Saturday, April 26, 2008


I guess i be posting the same stuff again, hardly ever got to time explore around kk and see some abnormal stuff or funny things happening due to my work. Still trying to adjust my time so I am able to do more things but well I guess it is hard. Then again I am still happy haha

Anyway been going to the same site for the past 2 weeks trying to repair the door access system. I have finally given up on finding out what could be causing it to be unstable. Told my boss what he can do at the moment, even thought it was just a joke solution between me and Alex. Well we were joking of lying to the boss saying the system was up and everyone can use their passcard. Where we would manually input the card information into the door and not using the computer to monitor it or upload all from there. As we can't seem to link the computer with the door access system.

Boss called up that evening and well i told him the bad news where I gave him the joke idea. He said ok and well that made it all more easy temporary as it did not solve the main problem still. So this is about it I guess... talking more about my job again :\

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whats with the weird msn title screenshot in the previous post?

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This is why :P
Girley shy shy? haha

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Someone is shy haha

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free time in office

In the office now then took a printscreen of my msn xD

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Testing this mp3 player again


So we officially started 14 April 2008. what did? erm.. haha xD

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I replace something and added something in my old blog. What is it? lol

The end of my second week this month

It has been a tiring week as I have to plan my time properly now days to make sure I can do my work. There is always something to do everyday, well I can see the company at the moment is lack of man power then again it is growing. For the past few days I have been doing cctv installation, network setup and the cctv decoder setup. Most of the decoder are able to be set up using a computer from an remote location of just the local area network. It is easy to setup 1 well for me I guess as I been doing technical stuff for some time now.

What I do hate most is doing the after sales servicing. Because most of the place which uses it such as servay supermarket. Does not have a proper place for the equipment to be used. It is installed like near to the door where people exit and enter. With all the dust and heat coming it, it is not strange to see the equipment getting all dirty which easily cause it to overheat. Then again does those owner who buy them understand it after explaining everything? No. They would just listen and take it for granted thinking it can just be repair every time. Then place it where they like and hope it will work forever like it is some kind of indestructible device. So that is where most of the equipment installed will go down the same time too.

Well I face all kind of problem this week but the worst one I had to solve was in Open University Malaysia. They have a bigger building now near Kepayan low cost housing area. I did not know my company did the server and network installation there too. It uses a FreeBSD a Unix like operating system to control the network. Where the StreamyX will connect into the FreeBSD server from the server it be going into the switch which will spread throughout the network.

So anyway back to the main point, I had to figure out why didn't the server distribute the internet source. It is working if I directly plug the modem into my laptop. So I called up my boss and asked him who did the installation. To my bad luck it was a contractor from Sandakan, well I don't mind if he was from u.s or where ever. But as a Professional I.T literate person, he should have tested it with a modem or finish the job. He said he set everything up and I should not mess around with the Server setting which handle the firewall too. Well I told him that his preset setting are not working and no one can access the internet. I asked him what should I do? He had no backup plans if it does not work, he did not know what to do. So it was a pointless call, where eventually I had to set up everything from the start.

It took me the whole day to finish the job as there are like 6 access point for the wireless signal. Where those wireless signal could not be detected by an outside computer or laptop. So again another useless work done by the contractor. I still got a lot of pending work to do but I had to spend my whole day there because of someone didn't properly do the job. Well luckily Malim was there and yes he is working in OUM for some time now. So I finished the job like 5pm + I think.. and was to tired to do anything else as I reached the office.

I would not say I am bored this time thought, as this company seems to be the right one for me as my starting point in life to go up into a higher level I hope haha... I got no complain for my colleague and boss as all of them are experience people not to mention one of the technician is my former company colleague. My boss is one of those intellectual people so can't really fool with him as he will catch me then again I prefer having someone like this then my previous company gm where he don't even know how to send a email haha. Only knows how it works in theory but for real.. he never used it before. But because of his good sales performance is still the Akira GM for Sabah and Sarawak.

Well had a nice time last night haha went for dinner in Tg.Aru marketplace then went to a1st beach cafe till midnight. Then again who was I with? xD

haha dugong :P

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How to make a Floor Plan

Well my boss thought me the formula how to convert inch into millimeter to make a floor plan for the office upstairs. It is kind of simple the only thing is getting the correct measurement of the office. I had a hard time doing that because of the Heat, darkness, and not to mention it stinks there. It was full of dust and so well back to the topic. After getting the whole place measurement, I had start from a wall lets say 40mm and then devide it with the real measurement which is maybe 150" so it be like

150"/40 = 3.75

Then after getting that scale measurement, use that "3.75" to devide with the real measurement of the office and you get the size in millimeter. Well got to measure the whole place in inc and it be much more easy then to draw the floor plan. :P

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The bad or good Saturday?

