Friday, May 29, 2009

Naruto Chapter 449 manga Download

Well this week chapter is out again click on the link below for fast naruto manga download :)

Naruto Chapter 449 Download

Older Naruto Chapter

Well again I just want to say if you guys need any manga I would not mind uploading it into my server and allow fast http download :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greetings from Albania person

Well just moments ago I receive a pm from my yahoo widget which allows people to chat with me live if I am on my yahoo messenger. So for the first time I actually manage to chat with someone from there. This guy came from Albania, seems to be a nice place to take picture and no hanky panky stuff. So we chatted a lot of stuff.. er I think and yes in the end it was all about the girls. He was asking if I know any girls here so well I can't lie and just said yes. Since I think he means those 1 night stand girls or china dolls, or maybe some shemales? Anyway here is the chat log:

arddit cara is an anonymous visitor to your Pingbox.
Be careful not to share confidential or private information with people you do not know personally.
arddit cara: you sended mie msn you what you wont
Adriel D.K: ?
arddit cara: this wos the answer
Adriel D.K: what do you mean?
Adriel D.K: ;o
arddit cara: who are you
Adriel D.K: er
Adriel D.K: I am Adriel if I am not wrong
arddit cara: i dont now
arddit cara: you now that
Adriel D.K: ic
arddit cara: where are you from
Adriel D.K: I am from kk
arddit cara: what mean kk
Adriel D.K: kota kinabalu
arddit cara: never listen
Adriel D.K: oo ok
arddit cara: where is this place
Adriel D.K: East of Malaysia, a state called Sabah or Borneo,
Adriel D.K: most people would refer our state as borneo
arddit cara: ok
Adriel D.K: where are you from?
arddit cara: i understend
Adriel D.K: oh
arddit cara: i like the girl of malasya
Adriel D.K: oo yes they are good
arddit cara: what do you think abaot albania
Adriel D.K: Albania? erm... well never been there..
diti: you listen for albania
Adriel D.K: oo
Adriel D.K:
Adriel D.K: very nice
diti: if i came in your sity can you find me a nice girl
Adriel D.K: yes
Adriel D.K: well if u are looking for china girls, they are easy to find, if you are looking for local girls, it be a bit hard to identify them in the pub lol
diti: thanks
diti: if you wont you are wilcom in albania
Adriel D.K: well i wish I could travel, but I don't earn enough money haha
diti: i must leave you now my girlfrend is waiting for mi
Adriel D.K: ooo
Adriel D.K: ok
Adriel D.K: you have fun then k
diti: yes
Adriel D.K: nice chatting with you P
diti: me too
diti: bay
Adriel D.K: bye bye
diti: mirupafshim
Adriel D.K:
Visitor 2 has signed out. (5/28/2009 10:37 PM)

Please don't make fun of his english, as he did his best and yes I could understand everything he asked.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What is with NST and their sex report?

I have started to notice NST online news have been writing a lot about the sex industry in Malaysia. Which cover from love sex, rape, and even peeping tom?? LOL I bet the editor must have notice they don’t have anything better to write. Just look at the most read stories in their website:

The first 4 topic is all about sex! haha so yes Malaysia seems to have a thing for this sex industry now days. I wondering if our country is going to be like Thailand? Where people claim to go there watch temple, but for real between a pretty girls and temple? heh.. even a old man would get erection looking at the shemale there.


But one of the article did catch my eyes and yes it was something worth to read. The first topic from the 5 listed above. A few secondary student went to NST and actually called those busybody Peeping Tom. Those busybody says student are having wild sex at the beach few days ago so what did all this smart and brave student reply?

