoder

Well apparently someone using a digi number +60164442515 claims I just won myself a free astro decoder. But then inform me I should tell my neighbor, friends, and family about it. This is how the conversation was:

ring ring (my mobile phone rang)
Adriel: Hello
Lady : Hello, boleh bercakap dengan Encik Adriel?
Adriel: Yes, speaking.
Lady : Ok, saya pangil dari Astro dan ingin memumun kan bahawa Encik telah menang
sebuah astro decoder percuma.
Adriel: Ohh ok
Lady : Jadi Encik Adriel, anda boleh memberitahu jiran-jiran, kawan-kawan dan ahli
keluarga Encik tentang ini.
Adriel: Er.. Jadi saya macam kena kasih tahu satu dunia yang saya telah menang sebuah
decoder astro percuma?
Lady : Tidak encik, tidak!
Adriel: So apa patut saya buat?
Lady : Encik boleh memberitahu ahli keluarga encik dan jiran-jiran encik
Adriel: So I need to inform them still?
Lady : Tidak tidak!!!
Adriel: Yakaaa?? (giigle'ing)
Lady : .....

Then the line got cut off.. I think either her credit just finished up or she hung up. Does sound like a scam or the free unit is being exploited and she is smart enough to make it sound like we really won something from astro. :)

Those who want to have a free second decoder please do not hesitate to call her at this number:


Just say you got it from Encik Adriel. I did not get her name as she was talking really fast.

About Astro
ASTRO ALL ASIA NETWORKS plc (ASTRO) is Malaysia’s leading cross-media group with a significant presence in DTH (Direct-To-Home) TV services and commercial radio. Astro, the subscription TV service commenced operations in 1996 with 22 channels and currently broadcasts over 100 pay-TV channels across Malaysia and Brunei, to over 2 million subscribers in four major languages.

A blogger

Well as like most of you guys who has been reading my blog for some years now. Would know I would usually randomly brows around and for some reason accidentally visit a random blog or 1 that would catch my eyes.

Then this particular 1 just caught my eyes.

The blog is about a full time Wife and Mother also a Part Time Blogger. For once I hardly see much who would write about every little details happen and post it on the blogs. There are some but not much, so what makes this blogger special?

I notice she has more 200 post (roughly estimation with 5 post per page) and its like there are daily updates. Where her recent post has just gotten my attention haha;

"I recently I found out that most of the blogs that exchanged links with me have not placed my link on their blogs or haven't grabbed my badge, so I am cleaning up my blog roll and am removing the blogs that didn't link back to me."

Well not that I am expecting anything but yes I would like to read someone blog is straight forward. :)

Life According To Me
Click On the image

Can always check out the other blogs "Bloggerssss??" list on the left site of this blog.

Free and informed media in Malaysia?

So our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants to make sure world-class, fact based reporting and a media that is fair and responsible. So he means like the Limbang claim incident? The moment he says something wrong he make sure the local papers don't write anything about it if possible? hm.. I see..

Ok never mind I get what he means. Back to the main point, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mention;
“I believe we can move beyond those who offer the journalism of conspiracy theory and rumour,”. Read more

I am trying my hardest to understand what does that sentence means and like really.. does he not understand how does a rumor start? Of cause the opposition may have made it up. Like myself I too can say "Hei you killed him!" write all about it on the internet and yeah it end up something to be talk about in the parliament meeting. I do understand the only reason somebody would do such thing is because he/she did something to them or to someone. Where the enemy may use such weakness to gain some benefit by exploiting the news or even blackmailing. But then again you might just get blown up with a C4 just like the model...

So yes what our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak really means is

Be responsible in reporting
Never tell lies or the real truth
It only undermined public confidence in the political process
You be C4'ed


Panty thief in Malaysia LOL

"KOTA KINABALU: A man with a fetish for women’s underwear was arrested for the theft of more than 70 panties, including many belonging to nursing students at an apartment here.." Read more

To think such event would actually take place and I only thought this happens in those Japanese Anime. Never thought it would take place anywhere more ever in the place I was born. Not that I want to brag about it but yes IT IS FUCKING RIDICULOUS LOL

I wonder how does his family feels now. Proud? ha ha ha

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sick man kills his wife then have sex with with the dead wife

“CHENNAI: In a ghastly incident, a wayward husband killed his breadwinner wife of 10 years for refusing to have sex with him and is then alleged to have had intercourse with the dead body…” Read more

So what is wrong with this guy, so desperado to just fuck his wife? I mean like you can always use a bottle to masturbate. The lease people would do is just laugh at you dying like that. But to kill someone who has been taking care and living together for 10 years. But killed her just because she did not want to have sex at that time is just ridiculous.

