Thursday, February 28, 2008

Comedy Court

Well Ben showed me a video by Comedy Court and yes I heard of them only never bothered to check it out. For some time now and they are just hilarious check out this video:

You can check out most of their video From YouTube.

Or got to:

Same post...

Ok finally manage to upload the pictures into imageshack..

Here is a view of my room table...:

Image Hosted by

  • I work in a very messy condition, I do clean up sometimes but then again it just get messy when there is some pc's to repair. Could see the external hard disk casing on the right side of my laptop with no cover. That is where I usually place it to scan for virus or do data recovering using my laptop. On the left side of my laptop there is a memory card reader, a basket full of.. documents, invoice, and hardware... I might have some empty cd's too in there.

In the living room is where i would do all the computer installation, repair, driver download, and anime downloads.. :P

Image Hosted by
  • I would place my custormer cpu beside my cpu. Attach it with my LCD screen and start repairing or installing windows. This picture was taken while doing windows update on the cpu i am currently doing. Nothing really much here, but the wireless router is just beside the UPS which is located below the keyboard. So which is why I would do all the computer installation there since the router comes with 4 extra cable port to slot in :P

Then opposite the desktop is my television set. Nothing much no hi-fi player or anything funky but I would do something like this once in a while after downloading a movie:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
  • Making my laptop as a player using a scan converter to convert VGA into Video :D

How I work at home

I guess some might wonder how do I fix pc at home so I decided to take a few pictures of the conner in my apartment that is used by me to fix the pc's I get.

This is a picture of my room, well didn't take the whole room just my table... :


Been trying to upload the pictures into imagshack but it is like fuck up again now. Uploaded single and multiple none of the image i uploaded seems to appear.

I try in a little while again later.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Last day of MAS Travel Fair

Finished up packing all the equipment into the box back then finally took some pictures. But Silly me for not adjusting back the shutter speed again. As a result most of the picture I took was blur again.

Image Hosted by
The name tag xD

Image Hosted by
The agents with all the pc I installed

Image Hosted by
Ben (*blur...)

Image Hosted by
Irene (Blur also)

Image Hosted by
Ben & Irene (Yes i admit my hand shake a lot so what)

Well Sorian helped me along with the packing so did Irene. Started at 8pm and finished around 10pm and last thing I had to do is count all the boxes amount. :P

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Candybar 4 Doll

Got bored and tried making a doll out of myself... and this is what i made:

Image Hosted by
Click on the image if you wanna make 1

Tiring days

Been doing some work for Ben last Thursday for his company. Did the computer installation in MAS Fair which started yesterday or Friday morning. Going back there tomorrow night which is Sunday to repack all the computer and having more less time to do it. Don't know if I could pack it all in time but I got to as the lorry who is going to transport all the computer's will only wait till 12 midnight?

Took a few shots of picture last thursday:

Image Hosted by
The people still setting up everything

Image Hosted by
By adk, shot with DMC-FX30

Didn't really do much the past few days, and suppose to meet up Irene today but I woke up late and missed lunch time. Well going to meet her with Ben tomorrow so hope everything goes as planned tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Conversation between two guys

I was chatting with lurker just now and he me laugh when he mention this:

Lurker says:
women can look hot but we still cook hot
Adriel says:

So anyone can say this is wrong? lol

Old picture

Well been meeting up my friend from kindergarten and she had some of the picture I lost before moving to K.L last time. Here is one of them:

Image Hosted by
Griselda, Me, Cathy? :P
(*forgot how their name are spelled!!)

I just notice something... I am wearing some kind of difference stoking from the other two.. lol Well at lease I manage to recover back this picture. There were a lot more but this would be enough.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well as usual I just post this picture like every year:

Image Hosted by

Been keeping this pic for few years now lol so year nothing much to say about this particular day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hospital in 5.30am

Had to go to Q.E Hospital this morning as my dad had some pain in his chest so he was warded into the emergency section. Took a few pictures while I was waiting:

The Emergency enterence
Image Hosted by
By adk, shot with DMC-FX30 at 2008-02-11

The place where i parked
Image Hosted by
By adk, shot with DMC-FX30 at 2008-02-11

Took from the place where I smoke
Image Hosted by
By adk, shot with DMC-FX30 at 2008-02-11

Spend about 4 hours waiting there.. well did see some ambulance coming in but 2 or 3 of them were not really any bloody case can say no blood at all. But one which came in seems to be in a serious condition. Was looking at the person from outside and saw him puking blood. Seems to be drunk but his face looks bad as there were cuts and I think his eyeball were popping out. Overheard the accident from the police because they were questioning his friend who was in the same car. The guy knocked something and well his body was pushed towards the car steering wheel. So his ribs pierce into his lungs which cause him to puke blood. While his friend didn't seem to be a local and did not had any serious was like still shocked. He don't even know if his friend had a i.c or license lol. But he did not stay long as all he had was a cut and I don't think he be an idiot to stay again after being treated for free and having no I.C haha..