That person and others have been recording the activities in the area for months but only exposed them now," said the furious college student

Ina, who came to the NST office with two female friends, claimed that the culprits had also recorded the private all-girl activities in the area.Read more


Well on another case here in Kota Kinabalu, my friend shop got robbed again in Asia City. He lost 2 mobile phone which was not for sell. Where here are the two culprits:

CAM2_2009-05-25 09-15-48_63906 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-20-41_86875 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-26-57_35328 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-08_90921 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-13_34984 CAM2_2009-05-25 09-27-14_38921


This was not the first time my friend shop got robbed, there was a time where this old man cheated my friend 200 ringgit worth reload coupon. Switching with fake one after holding the original, if you guys understand what I mean. But well not like you can do much about it unless you hire a security with a shotgun lol

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wayang times: Nuffnang User should be doing the promotion like this :D

Whats with the video? well here is what Wayang Times editor have to say:

"Some of you may have noticed that some Nuffnang-hosting blogs are currently helping Kit Kat to promote their brand by posting some not-so-funny video advertisement featuring the Kit Kat products. Well, if you are a disgruntled Nuffnang useer like myself, you should consider posting this funny video from Mars Chocolate instead :P The Mars advertisement is quite cool really! Enjoy the video." Read more on her blog..

I can't help but agree with her too


Friday, May 22, 2009

Naruto Chapter 448 manga Download

Latest naruto manga download

Naruto Chapter 449 Download
(Still not out)

For those of you who found this site, I can upload some other manga'a but on request only. Please just leave a comment and I try check it if I got the manga or I just find them from other source and yes upload it to my server which has a fast http speed hehehe :)


Dear Valued Customers,

We wish to inform our Streamyx customers that Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) will be performing a network upgrading exercise from 11.00pm, Tuesday, 26th May 2009 until 6.00am, Wednesday, 27th May 2009.

As a result, Streamyx customers in Sungai Way, Taman Petaling & Gombak may experience a disruption of service during the stipulated period. We would like to assure you that the service would resume to normal after this period.

TM apologizes for any inconvenience caused whilst the same time, we would like to assure you that we are upgrading our network to enable us to serve you better.

Customers can call TM at 100 and select “Internet Services” or e-mail us at for any Streamyx related problems.

Thank You.



When you just don’t know when to stop drinking…

As usual I would drive up too Kepayan and pick up Griselda where we then head straight to work. So as usually I would take the road towards Lido from Kepayan highway. But today I saw something interesting while stopping at the traffic light… Have a look:


By now you guys should notice that highlighted car seems to be a bit off the road lol… Well he might thought it was Saturday and drink all night long… Here is a close up view and well edited hahaha:


So if you are working, try to remember always not to drink a lot then drive. As for drink and drive.. er.. only the government & housewife do that. Best thing is to bring along someone who don’t drink and can drive :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pictures of J.J from Hitz.FM shaving his mustache and goatee away

Well for those who listened this morning radio, you would have known about it and yes here are some of the picture of J.J shaving his mustache and shaping it just like Charlie Chaplin.

jj jj1 jj3 jj4



Want to watch more? visit their website at:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anti Gary Ng Blog?

I came accross to this blog while checking sitemeterRecent Visitors by Referrals”. He claims to be Gary Ng brother, where he is ashamed to have such a brother and hope he get infected with STD or AIDS.

I should have introduced who I am after posting so much. I am anti-Gary Ng. The only difference between me and my brother Gary Ng is that my name has a 'anti' in front. You'd probably wonder why do I want to create this blog to scold my brother. Because you see,ever since young,my brother always fought with me to see who's dick is bigger. I'm the older brother,naturally mine should be bigger. God is fair when he is creating us humans. Anyway,because my brother was jealous,he wanted to outdo me. So now,he's fucking around. I honestly hope he get some sexually-transmitted disease. Another difference is that his balls.
Wanna know the next secret of his balls and my balls?
Stay tuned

So is this guy really Gary Ng brother?

I don’t know, but not like I bother much about it as GutterUncensored is still the best. For those of you who is curious, you can find out how to contact Gary Ng (claim to be his brother) you self :)

Who is Gary Ng?

Gary Ng Blogspot Profile

New Facebook Application called NetworkedBlogs

Well for those of you who have a facebook account and a blog. Should try out this new application in facebook, you can invite people to follow you page all from facebook. So it is like a third party reader lol..