There are so many ways to pleasure one self and killing another person is just not it. So hope you get a death punishment.

2009 FIA Formula One World Championship

"The weather here has returned to its usual heat and humidity, with an ambient temperature high of 32 degrees Celsius expected. However, serious concerns remain about the likelihood of the same sort of torrential rain we saw around 1800 hours on Saturday, which would mean it arriving two-thirds through the race's scheduled distance." Read more

So as MalaysianGP reports, the race was force to end because of the heavy downpour. But Jenson Button is still on the lead. :D

I wonder how does Najib feels being there at the moment... I wonder... :O

Blogger Life VS Real Life

How many of you people ever thought of becoming a full time blogger? Everybody? some some? For me I have thought about this and always wondered about it too. So what are the first few things I should look for?
For me it is more to the payout. What are the first few things to highlight or that is common?

How much can I make?
How fast is the payment?
How convenient is it to take the money?
Will I be taxed?

Blogger Life
So lets be frank here; “How much do I really make from those advertisement serving program that pays you?”
Like me I have registered a few blogs & website, where I can generate about USD$0.30 – USD$1.12 roughly per day from AdSense. Where from Nuffnang I too make the same amount maybe slightly more. Initially at the end of the month I don’t think it be enough to even pay my TMNUT’S bill. But all this would increase depending on how much traffic does your blog or website receive and it increase as more people visit your blog or site.

Real Life
So in reality where I would mean “How much can I earn going out of my house and work under a chinaman boss?”
I have more then 5 years experience in the I.T field, I can easily Identify what is wrong with any I.T related problem and able to overcome it. Not all as there is still area which does not cover my knowledge as in Programming. Then again I always give the best to my employer where I be easily exploited and earning a static amount of payout at the end of the month. While the employer earns 3 or 4 times from what I earn maybe even enough to buy a brand new Ninja King.

How much would a Chinaman boss pay if he finds someone like me? I can say the roughly estimate pay I get while working for a company is MYR60.00 - MYR85.00 per day. I do know the figure but don't want to tell the world how much do I really earn right, so I divided it into 30 days.

But back to the main point, I can afford to pay my bill's loan and a bit of entertainment (Drinking alcohol). Where the insecure financial feeling is being reduce to a minimum state and usually would make anyone happy.

So lets compare between the two Job

Blogger Life

Real Life

Just write articles on your interest

Work with the company policy and job description

Allow people to criticize you and talk back. Allow client to criticize you and your boss, but can’t talk back. Also have to say “you are right” to the client.
Can wake up late on Monday Must wake up on Monday morning and get stuck at the traffic jam on the way to work.
Does not have a Boss? Get to see your Boss face Everyday.
Have a chance to earn a lot. The salary is usually static every year.
Might get some payment problem. Nobody can help. Can meet the boss directly for slow salary payout..
You had a accident and have no socso or insurance The employer must pay socso and there is insurance covered provided by the company depending on your agreement letter.
Get arrested by ISA for accidently posting something the Government don’t like. Nobody can help. The boss always be there to settle anything if you get arrested all a sudden while on the job.
The site may close down and you are too old & fat to find a real life job. You have good contact establish while being employed and maybe even being head hunted.
Do not have a retirement saving. As you reach 55 and ready to retire you might have half a million in KWSP
This comparisons is from myself and my thinking. Anybody out there is free to use it or edit it for their own.

So what about tax?

How many of us here have actually paid for tax? I have not registered myself, I don’t think I would want to to register for it as it is a repeating process till you die. Even if you do not have a income you got to submit your income tax form. Silly may it be but yes the government do not want to miss out their chance to tax the moment you make a come back :)

But for the tax thing, I am not fully aware myself if any of the Malaysian Blogger or Non Malaysian blogger are being taxed. As most would not want to write how much are they being taxed or nor do they want to be find out they are eligible to be taxed. I cannot talk much about tax because I am not eligible to be taxed yet, as the requirement in Malaysia to be tax are those earning MYR2,800.00 and above. But I think they rise it up to RM3,000.00 some time ago.