Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rambo killed in pirate attack!!!

I opened up my most favorite online news and saw that headline, so Rambo got killed so I was like what? did this person acted like rambo and got killed or something but no..


“TAWAU: A 40-year-old fisherman was killed when two pirates shot him in waters off this Sabah east coast district.

The victim, identified only as Rambo, fell into the water and drowned when he was shot in the leg in the late Monday drama.”

Read more about it on The Star



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Sodomized Hero

This happened in a IRC chat Channel at Dalnet server #penang:

[12:56am] <+tegang_berkilat> no job ma go wash disches
[12:56am] <+tegang_berkilat> plate
[12:56am] <@Baboon> bangbus
[12:57am] <+tegang_berkilat> if no ma go lorong garu sell backside lo
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> yeah
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> get sodomized by black
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> LOL
[12:57am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:57am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> why la u people !
[12:57am] <+tegang_berkilat> always bring ky along
[12:57am] <@Baboon> hardcore gay bangbus - sodmized asean boy by few black man
[12:57am] <@d-LuFfy> " backstreets boy "
[12:57am] <@Baboon> gone case, u be killed and dumped at the back of the black alley
[12:58am] <@Baboon> and be found 3 weeks later when nobody can identify you
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> thats all for ur life
[12:58am] <@Baboon> yes
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> eiii my friends brother went there with gf, then 8 negro approach wan rape the girl
[12:58am] <@Baboon> yups
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> that guy offered himself
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> came back with 7 stiches
[12:58am] <@Baboon> and got gangbang
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> hero sial
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:58am] <@Baboon> dumb
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[12:58am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> omg
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> i rather die
[12:58am] <@d-LuFfy> offered to them
[12:58am] <+tegang_berkilat> his bro in penang all time gangster
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> come back 7 stiches
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> FUK UR SO CALLED HERO
[12:59am] <@Baboon> i don't mind dying trying to kill them
[12:59am] <@Baboon> that is no hero
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> u talk big only on mric
[12:59am] <+tegang_berkilat> go try and see
[12:59am] <@Baboon> ya
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> ya la
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> 8 fellas
[12:59am] <@Baboon> i took down a white guy before
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> for sure
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> i rather die
[12:59am] <@Baboon> 8 fellas at lease u take down 2 u happy ady
[12:59am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> and their like wild leopards waiting to pounce on u !
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> why would i giv them things as granted
[12:59am] <@Baboon> die also happy
[12:59am] <@d-LuFfy> yeah
[12:59am] <@Baboon> this one already sodomized how to be happy
[1:00am] <@Baboon> might as well kill himself
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> with a warm smile on a face
[1:00am] <@Baboon> offer some more
[1:00am] <@Baboon> what a useless person
[1:00am] <@Baboon> big timer gangster my ass
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> and for the godness sake
[1:00am] <@d-LuFfy> u admiring him
[1:00am] <+tegang_berkilat> hero protecting gf ma
[1:00am] <@Baboon> yes
[1:00am] <@Baboon> that is no hero
[1:00am] <@Baboon> that is a idiot
[1:00am] <@Baboon> he should jump down a building now
[1:01am] <@Baboon> come back alive also no point
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> how come?
[1:01am] <14AnNaBeLLa> hahahha
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> cos got people like u talking about that
[1:01am] <@Baboon> yes
[1:01am] <@Baboon> useless
[1:01am] <@Baboon> that is not protecting his gf, that is acting stupid infront his gf
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> people cant bare the shame
[1:01am] <+tegang_berkilat> then in that case tell me whats the best move to do
[1:01am] <@Baboon> and like they sure would not just rape him and leave his gf to watch
[1:01am] <@Baboon> they bang them both together
[1:01am] <@d-LuFfy> and he is making himself even more LOSER
[1:02am] <@Baboon> why should they even bother to just bang him
[1:02am] <@Baboon> this is one stupid story
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> this is real la
[1:02am] <@d-LuFfy> indeed
[1:02am] <@Baboon> for real, both of them got raped
[1:02am] <@Baboon> not one.
[1:02am] <@d-LuFfy> why would we even bother a sick story like this
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless (~jj@ has joined. 12«11111 people12»
[1:02am] [1:02am] ChanServ sets mode: +o senseless
[1:02am] <@Baboon> and that is your hero
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> his bro tell like that
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless sets mode: +v senseless
[1:02am] <+tegang_berkilat> i ma say like that lo
[1:02am] [1:02am] senseless sets mode: -o senseless
[1:03am] <@Baboon> i think if people tell you eat shit will make you stronger u believe one
[1:03am] <@Baboon> that is how we are looking at you now
[1:03am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:03am] <+tegang_berkilat> dont speak something that childish
[1:03am] <@Baboon> third party source, better go confirm your source then talk