You can check out my page here:


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nell McAndrew Flashing her new Pantyhose

Well Nell McAndrew have been doing some free advertisement again to gain some attention. Myabe because she felt the lack of attention after Rihanna & Cassie latest leak picture. So thus she went out wearing like this for some attention:


Well you can check out all the other pictures at:


She initially started her modelling career as a catalogue and magazine model and also a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like. For a modelling assignment in Germany she was required to shave her head. Back in the UK she was featured as a Page Three girl in the Daily Star and with her bald head was hailed as the 21st century babe. She shot to fame as the official Lara Croft model for the video game Tomb Raider between 1998 and 1999.[2][3] McAndrew was immediately fired from her stint as Croft in 1999 after posing nude for the cover of Playboy, the first British woman to do so. This was partly due to the fact Playboy printed references to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider on the cover, which were quickly removed when Eidos, the maker of the game, threatened with a lawsuit.[4]

She has since gone on to enjoy a massively successful career as a glamour model, appearing in FHM, Maxim, and Loaded many times. She has also appeared in fitness magazines, including Shape and Personal Trainer. McAndrew has also released many very popular calendars.

McAndrew, affectionately referred to as a Forces Sweetheart, has visited the UK Armed Forces at bases all over the world.[5]

McAndrew has also had a successful television career, as a presenter on Racing Rivals, Born to Fight, It's a Knockout and The Big Breakfast; she has also been a contestant on the reality TV show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Celebrities under Pressure, Family Fortunes and Dancing On Ice.[6][7][8]

McAndrew released her first fitness video “Peak Energy” in 2002 which became the number one best seller. It was followed up by “Maximum Impact” in December 2003 and “Ultimate Challenge, Ultimate Results” in December 2004.

McAndrew has supported charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, Help The Aged, the British Heart Foundation, DebRA, Cancer Research UK, The Lymphoma Association and SSAFA

In 2003 she was voted the Yorkshire Woman of the Year and in 2005 she won Rear of the Year.[9]

She has been a part of a number of PR campaigns for Yorkshire Water, including a digital version of herself in their Sewer Raider item on the company website.

She is currently fronting the advertising campaign for Activia yoghurt and for 2009 has had her hair cut very short returning to the look at the start of her modelling career.

In January 2009, Nell helped Benenden Healthcare Society, a mutual not-for-profit healthcare organisation launch their 'Fresh Start, Get on Track campaign' including nationwide radio interviews and online webchats. [10]

Running in the 2005 London Marathon, as a charity runner, McAndrew completed the event in a time that allowed her to start with the elite athletes in future events.[11] And in the 2007 Marathon, she completed the course in a slightly more sedate pace with her mother (after having recently given birth).

For the 2008 Great North Run, she competed with the Fun Runners dressed as Wonder Woman to help raise funds for charities she supports.

2009 Flora London Marathon: The First Celebrity to finish, with a time of 3:10.20.

Some updates from Wayang Times

"The reason is because there's someone who is using an automated software to literally steal 100% of some bloggers blog posts, including Wayang Times, and masquarading as his own on his website. That person didn't simply just copy and paste. That person's software automatically uses our RSS sitefeed to copy everything from the post title, to the post content, and hotlinking to all our hosted pictures. And to stop this person from doing that effectively, I have to tweak my RSS feed."

"Sorry to Wayang Times' RSS Subscribers ~ Wayang Times | Sexy, Funny & Interesting | Daily Pics & Videos | Asian"

Well I kind of notice most of the rss updates seems to be a little slow. If what WT says in her blog is true and well going to follow what she does for the time being lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

Going to try do some new stuff

Well I created someone yesterday and would like to test it out for a few months before stopping. For those of you who know about it, try not to mention any names haha.


