Thursday, June 30, 2011

I just notice MOL bought over Friendster

Published: Thursday December 10, 2009 MYT 3:37:00 PM
Updated: Thursday December 10, 2009 MYT 4:54:24 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: MOL Global Pte Ltd, a Malaysian company, will acquire 100 per cent of social networking site, Friendster.

MOL Global is an affiliate of leading online payment solutions provider, MOL AccessPortal Bhd (MOL).

The acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of this year, MOL chief executive officer, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, said on Thursday.

He, however, declined to disclose the investment for the acquisition.

Richard Kimber, the chief executive offficer of Friendster will become the non-executive chairman, while Ganesh will be the group CEO of the combined entity.

Source: The Star News


Also they said:

“Kimber said almost 90 million Friendsters users are Asian. Friendster, has launched a new brand, targeting Asian youth.”

They just deleted everything, recovery is impossible it is a whole difference website. Malaysian based company bought over, could be one of UMNO cronies. They just do everything they like, fuck the users, fuck the public as long it is making money for themselves they don’t care.

Friendster fucked up

Friendster has once again done it, they changed everything.. layout, framework, and the whole idea of how the Social network Boom. It may have been dead well for some part of the world, but majority of us started from there. But no.. friendster just did it again, they pissed off million of users and turned friendster into this:


All the photos are gone, message as well, and they have claim to send notification and so on. I check my friendster mail every once a week, I check my friendster profile every week, and no I did not notice any news about saying everything be gone.

Majority Friendster user are complaining at their Facebook page,



They claim to have said:

Friendster Team (Employee) No. We gave users months to save their profile and photos. Unfortunately, the deadline for that was last June 27.


Like this is so true? I never even notice that news of them saying everything be gone. I remember msn space gave me email, notification as I login into my old blog and even requested me to download all my old pictures. What did Friendster do? Nothing.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Facebook Virus Link? Pretty much all look the same lol

REMOVED shared a link.

Dad Gets Embarrassed, Enters Daughter's Room

Girl was on webcam with her BF, doing Stuff!


This will link you to ( ) and from there on I dare not to try haha. Well have fun getting infected with the new virus if you want to post the same thing like the above lol


I have replaced all the link on the picture so there should be nothing that will link you to those virus site other then this blog here Smile

Monday, June 27, 2011

People world wide getting infected with that facebook virus?

I was checking out my Nuffnang Analytics and this is what I saw:





Top country stats:





























boy reaction after his ex girlfriend posted on his wall facebook





dr joseph ong


\"boy reaction after his ex-girlfriend posted on his wall\"


gutter uncensored mylifenotyours



lol what true pain both are having at this moment.


what true pain both are having at this moment.


boys reaction after ex-girlfriend posted on his wall facebook






I guess almost everyone seems to have been infected with this new Facebook virus, how to remove the virus? well got to wait Facebook for that.

Facebook Link Virus back again?

REMOVED likes a link.

Boy reaction after his Ex girlfriend posted on his wall

lol What true pain both are having at this moment.

9 minutes ago ·Like · · Share


When you try to click the play video it will redirect you to another site and well if you don’t want to post this on your profile I suggest you not to click on those kind of video lol. Anyway you be redirected to:

Pretty much a virus i guess feel free to get infected just by opening that site I think lol

Anwar Ibrahim & s.ambiga Arrested at Kuala Lumpur?

I don’t know how true is this but I got this info from IRC:

[12:36am] <mr_incredibble> breaking news!! anwar ibrahim & s.ambiga ditahan di kL.
[12:39am] <mr_incredibble> ditahan under ISA, causing a threat to malaysia
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> he incite people to go riot
[12:40am] <@Baboon> mr_incredibble where did u get the news :O
[12:40am] <badboy2196> see pm u laiu dont wan to answr me
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> from journalist....
[12:40am] Android^Gingerbread «~Heiji@» has Quit iRC  «137 people»
[12:40am] <+YuKieeeee> oh god
[12:40am] <mr_incredibble> my fren is a journal with berita harian..he was at the site juz now

General Election coming soon maybe and Anwar be in jail? lol

Saturday, June 25, 2011

US experts say man in sex video 99.99% likely to be Opposition Leader!! LOL

Datuk T trio claims that U.S expert (from Dartmouth College who offer world-class professional schools—the Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, and Dartmouth Medical School—and outstanding graduate programs in the arts and sciences and not arts or multimedia stuff) had quoted as saying that the video was authentic and that the man in the video was 99.99% likely to be Anwar.