[1:03am] <@Baboon> that is facts now childish
[1:03am] * +senseless erlo~
[1:03am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he is just relating a story la
[1:03am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> !
[1:03am] [1:03am] spithash ( has joined. 12«11111 people12»
[1:03am] [1:03am] ChanServ sets mode: +o spithash
[1:03am] <14nibongtebal> iiiiiiii
[1:04am] <@Baboon> a stupid story to tell in the first place
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> why u people need to be touche over everything ha
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he like he tell le
[1:04am] <+tegang_berkilat> baboon is always acting like he is so great
[1:04am] <+tegang_berkilat> please
[1:04am] <@Baboon> what the fuck someone got sodomoize is a hero
[1:04am] [1:04am] boyPG (~boyPG@ has joined. 12«11112 people12»
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> u and fei tell us all sorta crap  - we laugh it off ma :D
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> cant u just treat him alike ...
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> he is passing his time too
[1:04am] <@Baboon> but being sodomize and having fun is two difference thing
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> what's so difficult in that
[1:04am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> it is to u
[1:05am] <@Baboon> being sodomize is no hero
[1:05am] <@Baboon> that is stupid
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> see
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> crap is a crap is a crap
[1:05am] <@Baboon> how can you claim someone who is sodomize is a hero
[1:05am] * @d-LuFfy saw Baboon get sodomized by uncle
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> what is ur crap
[1:05am] [1:05am] vanillaSky12f ( has joined. 12«11113 people12»
[1:05am] * @Baboon is a hero now
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> might not be someone else's crap
[1:05am] * @Baboon tells everyone about his great action
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> :D
[1:05am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy i am proud
[1:05am] <@d-LuFfy> LOL
[1:05am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> giler :D
[1:05am] <@Baboon> i am being sodomize to protect Lilac_LipsZ_
[1:05am] * @d-LuFfy spits on Baboon
[1:05am] <@Baboon> i bangga
[1:06am] <@Baboon> now tell my brother about it so he can tell his friends
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> LOL
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> u kena sodomize cuz u go gay bar
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> sumore u are drunk
[1:06am] <@Baboon> ya
[1:06am] <@Baboon> and someone wanted to rape my realdoll
[1:06am] <@Baboon> i defended her
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> wei if that is the case Baboon i will know how to take care of myself
[1:06am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> :))
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> he was sodomized by 8 negro
[1:06am] <@Baboon> yes get a gay bf who dun mind offering himself
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> >.<
[1:06am] <@d-LuFfy> now he can shit by standing
[1:06am] <@Baboon> ya
[1:06am] [1:06am] xavier_png «xczczxczxc@» has Quit iRC 11 12«11112 people12»
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> u people are so mean :))
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:07am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy you must be proud to know me
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> veeryyyyyyyy mean :))
[1:07am] <@Baboon> i am your great hero
[1:07am] <@Baboon> dun worry u can see my ass, see got jahitan there
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> yukks
[1:07am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> fei will check tomorrow
[1:08am] <@Baboon> like that is one sick story
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> but thanks fer letting em eff u fer me :D
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:08am] [1:08am] shaved_birdbird «oiuo@» has Quit iRC 11 12«11111 people12»
[1:08am] <@Baboon> lol
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> Baboon
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> chill la
[1:08am] <@Baboon> d-LuFfy dun puke now
[1:08am] <@Baboon> Lilac_LipsZ_ k ba lol
[1:08am] * @d-LuFfy dah puke almost mao mampoi
[1:08am] <@Baboon> LOL
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> id frame ur arse now and give u one pingat  keberaniana
[1:08am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> lol
[1:08am] <@d-LuFfy> 1st u are adriel
[1:08am] <@d-LuFfy> now u are sodomized hero
[1:09am] [1:09am] nagger «» has Quit iRC (Read error: Operation timed out11) 12«11110 people12»
[1:09am] <@Baboon> i am the sodomized here
[1:09am] <@Baboon> *hero
[1:09am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> pingat JASA KEJAGA BUNTUTAN
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> lol
[1:09am] <+Lilac_LipsZ_> OMG I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF
[1:09am] <@d-LuFfy> anugerah ali ibrahim for him pls
[1:09am] <@Baboon> oh ya
[1:09am] <@Baboon> Anugerah Ali Ibrahim
[1:10am] <@Baboon> fuh I bangga
[1:10am] <@Baboon> my cucu cucu cicit will know who i am
[1:10am] <@Baboon> their friends be proud too know them
[1:10am] <@Baboon> I was a hero for being Sodomized
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> k k
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> time to sleep k
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> 4*14(B13aboo13n14)4*:
[1:10am] <@d-LuFfy> go sleep
[1:10am] <@Baboon> 1.10
[1:10am] <@Baboon> sleep
[1:10am] <@Baboon> die
I went to bed after that, came online back this morning and tegang_berkilat was no where to be seen. The nick is not registered so I don’t know how to find him. Will he make a come back? I don’t know. Maybe he is related to bitchecker but I don’t know too..