Just for your information it has nothing to do with my real life. More to the internet stuff or I.T stuf :)

Nude Pictures from the Expedition Robinson (Survivor)

Well I did not manage to watch the show and yes I did read the news about it. Where there was a naked race for the contestants. The producers of reality television show Expedition Robinson (Survivor) had to apologized toward all Malaysians for the scene depicting a naked race on an island around Mersing, Johor on May 3.

For me I find that sill WTF for they have to apologize to every Malaysia as the only one complain all about it is the minor government people. They ban everything they can’t understand, or maybe because their wife caught them watching it and fucked them around. Where thus that is why a lot of good quality movie is either being censored or banned from Malaysia.

But never fear with internet around you can check out all the pictures taken during the race and here is just one of them:


Well sorry but I have to censored them up or my blog be close down. But don’t worry you can have all the rest of the pictures from Mr. Gutter site:


You can also read the whole story from Malaysia local News which does not include pictures:


Happy Surfing :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Kad Mesra Card

Well for Malaysian most of us who owns a car would fill up at a petrol station. One of few patrol station is Petronas Station, they have this thing like BonusLink. Where you can accumulate point by filling up your car patrol, buy some merchandise from the station store or maybe even service at their station. I have been using this kad for some time now and yes I have few thousand point not being claim yet.

Anyway back to the main topic, apparently they changed to a new system or well something like that and every user of Kad Mesra have to change the card they been using for years. Check out the blog:

For those of you who wants to transfer their points, please tick and agree at the designated area in the application form of the new PETRONAS Mesra card. You have up to 31st May to do this, by which after that, any requests to transfer points will not be entertained. Please be aware that only points collected at PETRONAS stations will be transferred. You will see your points transfer after 90 days of form submission.Read more..

So yeah every who fill up the form in any Petronas Station will get a new card right away. Where you old card point will be transferred to the new one if you picked that option in the form you fill up. Here is my card:


I have remove some information from the card and well including my card number. Anyway I have been using this card like for 2 weeks if I am not mistaken. So I should be getting my new online account soon but so far no mail from mymesra yet.

But wait you can check you card status online now which I find it very convenient!!

mm_pmlpcheckstat_bnnrSo yes with this I am sure they have updated or even said something about my application so I just had to fill up my 17 digit card mesra number & Identification Card number too. So my status is…

Your registration is still in process. Please call our Mesra Hotline at 1 300 22 8888 if you are not registered after 4 weeks of form submission date.”

I thought they were faking it and anyone who press the button would get the same message. So I tried changing few numbers in my I.C and Kad mesra number.

Invalid Card No or I/C No

So yes they seem to have my details in their database but what is taking the process so slow? I would love to call the Hotline now but not with my Mobile. The bill is going to be sky high later with my previous experience of calling them. Will contact them tomorrow to ask the status on my application and yes of cause I will blog about it. Will try to record it if possible.

You guys can read few of my previous post about issue I had with Kad mesra by clicking here.

Two more picture for Playfish Competition

Apparently I just notice I am allow to submit more then 1 pictures. My fault for not noticing it, but will try to take more pictures starting today before the closing date. Here are two additional pictures I edited and well submit it too to the Playfish Competition.


PlayFish Entry


PlayFish Entry

I am not really a good graphic designer, so I got to focus more on the pictures I got to take and try my best to imagine with out editing the picture so it would not look so dull.

Then again I am wondering if Wayang Times have join in the competition or not as she seems to be good at editing ;o

Saturday, May 16, 2009

NuffNang new widget Xchange

Nuffnang have created a new windget if you guys notice and well it does seems to be a bit annoying but there is a minimize button and so on. So like .. er.. o nothing.. anyway if you are interested, just brows around your nuffnang account and look for Xchange.

Here is a screenshot of how it would look like:


Notice the bottom right of my FireFox browser? 



