Monday, February 6, 2012

LeeDrOiD HD V5.0.0 - 5th Feb

After months of waiting patiently for a new base, Lee finally release it today during my day OFF!!! Anyway here are some updates on his latest release:

Change Log
LeeDrOiD_HD_V5.0.0 6th February 2012

  • Re-Based on HTC WWE 3.12.405.1 RUU - Sense 3.0
  • Removed all HTC Loggers
  • Huge system cleanups
  • Kernel V4.0.0 included
  • Updated all preinstalled apps
  • New Bootanimation
  • Lots of system tweaks & fixups
  • Fancy keyboard animations
  • 3D Home screen toggle
  • Added advanced power menus
  • Added CRT on/off animation
  • Added bravia engine
  • All previos LeeDrOiD mods included
  • Ported LeeDrOiD Tweaks from my Evo 3D builds(Thanks to the awsome j4n87 & daniels7)
  • select power/vol-/vol- button to wake device
  • choose between Sense, ASOP and Honeycomb lockscreen
  • custom carrier lockscreen text
  • toggle to use volume buttons to skip tracks forward and backwards
  • toggle items on Lockscreen: Carrier/Time/Date
  • toggle to use menu key for ALL Lockscreen
  • define another app to the right softkey of the sense bar
  • toggle between normal/supersmooth and ultra smooth rosie (Thanks to hamdir for his original)
  • unlock animation toggle(annoying carousell animation, each time you unlock)
  • 5 column app drawer toggle
  • paginated app drawer toggle
  • disable sense launcher running in background: saves memory when using another launcher
  • Phone Info: menu when you type *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer
  • Dim the backlight of capacitive buttons
  • choose between normal/low and lowest autobrightness values: battery saver!
  • choose betwen TEN different overscroll colors
  • toggle to turn screen on, when sms arrives
  • toggle crt animations
  • just available on Leedroid Tweaks: "Screen Always on" Quicksetting
  • AutoSync Quicksetting
  • Leedroid Tweaks Quicksetting: Links you to the Tweaks
  • Honestly guys.... there is too much to list!

Seems like there are some hidden stuff, but so far those who have installed it had no major issue here are some of the minor problem the users are facing at the moment:

“Originally Posted by s4linux View Post

gr8 super fast flashed without any prob but have 2 issues ,
1st the rosie key (personlized right sense key) when i press on it sense restart
or looks like gui restarted dunno why
2nd is in Weather when I open it i get no graphics only sound but as a widget it's running normally ..
gonna tell you my feedback for the battery later thanks for your gr8 work tho .”

Another one:

“Originally Posted by pavedwaves View Post

Having the same two issues here.. Also a tell HTC notification keeps coming up.
Edit - One more thing to tell you about, with 4x5 (possible to get 5x5?) paginated app drawer the divider lines seem to be broken, anyone else?
Also, any chance your thinking of putting in a transparency tweak rosie, and maybe black background/transparency for the notification pull down?
Loving the rom still, super smooth and fast, gonna stick with it.”

“Originally Posted by bugfix2k View Post

Sweet! I used to run LeeDroid on my Desire but have been trying out Sense 3.5 ROMs for the DHD ever since I got it.
Will try this ROM for sure, always had a premium experience with LeeDroid ROM!
Once thing I'm wondering about is the build.prop. I see alot of duplicate lines in there, don't know if they make any difference or not but this once for instance (to enable to or disable he setup wizard at first boot) is present 4 times with different setting.
ro.setupwizard.mode=DISABLD (misspelled?)
All of those above are present in build.prop. Which one takes presedence... last one?
Also see lcd_density twice and alot of dalvik.vm options with conflicting settings.
Again... maybe all of these settings makes no difference, I'm just wondering why they're present multiple times.
Thanks for the ROM and your time Lee!

Seems like this is the only issue at the moment one of the users suggested to do a small patch update to fix those minor issue which should be out by tonight on Lee time zone. There are some users who are having some other problem but from the looks at it, most of it were due to corrupted download I assume. Then again I have not installed it yet because I WAS OUT THE WHOLE DAY!!!!

Anyway be flashing it once I am done copying all my backup back into my DHD sd card. I did a quick format on  my sd card, then going to use the full wipe script, next would be installing the new based then WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE LeeDroid V5 for my DHD Open-mouthed smile


If you are on HTC Desire HD, feel like using a custom rom, but don’t know which is the best that suit your taste?

For my case I like it as simple as it can be so after reading all the custom rom available comparing their issue, problems, fault… and yes.. took me some days or weeks to finally decide, I picked LeeDroid.

Presenting LeeDrOiD HD - The Return of! (For now anyway )
S-Off & a Custom recovery required

Android 2.3.5 - GingerBread & Sense 3.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit..
Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer

With thanks to: ChainsDD l snq- l Scar45 | Baadnwz | damo | Team RC | m-deejay | klquicksall | Alpharevx & Unrevoked | rmk40 | SteelH | Breinholst | j4n87 | daniels7 | Prateek | Scabes & >>> ShowP-1984 - Damn this guy is good! <<<
Huge thanks to j4n87 & daniels7 for the cration of LeeDrOiD Tweaks

Official Support Links:
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