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A must know info for Sabahan? – The 20 points on Wikipedia

Most of you I guess would not know this, well it is not really publicly announced by the Government due to some points that does not meet the Federal agreement such as point 1, point 2 & point 3? lol

Point 1: Religion

While there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo

Point 2: Language
  • a. Malay should be the national language of the Federation
  • b. English should continue to be used for a period of 10 years after Malaysia Day
  • c. English should be an official language of North Borneo for all purposes, State or Federal, without limitation of time.
Point 3: Constitution

Whilst accepting that the present Constitution of the Federation of Malaya should form the basis of the Constitution of Malaysia, the Constitution of Malaysia should be a completely new document drafted and agreed in the light of a free association of states and should not be a series of amendments to a Constitution drafted and agreed by different states in totally different circumstances. A new Constitution for North Borneo (Sabah) was of course essential.

Point 4: Head of Federation

The Head of State in North Borneo should not be eligible for election as Head of the Federation

Point 5: Name of Federation

“Malaysia” but not “Melayu Raya”

Point 6: Immigration

Control over immigration into any part of Malaysia from outside should rest with the Central Government but entry into North Borneo should also require the approval of the State Government. The Federal Government should not be able to veto the entry of persons into North Borneo for State Government purposes except on strictly security grounds. North Borneo should have unfettered control over the movements of persons other than those in Federal Government employ from other parts of Malaysia into North Borneo.

Point 7: Right of Secession

There should be no right to secede from the Federation[9].

Point 8: Borneanisation

Borneanisation of the public service should proceed as quickly as possible[9].

Point 9: British Officers

Every effort should be made to encourage British Officers to remain in the public service until their places can be taken by suitably qualified people from North Borneo[9].

Point 10: Citizenship

The recommendation in paragraph 148(k) of the Report of the Cobbold Commission should govern the citizenship rights in the Federation of North Borneo subject to the following amendments:

  • a) sub-paragraph (i) should not contain the proviso as to five years residence
  • b) in order to tie up with our law, sub-paragraph (ii)(a) should read “7 out of 10 years” instead of “8 out of 10 years”
  • c) sub-paragraph (iii) should not contain any restriction tied to the citizenship of parents – a person born in North Borneo after Malaysia must be federal citizen[9].
Point 11: Tariffs and Finance

North Borneo should retain control of its own finance, development and tariff[9], and should have the right to work up its own taxation and to raise loans on its own credit.

Point 12: Special position of indigenous races

In principle the indigenous races of North Borneo should enjoy special rights analogous to those enjoyed by Malays in Malaya, but the present Malaya formula in this regard is not necessarily applicable in North Borneo[9].

Point 13: State Government
  • a) the Chief Minister should be elected by unofficial members of Legislative Council
  • b) There should be a proper Ministerial system in North Borneo[9].
Point 14: Transitional period

This should be seven years and during such period legislative power must be left with the State of North Borneo by the Constitution and not be merely delegated to the State Government by the Federal Government[9].

Point 15: Education

The existing educational system of North Borneo should be maintained and for this reason it should be under state control[9].

Point 16: Constitutional safeguards

No amendment modification or withdrawal of any special safeguard granted to North Borneo should be made by the Central Government without the positive concurrence of the Government of the State of North Borneo

The power of amending the Constitution of the State of North Borneo should belong exclusively to the people in the state[9]. (Note: The United Party, The Democratic Party and the Pasok Momogun Party considered that a three-fourth majority would be required in order to effect any amendment to the Federal and State Constitutions whereas the UNKO and USNO considered a two-thirds majority would be sufficient.)

Point 17: Representation in Federal Parliament

This should take account not only of the population of North Borneo but also of its size and potentialities and in any case should not be less than that of Singapore[9].

Point 18: Name of Head of State

Yang di-Pertua Negara[9].

Point 19: Name of State


Point 20: Land, Forests, Local Government, etc.

The provisions in the Constitution of the Federation in respect of the powers of the National Land Council should not apply in North Borneo. Likewise, the National Council for Local Government should not apply in North Borneo[9].

20-point agreement (Sabah)

I don’t know when was this up but well nice work. Only thing now is what can the local leader do about it? bring to court but who be the judges? I can bet none of them are good or on the side that had his or hers on free will to judge such case. Pretty much this 20 points is already a old issue, most of the law have been changed and being agreed by state government and federal. I don’t even know what are the new law now days. It seems like now days in parliament it is more about Najib, Anwar and Rosmah? lol

Lets just hope one day we get our Independence.

Woman had sex with wrong 'boyfriend'

I don’t think much guys could refuse this if a good looking girl came knocking on your hotel room then went to your bed right away like she knows you.

“In the middle of the night, she went to the common toilet outside the room.

But when she returned, she entered the wrong room.

After getting into the bed, the man in the bed wanted to have sex with her. Thinking that he was her boyfriend, she had sex with him.” Read more on daily chilli

For guys would you ask the same? Girls would you not notice this? lol

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WhatsApp Down?

Nothing on their blog or what ever, I don’t even know where is the facebook page. The last twit from them is on Augest 6 :

WhatsApp WhatsApp Inc.