#Penang – Dalnet server
bitchecker the great hacker

Based on a true story by tegang_berkilat

Monday, July 11, 2011

My post on BERSIH 2.0 Sabah and Sabahan

It was suppose to be a motiving event on last Saturday, finally few Sabahan is going to actually do something to speak out their wish rather then wait and hope someone else do it first or like majority Sabahan just ignore it. This is not about sabah, nor about ourself but yes all about Malaysia.

This was suppose to be a event where we can finally show our feeling how do we feel about the current election system which is not really fair especially Sabah who is the fix deposit for the current winning government due to their Project I.C, this is why I wanted to join the rally and do a demo. At lease majority Sabahan might notice it just like what happen in West Malaysia. Finally the government might even stop giving out MyKad’s to the PTI’s in Sabah. I even join the Facebook event page, profile and anything to do with the Sabah BERSIH 2.0 . They even inform us by pm with this:


Bersih Sabah

  • FOH SANG - The Rally Venue - It's OFFICIAL!

    Dear Members,
    In the event yesterday, we were expected to be 'disappointed' by the PDRM & Foo Chow Hall Management. THEY ARE WONG!
    We will continue to march on for Free & Fair Elections!!
    We have shifted into a new strategy for the safe, organized & disciplined 'exercise of our civil rights'.
    SAPP, who's Official Party color is YELLOW, has invited MCLM - BERSIH 2.0 SABAH to join them at the launch of their new RadioSabahTv Online Radio.
    Details below:-
    Date: 9th July 2011
    Venue: SAPP Party Headquarters FOH SANG
    Time: 1pm
    Event: Online Radio Launch
    Bersih Color Code : YELLOW
    MCLM Color Code : BLACK
    For your information, MCLM's Official Color is BLACK.
    If you do not want to wear Yellow then wear BLACK.
    You have enough time to get one with this notice!
    If you don't want to wear MCLM's color, you can wear Bersih's Yellow (the official tee) or just Plain Yellow. As the SAPP members will wear Yellow too, you will blend in perfectly!
    Lets us Rally in Full Force to send a message to this evil BN regime that we the people had enough of a draconian tyrant. We will send a message to CM Musa Aman that his days are numbered. We will send a message that if this evil government continue to oppress us; then we will CHANGE this government. We must demand Free & Fair Elections. We must demand the 70,000 dubious names in Sabah EC Roll be ' Bersih'. We must demand the 8 points of Bersih.
    We leave you with this message,
    "When we pray to God, and God answers - it is because we have faith in Him. When we pray to God, and HE does not is because.. HE has faith in our ability"


So this was really seem like a good event, I did not hesitate to join the gathering and show my support. Here are some pictures of it on that day:



Seems like the BERSIH 2.0 Sabah did a good thing.. but this does seem a bit od? I mean like Where are the BERSIH people? All the yellow shirt were SAPP members, not much black shirt too. I mean they even played Atama Song at 1pm!! watch the video:


