Thursday, July 25, 2013

RED FM - #PotongLine Official Video

#PotongLine parody video by Red FM

Why study in Malaysia?

We been told to leave Malaysia if we don't like how they do things here. This is one of the the new trend spoken by UMNO people. Now not only do they ask real Malaysian to leave, they even make sure the younger generation are treated like Animal.

Students are being told to have their meal in school changing room as the headmaster claim school’s canteen was undergoing renovation works and thus had little choice but to provide the shower room area for them to take their meals. Like there is still so much more suitable location to choose as a place to rest and take their meal but they choose the changing room. You don't need to be a scientist to figure this out nor you need high intelligent, I mean there is always the Classroom?

I mean this issue has been going on for few days now, but the Headmaster and the teacher kept digging their own grave. Some of the teacher even asked the students if their parents had taken the photos. I hope they find out which teacher asked that question and question her back why is she asking such question. I would have done the same, also here is the best part I just read from Free Malaysia Today:

"The parent of a standard two child, known only as Nitha, denied allegations that the canteen was closed because of renovation work.

“They were only changing the wooden doors of the teachers’ canteen to glass doors, which is adjacent to the students canteen. Why the need to cordon off the students canteen?” asked Nitha.

“The doors were only changed yesterday which probably took several hours, so they were lying when they said renovation works started in March,” she added."

So the canteen have been close since March and they only did that much work? I bet they called superman to renovated the canteen which only took several hours.

Now as a person who is teaching the younger generation, he should know how to apologize if he or she did a mistake. No matter how he like it, the canteen could have been used and he didn't want the student to use it just because it is a fasting month and they had to wait for superman to complete the few hours work renovation. I mean you don't ask someone else to apologize on your behalf in front of all the parents.

As as a Headmaster, he should have shown a good example and not hide somewhere in the canteen or toilet while asking this P Kamalanathan to apologized on your behalf. Does he think the people will not talk about this current action? He already made the student eat in the changing room, even his teachers seems to be questioning the student whos parent was it that took the photo, now he is hiding somewhere in the school and asking someone else to apologised. Even his own daughter is begging the public to give him another chance.

So why is Mohd Nasir Mohd Noor the headmaster of SK Seri Pristana not making a public apology and resigning? The daughter is claiming that her dad is the most motivated headmaster, also says “He comes back every day from work boasting about his school’s potential, about how the kids have grown better in both academics and co-curiculum,”

I am not too sure if those words fit his current situation, not coming out to face the public, not apologizing, and currently hiding somewhere.

Then again I bet he must be happy now, for his action has not only bring trouble but also MONEY. As the Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan says:

“I will suggest to the ministry to provide more funds for SK Seri Pristana for upgrading purposes. I will start the ball rolling by giving them a donation of RM10,000,” he said.

So the school gets fund for making their student eat in the changing room? Some how I get a feeling someone is going to get rich in this new controversial.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malaysia Top student not good enough for local public universities

"KUALA LUMPUR: They are among the brightest students in the country and yet were deemed not good enough for local public universities. 

Eight students who scored cumulative grade point average of 4.0 were not offered any courses at the public universities despite successfully submitting their forms to enter the universities. 

MCA education bureau chairman Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said he could not accept the Education Ministry’s excuse that technical error was among the reasons why many top scorers either failed to obtain places at public universities or did not get courses of their choice. “They obtained 4.0 CGPA. Don’t tell me they do not know how to fill a form." The Star - Link

This is not really something new in Malaysia, if you are indian, chinese, kadazan or any other race that is not UMNO Bumiputra. You be having a hard time trying to get such good offer. One of the many reason why most Malaysian student goes oversea to study and would prefer not to come back.

Then again Malaysia is not even top 10 place to study, plus I do believe most of the educators are not well train. I mean you have discipline teacher calling their student prostitute, teacher insulting the king and even teachers raping underage student in Malaysia.

So why study in Malaysia? I know most Nigerian and China come to Malaysia just for the student visa and end up doing some other stuff. While the real student who wants to study but are not Bumiputra 1st class, have a hard time getting scholarship or loan.