@javi_mingo what exactly is worse?!/whatsapp


But still it is down and no news… only in Malaysia? :\

GutterUncensored down again or removed? (Updated with New Link)

Blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the web, where is it?'

No new link posted yet, if you are not from Malaysia then you can just wait for the official URL which is :​m/

But then for now the usual URL “​" is gone for good i guess till Mr. Gutter decide a new name.


Just got this off Mr. Gutter Facebook:

Google is hating on Gutter Uncensored again, try using http://gutteruncensorednewsd.b​


HONG KONG — Cathay Pacific said Sunday it had launched a “full investigation” into photos allegedly showing a flight attendant performing oral sex on a pilot aboard an aircraft of the Hong Kong carrier.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another day with TmNuts (Tmnet) 100 operator




Here is my experience when dialing 100 for tm help line:

I called 100 the first department i asked was product.. number 3 button i think. Then the lady operator answered, I said my email account is still down and then she kept asking what is my position in this company i am working for verification.. I asked back “what the fuck is that for when this is my personal email”, she cannot answer and keep saying verification. Then finally she say will pass to technical department at the same time inform me if the line got cut just dial back 100.

The line did cut and had to use another number to call them for some odd reason because the same number cannot dial 100 anymore.

Technical department, also another useless department I ask to activate the account they say cannot and don't know how. So I said to towards the operator "you are useless lar?" he kept quiet and can’t seem to know how to answer. I had to break the ice and ask how long again need to wait, then he say got to ask billing department. He say will pass the line to billing department and ask to dial back 100 if got cut off. I told him off by asking “why do I need to keep on calling back again, as this is the be the second time the line be cut off if you say like this”. He kept quiet again then inform me he will try to get the billing department to answer me.

Billing department, more useless ask me same stuff all then say will activate the account in another 24 hours. I ask him so I need to wait 48 hours just to activate the account? he say cause the account been cut off. But I told him again it was paid in the morning and being cut in the afternoon so whose fault is it? He blame the pos office, cause need 3 working days. Then I said “that has nothing to do with my account I got the receipt and can prove I paid it in the morning where this is your problem not mine”. He froze up too and like there was nobody there for a few second. So I asked him why can’t they just activate the account manually when they are all connected, he can’t even answer this and said the same thing “Cannot do”. At lease this time he said will try to assist me getting the account activated by today and still acting professionally he asked “Is there anything else I can help you with?” But me pissing off just said get the issue done as soon as possible and hang up the call.

Moments later I receive a call from this number 013-3945728, it was a lady I think who claim to be the manager or something. Speaking with her manglish style English, “Hi sir tis is tm call you got a problem with you tmnet is it?” I was wondering this is the manager? did she spread her legs to get a manager position? well never mind that but I asked “ I been trying to access my email since this morning, all my tm services was cut after making a payment yesterday morning. Is this how you all do your work?” and continue on with “So how long do I have to wait for my account to be reconnected? why is the email even being deactivate when it has no relation with the broadband connection other then the same username?” but yes.. to a manager who got her position by spreading her legs how is it possible to answer such simple technical question? well she said “No sir, we cannot do like that cause the account suspended so all also suspend” fuh such a good answer. So like fuck it I asked again “why can’t you just manually activate it??”.  Then she said “No we cannot do that sir, our system don’t allow that.” so I was thinking… are using er.. UBS accounting or tm billing system? Well nvm that so continue on asking her “So what time can the account be activated if all also you cannot do?” then she was like “err noon time” I asked back “what time in noon? 3? 2? or 12??” then she blur blur and say “not sure” I gotten a bit piss off again now. I said “ can’t you even see how long is it to activate it?? I want a confirmation not some useless answer.” then she finally confirm it by saying “at 2 pm sir your account be activated. I just said ok then and hand up the phone.


Got a problem try calling 013-3945728 this person maybe can help you. If not you can just ask if she can service you under the table until your tm product is activate back don’t forget to invite your friends, this could be a first class prostitute manager.

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Escape Earth 2012 Tickets




What is a 2012 Escape Ticket™?

A 2012 Escape Ticket™ saves your life if the world ends on December 21, 2012. In the event of total world annihilation on December 21, 2012, we offer tickets aboard the USS Ark 2012™ escape ship which ensures safe passage to a new Earth-like planet. We are the first and ONLY provider of 2012 escape tickets.

Is this fake, or do I actually get something mailed to me?

This is real. You will actually receive a ticket in the mail along with the rest of the travel package including an Intergalactic passport ID Card. Superluminal travel packages also include a 2012 Guide Book and a Superluminal Travel Card giving you VIP access to exclusive areas of the USS Ark 2012 including the Officers Lounge, 360 degree Stargazing Deck, and Zero Gravity Room.

What is your 100% money back guarantee?

If the world ends on December 21, 2012, we guarantee your survival and placement on a new Earth-like planet via first class space travel aboard the USS Ark 2012™. If you don’t survive, you get your money back. This guarantee is only good if there is an apocalypse on planet Earth.