So let me try search on their news section.. hm.. search for “Anwar Ibrahim”, I got nothing… ok maybe just anwar then I think two words is a bit to hard for this old college which is not into i.t so let me try…

Sorry. Your search yielded no results. Please search again.

I think there must be something wrong.. ok let me try Malaysia then… ohh there is a result!!!! :

More Than Two Centuries of Teaching at Dartmouth

Posted on June 02, 2011.

Seven retiring Dartmouth professors were recognized during a May 16 meeting of the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences.

I must be good at it, lets see what is it about..  on malaysia:

“He continues to work with the Batek people of Malaysia, who he first met in 1971, and he is currently studying the impact of tourism on indigenous people.”


I think something below maybe… let me read first… ok here:

“Professor Endicott could teach the theory, the methods, and the passion—and make it all stick in our brains. One moment he’d be discussing the development of functionalist to structuralist anthropology, the next moment he’d demonstrate—with somewhat disturbing accuracy—how to use a Malaysian blow-dart gun.”


Like.. did they really do any study on anwar? how he look like, what is his body figure and so on? wait.. did this people really ask a professor???? LOL

“One of the lawyers, Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, told reporters outside the court that the forensic analysis by the experts had based its findings on a video of a surveillance camera received from CyberSecurity Malaysia.” The Star..

I think there must be something wrong, could it be this college never updated their website? Because they are assisting oversea country to help on a court case but why is there nothing on their website.. Maybe they are just slow just like Pos Laju who can’t seem to find my item which was send yesterday morning and this morning my tracking code still not detected till reach kk then can see on the Pos Laju tracking site.


But well just watch this video and it makes you wonder about those UMNO guys:


Makes you wonder should we really register ourself and vote? Smile

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HTC Sensation is on Digi now…

I manage to access Digi site using my phone and this is what I saw:



I just got my HTC Desire HD last week.. was it a good buy or not? I don’t know but well 100 difference only.. But yes I am slightly regretting now after looking at this package. Then again I am still happy I got a new phone lol plus I just ordered my Case-Mate Pop!!!! Black color hehehe

Also I still can’t access Digi website on Streamyx. I think it is the same as everyone else, they blocked streamyx ip range for some odd reason? dunno. Digi said this on facebook:

“DiGi Telecommunications
Hi all, our DiGi webpage is accessible to those who are using a DiGi Internet plan on any devices. Unfortunately for the time being our website is inaccessible to those surfing on other networks (such as TMNET, Maxis Broadband, etc). Service restoration is in progress and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Service is expected to resume within 24 hours. Check the latest status on DiGi Facebook.” 
Link down whats wrong?

For most of you who don’t have Facebook account I bet you be wondering why is Digi website down. Well they don’t even know why is it down LOL

digi“We understand that our customers have been intermittently experiencing disruptions to our website and associated online services. We are currently working on rectifying the issue, and aim to have full service recovery as soon as possible. We regret the inconvenience faced. Thank you.” Read more...


People are complaining, well I can’t access my account to view some stuff too so I am ranting here about it. Last week the 3g connection network was down, some people can’t even get the Digi signal (including myself) some could not surf. But those on the normal D50 and so on plan were fine.

I some how get the feeling they are being DDOS’ed or worst someone manage to break into their server lol Anyway join Digi Fanpage. You get your updates from it.