I think there were some mistake again.. so I check my phone to see the updates on Bersih Sabah page, NOTTHING?? DID I NOT GET A UPDATE OR PERSONAL MSG WHERE TO GATHER? OMG I didn’t want to join SAPP gathering for their new product !!! Then thought maybe they were waiting till 2 pm or something and some speech from Atama or Yong saying about BERSIH 2.0, so as time passed by me and Alban waited at the chinese coffee shop for the song to be finish playing and yes finally Atama was there as a guess host with the radio D.J (Can’t remember who but it was a girl) Then he start saying bla bla and thanks for inviting him. Finally a speech… He talked about how he join BERSIH 2.0 and from a coffee shop too… then.. like I came here to listen to this? I left the moment he started his grandmother tale.

Went straight to the Padang Merdeka and wow… Lonely planet…



It was empty!!!! Police car, trucks, and so on was everywhere town plus the road to padang merdeka was blocked. Here are some pictures near padang merdeka:


Something must be wrong, was there any update on BERSIH 2.0 Sabah?? I checked my Facebook again but no. Something seems very odd from now on I didn’t know what but then I felt disappointment, anger, and stupid. Me and Alban was chased away from the media section by the police because we are not part of any media. But there was 1 BERSIH member from K.L with us and yes talked with us too. He was shock himself too to see Sabah, then he even showed us all the pictures of people being given red shirt are paid and make things worst they were not local (By the way bro sorry but I forgot to ask your name and introduce myself.) all those pictures were posted on Facebook Bersih 2.0, you can find them on the older post somewhere there.. hehe.

So maybe me and Alban never got inform and the gathering took place somewhere else. I did not give up hope, I even rushed from Damai to Karamusing again back to town again!! when Alban said there was a riot at Karamusing.. but no there was none. Never mind that, I went to my friend house later on to have a drink and we saw all the videos on the rally. We were amaze to see such support in the west with BERSIH, I mean like even if we don’t rally at lease just gather up and show our support with BERSIH 2.0. But I don’t know if that happened or not so I waited till the next day wait maybe late night.. and to add truth to what I think… NOTHING HAPPENED IN SABAH. Just watch this video here, I was not alone thinking like this too:


Pretty  much I don’t think there be any changes in Sabah even if the opposition win. We just be used, exploited and yes till nothing more left from Sabah. Because of the mentality thinking from the local here who are like “What for lar you waste your time, even if go also nothing will change.” true, then another one “other people so lar, I don’t think it make any difference joining the rally” everyone is thinking the same too, “stupid lar this why lar want to do this, kasih susah orang saja this BERSIH” pretty much true too. So like if majority was thinking like this who is going to do the change? The PTI? yeah they did add some change to our life style now.

Because majority people from Sabah still don’t really care or give a damn what happen. As long their life are not being disturb so it is ok. Which is why it was suitable to use lunch Project I.T that is the cause why there is a lot P.T.I who  had coverted got mykad and join the ruling party as a fix deposit for the ruling party now. Like as long it don’t disturb their life it is ok for majority here, so like everything is ok with Sabahan which is why we are known to be peace, loving & harmonious race. Electric increase 15% from July 15 for Sabah and Labuan, you know what majority do?  They just complain bla bla bla and hope someone or somebody will do something about it or maybe just say “ok ba tu masih, kerajaan susah sekarang jadi apa boleh buat” “Its ok still, the government too have hard time so what to do lar.”.

Why do you think the west look down on us? I don’t blame them. Not all of us are thinking like this, we are improving but yes it might take another 20 or 30 years. Maybe earlier if there is nothing else left for Sabah and we are sold off.

This is Sabah.



Official BERSIH Website
BERSIH 2.0 Sabah Facebook
BERSIH 2.0 Event page Facebook

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What not to wear or use during BERSIH gathering.

There are a few stuff which you should be aware and avoid if possible or the police will strip you naked. Using their power with it, so to prevent this try check out Malaysia-Today guide:


Don't get arrested this Saturday: things you need to avoid




At the same time, do watch this video if you have not watched it lol

Basic guidelines for 9/7 (BM/Eng) » Bersih 2.0

Panduan utk 9/7 (sebarkan!) -

1) Datang ke KL seawal mungkin – cuba elak dari memandu ke KL.

