Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chen Guilin (Real Name) A.K.A Gary Ng on GutterUncensored

Gary Ng has gotten Mr Gutter attention too now and well see what Mr. Gutter has to say:

“So Gary Ng is going to prison for a few years... Yup, according to reports he plead guilty to a bunch of charges recently and is now awaiting sentencing on January 19. I knew his attention whoring ways and love for strange pussy would be his downfall. Apparently he was fucking the ladies and then stealing from them. And we all thought he was a cool guy before the police charged him as a theft. What a shame? He made so many videos for us to enjoy but unknown to us he was stealing from the ladies he was bedding. He may not be the great man we once thought but that doesn't mean we cannot still enjoy his many videos with Singapore's most willing ladies.”

I guess Mr. Gutter is also keeping his eyes on Gary for more videos to be shared. Well most of the videos now can be downloaded from GutterUncensored site.

“Here is a compilation video made by Gary Ng he titled "Dr Love How To Do It" made up of several of his homemade videos with him have sex with several women. In a few days Gary Ng, whose real name is Chen Guilin, maybe given a sentence of 4 years imprisonment or more for charges including forgery, breaking and entering, and for possessing obscene films. The last charge I don't understand considering half have Singapore possess at least one of his video. LOL... You would think the charge would be for making the videos in the first place right? Anyway, I will try to post very Gary Ng video in the next few days but I will probably lose interest before we reach the end because there are so many damn videos made by this guy.”

So Gary Ng real name is Chen Guilin? some how is it Guilin Chen or really Chen Guilin? Anyone knows? Maybe His Facebook account? anyone??

Well never mind anyway here is a list of links with Gary Ng videos and news

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