DiGi Telecommunications's Profile

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Nuffnang Buffered Earning


Well I just notice something today about my earning at Nuffnang. Most of the time I would get between 4-11 ringgit maybe, but today I notice one of the campaign ad Celcom SOX Drum and Dance LB  was RM 36.52. This is a lot LOL I hope it is real then again if I was earning like this for all the campaign ad it be much cooler :D

I didn’t really check much on the Earning section because it takes a while before it is worth to be claim. Then again free money? who don’t want :)



Creating my own barcode or datamatrix

If you got a iphone, android and er.. maybe a barcode scanner? lol read this barcode to see how you can create your own datamatrix code like this:



Well you need to have a Iphone or Android phone first to read what is written on the code above. Smile

Thursday, June 16, 2011

List of Hacked Malaysian Website (Updating much as I can)




hacked2 (They even shared a file senarai_pelajar_dan_kump_modul 3.xls) lol




No idea why this site but they just got pawn!!! lol as for the rest have a look:

Malaysia Official Government Website [link] – [Down]

- [link] [Hacked][Leaked]
- CIDB [link] [Hacked] [Up]
- Land Public Transport Commision [link]
- Malaysian Meteorological Service [link]
Ministry of Education [link]
Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia [link]
- Bomba [link]
- TMNet [link]
- Perbendaharaan Malaysia [link]
- Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia [link]
- Parlimen Malaysia [link]
- T
reasury [link]
- JobsMalaysia [link]
- Custom [link]
- JPJ [link]
- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia [link]
-Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan [link]

Copied some from




DragonForce Facebook
DragonForce Wordpress

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia explanation what is use for RM1.8M



The RM1.8million budget is used for:

1.           Technical

1.1         Dedicated hardware deployment

1.2         Software licensing

1.3         Front end applications

1.4         Application Server engine

2.           Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:

2.1         Flash games engine

2.2         Flash programming & coding

2.3         Creative Development and Design

2.4         Campaigns Ideas and Concept

2.5         Front-end Flash Design

2.6         Testing and Debugging

3.           Campaign Promotions

3.1         Digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook

3.2         Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management

3.3         Collection and management of Database


wah… must be a specialist.. did they hire bill gate son? no wait.. maybe must have been Rais who did the installation LOL

Dedicated Hardware deployment?
What the fuck is this? they bought a ipad or mac just to setup the FANPAGE??? LOL

Software licensing?
er.. they bought a mac and ipad then had to buy adobe flash.. oo this is gonna cost a lot but eh.. but they just sub to another company to do the work and I am sure that company already have their own software to do the work.... er.. what licensing are they talking about?

front end application????
If you guys don’t know what is this, well it means "User interface or that part of a software or a website that a user sees on the screen, and acts on to enter commands or to access other parts of the software or website. See also back end application." where by default when you create the fanpage it has already a front end application. SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????

Application server engine?
Well every game has a engine build in, like cars has a engine and games like star craft and so on has large engine which take years to complete. Where flash game.. yes flash based game.. has small engine ok forget what I just said. Try asking your friends who know how to make flash animation and create a button which will make a dot move using cs4.  If you got some idea how flash work, here is a tutorial how to make your own flash game "Learn how to make a Flash game within minutes"

Development of six (6) campaigns which requires:
6 campaigns? er.. whats with the 6? just want to make your explanation more technical is it so people lazy read? lol

Campaign Promotions:
Google adword? er.. facebook?? like you have RTM LOL radio works much better but wait… "Curi-curi Wang Malaysia" page didn’t even spend a single sen on advertising… they got 34,749 fan now(10.41pm 6/15/2011) more then CutiCuti1Malaysia page 29,493 as at 10.41pm 06/15/2011.  wonder did Curi-curi Want Malaysia spend more.. eh no they spend more time informing us public about themselves and did not spend RM1.8 million!

Contest, Page Wall and Tourism Fanpage Content Management:
Wa.. what are you talking about this again. What management, who are the management? I thought Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen and her Deputy Tourism Minister Datuk James Dawos Mamit  are the management? or they just goyang kaki and hire someone to do their job using the public money more then a million to do their work? You are getting paid by the rakyat to do your job, why hire someone else to manage it?