Friday, May 15, 2009

Naruto Chapter 447

I just notice the last post about naruto chapter 446 had some problem, it was link to 445 and not 446. My biggest apology for this silly mistake. :(

But anyway this time I did it right, please leave a comment if there is any problem ok. Thanks :)

Naruto Chapter 448 Download
(Still not out)

For those of you who found this site, I can upload some other manga'a but on request only. Please just leave a comment and I try check it if I got the manga or I just find them from other source and yes upload it to my server which has a fast http speed hehehe :)

Baby born in ambulance

GEORGE TOWN: A baby girl born in an ambulance on the way to the Penang Hospital has been made a life member of the Penang St John Ambulance.

Muhammad Jusri, who was trained to deliver babies last month, recalled: “Upon arriving at the hospital, the mother told me that the baby was coming out soon and we might not have time to admit her.

“When I saw the baby’s head coming out, I panicked and started feeling nervous but I kept my cool as my main concern was to deliver the baby safely,” he said, adding that he tried to recall the steps he learnt during last month’s course.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man not taking bath for 35 years

NEW DELHI (AFP) - An Indian man who fathered seven daughters has not washed for 35 years in an apparent attempt to ensure his next child is a boy, newspapers reported.

Kailash "Kalau" Singh replaces bathing and brushing his teeth with a "fire bath" every evening when he stands on one leg beside a bonfire, smokes marijuana and says prayers to Lord Shiva, according to the Hindustan Times.

So like this particular idiot is not taking any bath for 35 years because someone claims by doing so he can get a son,

"A seer once told Kalau that if he does not take a bath, he would be blessed with a male child," a man called Madhusudan told the paper."

So this seer bastard lied to Kalau and made lost a lot.

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[13:19] <adlbertine> Baboon <><><><> Mau tau info tentang Siti Nurhaliza.. kamu bisa liat profil, aktifitas, photo dan masih banyak lagi yang dirahasiakanya <><><><>

[12:56] <caXry> Baboon %% %% %% %% mau lihat ijazah-ijazah palsu artis, perdana mentri malaysia double clik here==> %% %% %% %%"

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[13:29] <mat^hu> Baboon %% %% %% Gosip terbaru >> kasus scandal Siti Nurhaliza terkuak <<< infonya di %% %% %%

[10:21] <s^ammy> Baboon %% %% %% Buku elektronik geratis cara cepat menguasai Adobe Photoshop CS4 untuk pemula dan mahir. dapatkan segera hanya di %% %% %%

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[21:05] Awak.. tak tahu la kalau awak minat ke tak, tapi try gi kat Bukak la cepat...


Well this post is all about spams & virus, if you see any of this please ignore them and don’t even try to click on the link. Unless you don’t mind getting infected with a virus....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Streamyx Spam mail again Hypp.TV free trial!!!!!

I receive an email today with this new Hypp.TV promotion. I think it is something similar to Youtube, only thing that pop outs of my mind now is who the fuck wanna register for this if there is Youtube? Well nvm, maybe there is something on the site that I can read and see what they got that YouTube don't.

Well you get a free trial for 2 weeks... but after 2 weeks what happen? I cannot find any information about that. While youtube is like.. erm.. Free? Has been around since 2005 and I have not receive any email asking me to pay. Ok... I am not going to say much why don't you guys just check it out and leave me a comment about how good this Malaysian version of Youtube is lol... (copycat)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SMS Spam?

I just receive a spam sms from this number +60145573031 and the contain was:
"Slmt pgi en jegan,sy watie dr mamoth mgment and services.. En bminat utk mgthui bisnes forex?Bisnes yg blh mjana kutgn mlalui 2 hala pasaran iaitu smsa uptrnd and dwntrnd."

Don't understand Malay? let me translate that...
"Good Morning Mr. Jegan, I am Watie from Mamoth Management and Service.. Sir are you interested to know more about Forex Business? Business that can generate profit by 2 way market which is uptrend and downtrend."

So what does this company really do? well after google'ing a bit I found this:
"Top Star Development- Mammoth Service Management Forex Consultant Agency in Sabah (licensed)
We are Consultant Agency from Top Star Development located in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, an agency that willing to help potential forex to achieved better chances of trading in the market. Our company will give the fully knowledgeable and help the Client to understand about the forex system and investing your equity on the market. Our company top priority are the client satisfactions and up-to-date news about the news." Read more..