2) Sementara menunggu 2pm, anda boleh bersarapan atau makan angin di tempat awam berdekatan Stadium Merdeka (sokong peniaga tempatan).

3) Rakan2 Muslimin/Muslimat boleh tunaikan solat Zohor di mana-mana masjid sesuai.

4) Sebelum 2pm, sila menuju ke Stadium Merdeka.

5) Terpulang kepada anda jika ingin memakai kuning atau tidak. Rakyat memakai kuning mungkin akan menghadapi sekatan yang lebih kuat untuk masuk KL.

6) Tatacara lebih mendalam boleh diteliti di:​5


Guidelines for 9/7 (pls spread!)

1) Come to KL as early as possible, try to avoid driving into the city.

2) While waiting for 2pm, feel free to hang out at public places near Stadium Merdeka (support local business!)

3) Muslims are welcome to perform their Zohor prayers at appropriate mosques.

4) Before 2pm, make your way to Stadium Merdeka.

5) It’s up to you to wear yellow or not. Those in yellow may face greater obstacles trying to get into the city.

5) Other rally guidelines:​5


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sleeping on the same bed with no sex can get pregnant? LOL

I could not help laughing after reading this on the star:

Wednesday July 6, 2011

Chinese married couple clueless about sex

Other News & Views by LEE YEN MUN, NG SI HOOI and A.RAMAN

A HIGHLY educated couple, in their 30s from Hubei, China, thought that the wife would get pregnant by sleeping on the same bed, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Prior to their marriage, the couple did not dare hold hands and kiss as they thought the woman would get pregnant by doing so, reported a China newspaper Chu Tian Jin Bao.

However, the couple decided to seek medical advice after the wife, who holds a masters degree, could not conceive.

They have been married for three years.

The doctor was shocked to learn about their “sex life”.

The husband, who has a doctoral degree, said they were too focused on their studies.
Read more at The Star News


They were just to highly educated and didn't notice the small things like sex. LOL

Joke of The Month. Haha. Enjoy

Datuk: Tan Sri!

Tan Sri: Calm down, Datuk….apa hal bising sangat ni?

Datuk: I have some good news, Tan Sri.

Tan Sri: Ah, what is it this time? Ambiga has migrated and has applied for Australian citizenship? 

Datuk: No lah, Tan Sri. Better than that.

Tan Sri: What can be better than Ambiga leaving Malaysia?

Datuk: The BERSIH march is off…cancelled…batal.

Tan Sri: Hmm…that is certainly good news. How come?

Datuk: Ambiga had an audience with the Agong this afternoon and BERSIH has agreed to cancel the street march and hold a rally in the stadium instead.

Tan Sri: His Majesty agreed to meet Ambiga?

Datuk: Yes.

Tan Sri: So that means His Majesty recognises BERSIH?

Datuk: Looks like it.

Tan Sri: So that means we can’t ban BERSIH then.

Datuk: Why not, Tan Sri?

Tan Sri: Aiyah...if His Majesty had an official meeting with BERSIH this would mean His Majesty recognises BERSIH. 

Datuk: So?

Tan Sri: So it means we can’t ban BERSIH. If not then His Majesty would be guilty of collaborating with an illegal organisation and we would have to arrest His Majesty under the Internal Security Act.

Datuk: Oh…I never thought of that.

Tan Sri: Yes…and that’s why you are a mere Datuk while I am a Tan Sri.

Datuk: That also means we cannot allege that BERSIH is backed by the Communists and Jews. If not then His Majesty would be guilty of working with the Communists and Jews.

Tan Sri: Now you are getting it. So how can that be good news?

Datuk: Didn’t His Majesty think of this? Aiyah…why so stupid?

Tan Sri: Hey, that is seditious. You can’t call the Agong stupid.

Datuk: No, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant it was stupid of us to allow the Agong to meet Ambiga.

Tan Sri: But we dragged the Agong into this. So how can we prevent the Agong from meeting BERSIH?

Datuk: Ia lah. We made a big mistake in issuing that statement from the Agong.

Tan Sri: Hey! Cakap baik sikit!

Datuk: Sorry, I meant we made a big mistake in asking the Agong to issue that statement.

Tan Sri: That’s better. Don’t ever say we issued that statement on behalf of the Agong.