Collection and management of Database:
Collection.. and management database.. I am trying to convince myself think that you guys are hosting on your very own dedicated server but no.. you are using facebook fanpage. You don’t need to handle their big database.. you don’t even have access to that. So what database are you talking about? your illegal money is it?


Tourism Malaysia ~ Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia  - MEDIA STATEMENT

What Malaysia Government Doing?



Finally a Fanpage that is created for FREEE and not a single sen was spend unlike Malaysia Government who wasted the tax money into paying a RM1.8 MILLION FANPAGE. Like we don’t know about it, all fucking corruption and now they claim most of the money was spend on online advertisement?

You think we all stupid is it, go tell your maid that lar they also will think “wa.. and I thought Indon was bad.. this is even WORST want to cheat the public money and lie with a thick face  HA HA HA”.

UMNO guy seems to be rushing to make money before General Election, I guess they must have fucked up somewhere and trying to grab as much money they can before they loose power. But like can’t they at lease do it the proper way? maybe build a nuke plant and pump in the money first and grab their commission from the contractor?

There is a lot of way to grab money with out making a fool out of yourself or finding someone to be your scapegoat. Ask Badawi & Mahathir or even better the guy who is half bald now and still walking around claiming it was not his idea to buy sugarbun share at a fucking ridiculous price Datuk Yong LOL. All this people manage to do daylight robbery with out facing any court action because they exploited the system and no one can do any legal action against them.

Anyway you all should join this Facebook Fanpage and I would like to thank who ever created this page and again I say this page does not cost few million or what ever. This is a FREE FANPAGE LOL


What Malaysia Government Doing?”Fanpage

The RM1.8 Million Fanpage

Yen Yen, explain ‘Curi-curi’ M’sia

Youtube - RM1.8mil ... for a Facebook page?

NEWSTRAITSTIMES - RM1.8m to maintain Facebook page

themalaysianinsider - Tourism Ministry: RM1.8m spent on Facebook pages

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Digi Free Broadband that cost me RM42.90

I was given a free broadband plan (just sim card) which is usable for 6 months. My friend got it from a annual digi dinner thing for all the hand phone shop community in Kota Kinabalu. At registration I was inform to pay advance RM30 in case I forgot to terminate it after 6 months of using. This is one of digi plan where they will charge according to the plan every month after the promotion was over. Where I did ask if I could take back the advance payment after 6 months, they counter said yes. So why should I not apply? So then today was already 6 months since I applied for it. I was inform that I had another 3 months to use for free and not get back my RM30. So I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?? ah nevermind then, he inform me I could pay later but like I still need to pay it in the end right?

I insisted on terminating it and so he proceeded terminating it and then came another bill asking me to pay RM12.90 and like what is this for again? He bla bla bla bla and bla bla bla where none of it made any sense to me. I asked if he could just deduct from the 3 months advance payment which is not refundable and he said no. So like I had to pay additional rm12.90 despite paying RM30 for another 3 months advance which is not refundable? This is a bit too silly and more like cheating the consumer. 

Why in the first place they said it was free when I had to fork out RM42.90 just to use it and end it? Since it was not nice of me to argue with the guy over there on this matter so I asked the online D’Chat thing. But only to be ignored:


No respond after asking all that lol, I guess the guy on the keyboard too could no say anything because he himself know what they did is cheating. Well it may be a small amount but cheating 1 sen or 5 sen is still cheating. At lease I got a reply on facebook but then he just said the same thing as they did in the Digi outlet at api-api centre


Notice a typo there lol wanted to say trial but I end up typing “trail” hahaha well then again I still got cheated.  Moral of the story? there are no such thing as free stuff anymore. So when someone claim it is free, beware he is trying to scam you into something just like Digi did to me and my friend.

But there is always E-Tribunal who claims:

“You feel cheated? Claim your right here. Fee can be paid via FPX payment online, counter or Post Money.”


I am still trying to fill up, a bit confusing because I was filling up another section and not this E-Tribunal thing just now lol