So yes they are a consultant company who specialize on forex. But wait.... I saw another stuff which catch my interest look at this post:

Marketing Executive~(Mammoth Management Service-KK)
Closing Date : 20/Feb/09
Job Description:
~Assist the Branch Manager regarding the sales and marketing task.
~Sel-motivated,confident,good interactive skills and able to work in a team and very independently.
~Plan a sales and marketing strategies and market.
~Salary Negotiable
~No Of Vacancies :10
~Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
~Job Location: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
~Min Education Level Required: Secondary School - SPM

So yes, I can bet you all the consultant there have less then 5 years experience in this field. Maybe most of them are just SPM leaver. So are you still interested to seek some consultant from them? I hope you think first before doing so.

Congratulation to Wayang Times For 100k Visitor

Appearently Wayang Times have receive 100k visitor, a very good achievement for just few months old. Then again she knows what attract people, what people want to read, and most of all how to turn them into regular visitor. Yes you too can make it just by going to the parmachist and ordering Panadeine just like our very own Coffeeshop in Petaling Jaya.

He gets returning cu customer everyday now!!!

haha jk, anyway Wayang Times said:
"Since a significant percentage of my traffic comes from other blogs and through bloggers' referrals, I would like to return the favour to you by offerring this opportunity for you to benefit from the traffic you brought me, by exchanging links with you."

So all you people out there just need to drop a comment in the following format
Name of blog:
URL of blog:
Your blog's topics/focus:

There are conditions which issss:
1. You have already linked to my blog.

2. Your blog DO NOT contain any contents that: show nudity; contains explicitly sexual contents; preach hatred against other races/religions/people/animals; political in nature; suspected to have spyware/malware/viruses.

Very easy eh? So do not hesitate, spam her blog!! erm.. sorry I mean leave a proper comment, or she hunt you down.

GutterUncensored is up again

What does Mr. Gutter has to say?

"I wonder why the blog got deleted again? Could have has something to do with the last post? Or maybe it is just another coincident in a long line of coincidences. Yeah right, after a month the blog got removed again within a few minutes of the last post.

I guess the folks at Google don't want this blog to touch Malaysian scandals involving politicians. But as long as Cassie's hacked nude pictures starring her pierced clit and Rhianna's leaked nude self-shots starring her ass are okay to post, I am fine with it. LOL..."

Read all about it at GutterUncensored

GutterUncensored Down again?

I get this while trying to access:
Server Not Found
Error 404

His last post was 2 hours ago well from my rss and it was about
Does Elizabeth Wong Always Sleep Pantyless With Her Legs Spread Open For A Camera?
2 hours ago
Not really sure if this was Malaysia work again but then again the site seems down.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I was just testing out few templetes and yes... now links to people I know, met, bloggers, and so on are gone. Code on the sidebar all kind of other codes are gone, so the full backup thing in blogger did not really do a full backup.

Where I am stuck between life and dead now.... no I am just piss off.


Fake CIMB email

---------- Forwarded message ----------
CIMB Bank <>

Date: Fri, May 8, 2009 at 4:35 AM
Subject: Urgent: Account Problem



Dear CIMB Customer,

Our Security Systems detected a security thre=
at in your account as it was accessed from a blacklisted location. We have =
deactivated your account pending your immediate reactivation.

te Here=A0

Note that inactive a=
ccounts will be deactivated in less than 5min for security reasons. We regr=
et any inconvenience caused.


CIMB Group

If any of you ever receive such email, kindly report it to the police or report it as spam. Because my friend just lost his money after logging in with his username and password.

