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Gary Ng New blog?

Well not sure who setup this blog but it contain almost all his video and interview with the real Gary Ng too:


S'pore's 'Edison Chen' says he's 'ethical'

Singapore's 'Edison Chen' Gary Ng has been setting tongues wagging online with his sex-capades this past year. RazorTV's Daryl Chin manages to track down the man behind the videos.

Inadvertently, the first question asked during the interview was: "Are you the real Gary Ng?"

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It was natural, considering that we could not have identified our subject in any way. And if he wasn't the real deal, our interview would have fallen through.

Our subject - clad casually in T-shirt, jeans and a pair of sunglasses - reassured us.

The only way to contact him, he said, is through his Hotmail address. Naturally, he is the real deal since he was the only one present.

As if realising that wasn't enough proof - after all, someone else could have been checking his e-mails for him - he also brandished what looked to be a steel ring on his left hand.

In his amateur videos, he has a ring on his left hand, he said while rubbing the ring on his finger.

Our interviewee confessed that Gary wasn't his real name.

"GARY is an acronym for 'Girls Always Remember You'. Or 'Guys Always Remember You,'" he clarified, exhibiting a desire to be remembered.

In fact, he is also lying about his age - he is not 29 years old as claimed. But he is in the "oil industrial (sic)." When we probbed him further on what he did for a living, he refused to reveal his actual job scope


To put to rest all the online speculation about why he started filming his sexual conquests and posting them online for all and sundry to see, he confirmed that it was the betrayal of an ex-girlfriend that begun it all.

"I had a few serious relationships which I've spent about 10 years on," our interviewee gestured.

"One of the hardest blows came from this sex video that I happened to see through her ex-boyfriend which happened overseas."

"He sent me a link to a video in which my girlfriend was having sexual intercourse with another guy."

Initially he "felt very down" and went clubbing. And whenever he has a chance, he'll film the girls on bed with him. In the beginning it was for his personal pleasure.

But when he posted one or two videos on an amateur website and received positive comments, it led to him posting more.

Our interviewee claims he is 'quite ethical' as well.

"I don't want to destroy anyone's future - neither mine nor my partner's."

"Most of them are expatriates and are in the professional line. I don't want to spoilt their image," he added.

So does he really hate women that much? Did all these videos stem from a motive for revenge?

In the second video, Gary claimed that he almost got setup to be robbed or beaten up by a group of men masquerading as online girls.


This was all copied from the blog I found:


Why did I posted this? well suddenly everyone from singpore is trying to find his address. My blog seems to be congested with the gary ng keyword traffic hit in the past hour:



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So Gary Ng A.K.A as Singapore Edison Chen fans out there Don't forget to visit this new Gary Ng Blog!!!!! real or not I dunno ahh

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