Datuk: Okay lah, but at least the street march is off…now it’s been reduced to just a rally in a stadium.

Tan Sri: How many people do you think will attend the rally?

Datuk: Not sure. Maybe 100,000…could even be 200,000. Now that it is no longer an illegal assembly and there is no danger of arrests many more people may turn out. Those who were initially afraid to turn out may now turn out since it is safe. Mana tahu? Could even be 300,000 people.

Tan Sri: How would 300,000 people park their cars at the stadium?

Datuk: Oh, cannot lah. There is not enough car park space for 300,000 people. They will have to park their cars elsewhere and walk to the stadium…or take public transport.

Tan Sri: So, to get to the stadium they will have to walk, right?

Datuk: That’s right.

Tan Sri: Which means they will be marching to the stadium instead of marching to the Agong’s palace, right?

Datuk: Yes, that’s right…oh…I see what you mean.

Tan Sri: Yes, that’s what I mean. So the march is still on then. Only now it is a legal march, not an illegal march. And they will march to the stadium instead of to the palace. And we can’t do anything about it because the Agong has agreed to this. We can no longer arrest the marchers.

Datuk: Aiyah! This is a disaster. We got tricked. What to do, Tan Sri?

Tan Sri: What can we do? His Majesty has just given BERSIH legitimacy and it has been agreed that a legal rally can be held in the stadium and because of the huge crowd that may turn out they cannot drive to the stadium but will have to march there dressed in yellow shirts. 

Datuk: Mampus! 

Tan Sri: Yes, mampus. This is even worse. At least if they proceeded with the original plan we can ban BERSIH and declare it a menace to society and a threat to nation security. Now we can’t touch them. We can’t even arrest anyone on 9th July. And because the rally is legal more people will come out. They are not scared any more. And Umno Youth and PERKASA can’t march on the streets in opposition to BERSIH. If they do we will have to arrest them.

Datuk: Alamak. We can’t touch the BERSIH marchers but will have to arrest the Umno Youth and PERKASA marchers. And Khairy already said if BERSIH cancels the street march he is prepared to work with them. So Umno Youth must now support the BERSIH rally at the stadium. 

Tan Sri: Exactly. Now you know why I am a Tan Sri and you are just a Datuk?

Datuk: And that means we can’t also ask the Agong to revoke Ambiga’s citizenship.

Tan Sri: Revoke citizenship for what? For obeying the Agong by cancelling the street march and by holding a rally at the stadium like how Najib asked them to?

Datuk: Somehow I think we have been had…suckered big time.

Tan Sri: Aiyah…please get out of here and leave me alone. I need to draft my resignation letter. 

Datuk: What should I do, Tan Sri?

Tan Sri: I suggest you also go draft your resignation letter. Najib will want both our heads on a silver platter after this.


Copied from Malaysia-Today Open-mouthed smile


At the same time please do watch this video

Monday, July 4, 2011

Latest Virus makes you think is a video


woman has orgasm from roller coaster adriel LMFAO watch this video

woman has orgasm from roller coaster adriel LMFAO watch this video

I love how the dude stops laughing and goes completely silent once he realizes his girlfriend wasn't joking about having an orgasm.

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You will never notice it till the video start loading and ask you for permission to continue viewing it. Then once played I guess your facebook start spamming all your friends with the link showing the same thing on the above. Pretty much advance way to make facebook think it is a normal video.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just another Facebook Virus link

I notice this on my news section and yes.. pretty much people get easily infected now days lol

REMOVED shared a link.

Look what he did after her Ex girlfriend posted on his wall

lol What true pain both are having at this moment.?


The link was which have been removed by me on the picture and so on.

This is how Friendster reply their users

Got this from one of the user who is not happy as I am with Friendster who reformated the whole website and dedicated it for some online game thing. He emailed Friendster telling them how frustrated he is just as I am and this is what he got for a reply:

Hello james,

Thank you for contacting Friendster Customer Support.
We're sorry that you don't like the new site. We can't please everybody and I guess that includes you. The reformat was a business decision that we had to take and we have no plans of returning back to the old format.

Customer Support

Well friendster is all about making money now rather then asking what their user really want. MOL bought over friendster to use it for a MOL hub centre I guess, then again who is going to play? lol


Click here to read the complain