Here are some stuff that you should make sure about banks:
  • Bank will never use a email to send you any important notification, they will give you a call directly and ask you to come over the bank
  • Even if you receive something in black & white, it could be a scam unless they are asking you to come over the bank to settle it and not over the phone or email.
  • Please take note about the email address use and also the URL of the website being refer too, this really helps a lot.
Still not really sure if it is real or not? Contact me by email or google up for my mobile number.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playfish Competition

Show The World Where You Play!

And you could win a Macbook, iPod touch and other cool prizes

What do you need to do?

- Take a picture holding the Playfish logo that shows where you play!
- Be creative in just one shot!
- Enter the competition by submitting your entry!
- Vote on your favorite!

I have already entered it with this picture:

playfishClick here to view my entry

For those of you guys who wish you join the fun, just click on the link below :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rihanna nude leaked photos!!!!

Some how Rihanna photo were leaked out on the net and you can get it all from GutterUncensored Website. Just few days ago it was all about Cassie Ventura's nude photos. Today it is Rihanna??? Good updates Mr. Gutter hope you pose more and more pictures of them for the public to see lol Some how Chris photo was leaked too but.. yeah just have a look


I can’t just place Rihanna Nude pictures here sorry about that but I can link you guys to where it is hehe Check out all the picture from


Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), who performs under the mononym Rihanna (pronounced /riːˈɑːnə/), is a Barbadian singer, model, and beauty queen. Born in Saint Michael, Barbados, Rihanna relocated to the United States at the age of sixteen to pursue a recording career, under the guidance of record producer Evan Rogers. She subsequently signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for then-label head Jay-Z.

In 2005, Rihanna released her debut studio album, Music of the Sun, which peaked within the top ten of the Billboard 200 and features the Billboard Hot 100 hit single "Pon de Replay". Less than a year later, she released her second studio album, A Girl Like Me, peaking within the top five of the Billboard albums chart and produced her first number one single, "SOS". Rihanna's third studio album, Good Girl Gone Bad (2007), peaking at number two on the Billboard 200, released three number one hit singles—"Umbrella", "Take a Bow", and "Disturbia". The album was nominated for nine Grammy Awards, winning Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Umbrella", which features Jay-Z.[1][2]a[›]

Rihanna had sold over eleven million albums worldwide and has received several allocates, including the 2007 World Music Awards for World's Best-Selling Pop Female Artist and Female Entertainer of the Year, as well as the 2008 American Music Awards for Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist.[3][4] She also serves as the cultural ambassador for Barbados.[5]

Rihanna Sex Video, Rihanna fuck, Rihanna fucked, Rihanna 3gp, Rihanna phone, Rihanna orgy, ? none yet. :)

Naruto Chapter 446 Download

Naruto Chapter 446 came out a bit late, well I am downloading it from Narutofan HomeUnix Online Reading came out a day earlier then NarutoFan did. :)

Naruto Chapter 447 Download
"Still not out"

For those of you who found this site, I can upload some other manga'a but on request only. Please just leave a comment and I try check it if I got the manga or I just find them from other source and yes upload it to my server which has a fast http speed hehehe :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Busy times..

Well I have been kind of busy for the past few weeks now. Have been working with Jegan’s Realty, handling properties and so on as a Property Negotiator in Kota Kinabalu. Pretty much flexible I mean at work and I hardly need to do anything other then meet up people, show them the location or just explain over the phone.

But the best part is I get to see Griselda everyday and…

Happy Birthday

Dawing :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dear Valued Customers,

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform its customers that TM will be performing a network upgrading exercise in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan from 12 until 30 May 2009, between 9.00 p.m until 6.00 a.m. according to the set schedule.

As a result, TM Homeline, Streamyx and data service customers in Tampin may experience some disruption of service during the stipulated period.

The exercise will be conducted at the following areas detailed below:



12, 13 & 14 MAY 2009




20, 21 & 22 MAY 2009







25, 26 & 27 MAY 2009





16, 17 & 18 MAY 2009





23 & 24 MAY 2009


29 & 30 MAY 2009


We would like to assure you that the service would resume to normal after this period.

