Thursday, December 29, 2011

Need to record your work on the computer screen?

I was trying out this screen recorder the other day and seems like it is easy to use I mean why would anyone want a screen recording? I guess there are time like when you are planning for some big event and wanted to show your friends and relative the computer work part on part of the video you be using to show your friends. Maybe make a demo on how to do that trouble shooting on the computer screen then upload it too youtube plus many more. Anyway I tried using  Camtica Screen Recorder Software. Here are some features about the software I used:

* Records entire desktop, selected rectangle region, dynamic region around mouse cursor, webcam

* Records anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions

* Records desktop screen with audio and webcam together - personalizing your videos by including a webcam movie of yourself over * your desktop at any position

* Records video chats, Skype video calls, games, flash movies played on sites

* Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor

* Records video in many video file formats including AVI and WMV

* Supports various video and audio codecs

* Free support and advice

* Free lifetime updates and upgrades

* System requirements: Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7


You may get more information about Camtica recorder software here:

By the way Press 'I like' on the link above before 1st January 2011 and get full copy for free!! Smile

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Proposal



Well it took me a few days and finally I am going to post this… was trying to edit the video and picking the best one to use. Anyway as you all know it was a big day for me last Saturday. Majority friends, family and relative knew my big plan plus friends from IRC too haha thanks. We been together for 3 years now, Griselda has been asking me a few times about it too, and those who know me would know I just randomly change the topic or make a joke about it. But it took me a few months now to deicide, then told my friends about it early last month, then parents… and finally the plan. Most of the details are in the video so hope you guys enjoy this which I created and be using for my next big day with the song I used during the proposal (Train – Marry Me).




I would really like to say thanks again to my friends, family and The Loft staff (Rickey & Fabian especially) for allowing me to use this place for my proposal. I could not have prepared all this with out the support from everyone haha Anyway I be uploading all the pictures on my facebook account. Just tag yourself if you see it, or in case I didn’t tag you guys. Again Thank you and hope you all have a Happy Marry Christmas & Happy New year. By the way click on before link for info on how I met Griselda.


How did I met Griselda?

My Facebook Account for Pictures viewing

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leedroid kernel v 4.0.0

leedroid_hd_v4.0.0_cfs- 16th december

  • fixed ubs detection
  • added smarass v2 official governor (now default!)
  • cpu freq code updates backported from 36.1
  • cpu idle code updates backported from 36.1
  • smartass & interactive governors from 36.3
  • added clean cache
  • sched: Rate-limit nohz
  • sched - lower granularity
  • bluetooth code from 3.0rc6 kernel (imoseyon)
  • updated g-sensor driver from htc
  • several config cleanups & code fixes
  • updated tweaks scrip! Faster app loading times

More details on the forum thread itself: [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD V4.0.0 SE-3.0 [KERNEL]V4.0.0 16th Dec| HTC GB | OTA | CRT TV

I AM finally going to install LeeDoird version 4.0, currently still on version 3.3.3 as before the 4.0 was on beta version lol.. Anyway since the new kernel is out I am going to install it by tonight also.. and currently still doing a backup with Titanium Backup… then got to copy the backups to my lappy and then finally I can flash the new rom and kernel.. maybe be done in another 2 hours… die…

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Logos Hope

I went to Logos Hope last week, wanted to post the picture here but I end up sleeping upon reaching home most of the time (While playing game on my phone) Anyway they charted a bus to pick up the visitor from the entrance of sabah port. I took some picture of the ship while in the bus;


Anyway copied this from Wikipedia:

MV Logos Hope [2] is operated by the German charitable organisation GBA Ships e.V. As the fourth ship operated by the organisation, she follows in the line of MV Logos, the wrecked hulk of which now sits on a rock shelf on the Chilean coast, MV Logos II which was retired in the fall of 2008 and which Logos Hope was designed to replace, and MV Doulos which was sold to a Singaporean interest in 2009.

Twice as big as any previous ship operated by the organisation, the ship was completely refitted over a period of 5 years. Logos Hope provides a better quality of life for crew as well as a wider range of activities for visitors and guests. The newly created Logos Hope Experience (which is situated on a deck that was installed into the original ferry’s car area) holds up to 800 visitors at any time, with capacity to host an additional 700 in the Hope Theatre and Logos Lounge. This publicly accessible deck offers visitors an introduction to the vessel and the organisation, a book fair featuring around 7,000 different titles, a visual presentation called the Journey of Life and the International Cafe.

The all volunteer crew and staff of 400 people, represent around 50 different countries. Unlike the crew during her original use as a car ferry, crew and staff normally join the organisation to live on board for two years.

Much smaller compare to Doulos


The entrance fee was.. er… rm1 I think… forgot anyway just after paying at the country they give a short presentation regarding the ship and their mission by this two people;


I should have asked for their name, but then was more busy snapping photos around lol if you two do find this blog, do leave a comment haha.. Anyway on the side of the wall after the presentation are some pictures and information about the ship:

Pictures from all the countries and places they visited and help or the past few years.


Next section is where all the books are, there are all kind of stuff and well I didn’t really take shot of every books lol just the serounding;



DSC_0045 DSC_0049
Well Griselda was with me so most of the picture has her in it Open-mouthed smile


It was the cafeteria next after the book section, they had their own ice cream, kids section and life X-perience… not ure what is this about as it was close when me and Griselda visited that day. I think it was more about people experience from around the world there.. maybe.. but I don’t know lol anyway just look at the pictures of the sticknote I took below to see what people write there.




There was a section which I didn’t take picture much… because the whole wall was painted with a story about a yong adult who seems to have gone wild and end up going back to the right track back after loosing everything… more or less you might understand the story if you been there lol:



Might start updating this place more often after this month maybe if I remember to on my lappy back once I reach home… lol

DSC_0079 DSC_0035 DSC_0037