Then again my dad was not in any serious condition. So he was release after being checked for 3 times by few difference doctor. Blood test, some nerve reading thing, and so on was attached on my dad. Didn't expect for them to do so much and it all cost like RM2? lol wonder how much would SMC or any other private place for such checkup :)

Interview in second life?

Well found an weird news regarding second life. Now they even conduct interview in it:

CLick to read all about it

Rainy days...

Going to make a new box on the right side with all the blogs address i found randomly. Not going to just link a dead blog, boring and well you get what I mean. The blog has to be interesting and not all about politics, or how pretty one is. Then again even if I find them interesting some of you people may not find it interesting the same way I do. So it is your choice to check it out :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A short while later...

I have receive an email and well they changed their email again for some reason:

Dear Valued Customer,

This is an auto reply message; we wish to inform you that we have migrated our Internet Services support e-mail addresses (; to a new single e-mail address;, with effect from 3rd December 2007.

For any queries related to TM Internet Services, kindly e-mail: Your e-mail will not be auto forwarded to this new e-mail.

TM apologizes for any inconvenience caused but at the same time, we would like to assure you that we are improving our service to serve you better.

Customers can call TM at 100 and select “Internet Services” for further queries on this matter.

Thank you
Full of crap.

Another complain to streamyx

It like i been blogging about my streamyx complain more then twice already. But well it is still the same problem till today my mis cap streamyx speed. Sending them an email now here it is:
Subject Report number 7125927
From View message header detail <>
Date Saturday, February 9, 2008 3:10 am
To ,
To whom it may concern;
Attachments modem.jpg

I have made numerous reports regarding my line capping problem. No action but talks, please do not tell me if I have flushed my dns or reset my modem or check using tmnet bandwidth test. Because I find those irrelevant to my problem here. I hope you who is currently reading my email can understand what does “capping” means. It is not a new problem because there has been so much complains regarding this matter and I have been complaining over a year now regarding it. I am not going to waste my time calling because it is not free for me to call the free tol number.

I am asking to adjust back my upload cap and nothing else. Where the upstream speed is currently capped at “Us Rate (Kbps) 128”. Here is a screenshot of the line speed which is checked using my modem:

Have also attached the picture of my screenshot for you to download and study it with your technical people and not by yourself if you still do not understand what is wrong with my problem.

I have come to understand most area in Kota Kinabalu lines have been upgrade to 1.5mbps Downstream/ 512Kbps Upstream. I have checked all my customers line and most of them had that speed cap. I been supplying wireless modem to people and been the I.T field for more than 5 years. So if you insist on ignoring me, my next step would bring this case to the consumer affairs.

So please do call me once you people can send someone to verify this problem of my which has been over a year.

Those who are too lazy drive over the consumer department can always make a complain online now:

How good are they? erm.. governments... so can't say much.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Another day

Not really much for a day when a friend of my passed away. Cause of death is still unknown to me since i did not bother to ask. But from what I have heard the it was because of Kota Kinabalu central prison fault taking for granted about my friend fever.

Well can't say much about them since I myself took for granted when i receive the sms around 10.58pm last night saying my friend was admitted into ICU. Thinking everything be fine and turns out to be the other way around. ;p

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Drinking at uncle lim

Went to uncle lim shop for a few sets of beer.. took a few pictures well saperated by the gander:

Standing left to right
Alban, *Lance?
Siting left to right
Me, *Carl, Leigh
(*=not sure how is his name spelled)

Janet & Emily

Didn't really do much other then drinking... :p

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New place to blog

Kind of kept this account open till today, never thought i would change place to blog again. Then again well since it is a new beginning for the Chinese Zodiac Year. So thought about just moving and might just still post in the old blog but don't think it is going to be the same. I would just update my pictures album there most of the time maybe..

CNY is coming soon and I hope to get some angpao and maybe double from some people >:D haha then again it is also time to drink more beer... and heh... can't really drink much like i used too.. One would be the money problem, another would be my health problem lol..

Anyway for those who found this blog, don't forget to bookmark as i would post stupid stuff once in a while and Happy Chinese New Year