Well it was like a normal Saturday morning started of my first job assignment alone and like both of the location I went was a waste of time. Went to kk plaza to install back 1 of the hard disk recorder which was took for servicing last week. Didn't really had much problem in it except for the partition and it was not formated for some reason. It uses FAT32 format so I just used Ubuntu to format it since windows xp don't seem to allow hdd which is bigger then 32gb to be formated into FAT32. Anyway back to the main point, as I went to KK plaza servay supermarket. I could not find any parking around the building, didn't want to park inside as it is just a short trip and installation.

So I just did an ilegal parking and where I ended up taking more time to fix the recorder back because the CCTV decoder can't seem to send video source into the Hdd recorder. Where I got stuck for about 1 hour over there figuring out what to do so I thought of just taking the whole set back. As I didn't want to waste anymore time but only to find out no one can sign the job sheet form I use to take an item back, because the boss was out in a meeting somewhere in penampang. So I didn't take the cctv decoder back and just went off only to return to the car and fin a big ticket sticking on my wiper... and yes it was my very 1st summon!! haha Checked what did I do and it said "illegal parking". Well I can't say much as I did really do that haha...

It was almost lunch time and I didn't had any time left for it as I had to go servay likas. As I reached there... I saw the decoder, everything seems to be working fine. Except it can't burn any backup files into a cd. So i tested it myself and asked if they got anymore empty cd. They said none... and there was 10 cd-rw there but the decoder is new to me. I don't know how does it really works and well I just brows the menu to see if it had a erase function. Didn't find any and the staff there was not really helping much.. So I decided to take the decoder back with me. Yes I fill up the jobsheet again... after plugging out the decoder. As i am almost done taking out the whole decoder. My colleague called up and asked how was I doing and i said I was gonna bring back the decoder. He told me not too and do it on Monday..

As there was already 2 decoder from the same company being service. haha... and year all the cctv cables connected to it was taken out. So again my fault for not asking if I could bring it back for servicing... and ended up wasting another 2 hours there. So after finishing putting in back all the cable I left the office and went to buy RM10 reload.. took it and place the reload on my mouth as i was carrying a few stuff and went towards my car after paying. So as I was driving back towards the office.. I just notice something, what happen to the reload on my mouth? lol.. yeah it fell and I didn't notice it till I was already halfway near the office. Another bad luck happened... ;|

Well it was not really a bad day thought some things were trying to make it bad. As I did not have a bad night haha went out with Griselda for dinner and then we went home around 12 after going for a drink near her house. I stayed up for a while till like 1 I think then bro asked for help to send him near yayasan sabah as his gf had a accident there. The car was badly damage, her friend had a deep cut in his kneel and a small part of his bones was popping out as he bend it. Here is a few picture of the accident I took haha

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The Friend, Alice(Bro GF), Ade(bro), Kancil

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Kancil, Ade, Myvi

After calling the Police, and tow truck guy came. We went to the Q.E Hospital to stitch the guy leg, and blood test for Alcohol. It was not really a bad accident as back in Q.E the policeman told me about 3 DBKK staff killed in accident and the lorry fled on the scene. Where that accident came out in today Daily Express. I used my first-aid kit in the myvi to clean the england guy kneel. At lease something while waiting for the police to arrive.... so after everything was done we ended up going back 5 this morning. lol

Thursday, April 3, 2008

working days

Been working in a Company since 1st April 2008. It was a difference environment from my previous experience with Akira. Not to mention one of the Akira oldest technician is there too haha Well not that he is old, still under 30 and been working for K.K akira branch like 7 years. Moved because his salary never went up and well of cause the bad environment he had there. Too much internal politics issues due too the GM relative working together in the same company.

My boss(No mentioning names yet) been asking me to do all kind of task in this past 3 days. Not to mention giving me access to the new office too lol.. There was a new guy started the same time as I did too. But he resigned today as he just won a trip to Hawaii from MTV. I would if I won a trip to Hawaii as I don't think I would have the cash to go Hawaii any soon in the near future or maybe forever haha..