TM apologizes for any inconvenience caused whilst the same time, we would like to assure you that we are upgrading our network to enable us to serve you better.

Customers can call our TM Customer Service Unit at 06-765 3232 / 06-765 1162 / 06-765 1524 for any service related problems.

Thank You.


Well they seem to be working more harder now days. But still all you streamyx user out there can still call and curse them during the interruption :)

Coffeeshop use drug to get returning customer

Some how this coffeshop owner from Petaling Jaya made a smart move by drugging his custormer with Panadeine mixing it into their drinks.

The discovery was made by a Health Ministry team when they raided a pharmacy in New Town here. The team discovered that up to 1,000 codeine tablets a week had been sold to the coffee shop. Initial investigations revealed that the coffee shop owner had been adding the tablets into his drinks to give his customers an "extra kick".

"Customers who drink the herbal beverage, priced at RM3, will get high. However, there are also dangerous side effects, such as itching, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dry mouth and depression," a ministry source said.

Well if you want to read more about it just clock below:

Introducing Janet & Leigh

Well last Sunday I went to Gaya Street Sunday Market in the morning with Griselda and we went shopping for a guinea pig. After walking around for some time, we finally found a person that is selling them. Bought it and yeah I can’t bring it home because my dad can’t stand animal, so it had to stay at Griselda house.

After playing it for a while, it took us a while to figure out for a name and some how it started as a joke… but I have to say sorry to Janet and Leigh. Because now I am calling them that.

I took a few pictures of the guinea pig and yes they are very cute haha not to mention I don’t have worry about wondering how much would it cost to feed it. Because it main diet is grass! Here are some information that might help for you guys out there who is interested to own 1

What to feed a Guiney Pig

Guiney Pig Sound

What is a Guiney Pig?

Here are some pictures I took of them, might take a while to load:



As for Leigh I had a hard time trying to take a picture of him because he kept running around. So I gave up and just recorded a video of him. Have a look at it:

Well they are just about 2-3 weeks old so might be some time before i can see it making some babies haha

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boss penis being accidently bitten off by his staff

Well normally you would see some weird accident happen while having sex but hardly ever something like this occur.

"A 30-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the man, the car was hit by a reversing van."

So try imagine what would happen if someone gave you a blowjob in the car and another accidently hit you from the back... Yes the penis be cut off.

Read all about it at:

Monday, May 4, 2009

Having a prostitute wife

I was reading over NST today and yes wrote a news about this husband beating up his wife scandal. But worst part when he found out that he was not her boyfriend but actually her client.

She is giving sex service for rm40-rm50 and am not really sure how does she look like for giving such price.

Read all about it at:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Trip to Poring Hot Spring

Well I do hope most of you notice this is a personal blog of mine and yes I will post about trips I go from time to time.

Most of you guys might have been to poring hot spring, maybe this year, last year, 2 years ago & so on. But the last time I went there was like during primary 2 or 1. So that is like 17-18 years ago, yes it has been some time since I went there and never did get a chance to dip into the hot spring.

We left from Kota Kinabalu around 9am where the journey would take around 2 to 3 hour drive to reach the destination. I did took a lot of pictures and just have a look for yourself:

We reached Kundasang area around 10.59am, well had to stop as I had to buy some cigarette for myself and the girls needed to use the toilet of cause us guys too.

Me & Griselda taking a picture at.. erm.. Perkasa hotel? Don’t know if it is still the same


Jacklyn & Griselda Staircase?


Griselda posing with the (not sure what name) Hotel at the back


So we continue on our journey and yes it did not took long before reaching our destination. Another 1 hour.. lol I had to overtake a lot of cars, lorry, busses, and so on. Where we finally reached & yes I took more photos and some how this stone Poring Manage made some how did not make sense. But we took a picture with it:


So if you go to Poring Hot Spring area, you are not allowed to take anything at all but pictures. Meaning to say you cannot leave after eating anything bought from there unless you shit them all out first. As for the second simple rule, you cannot leave anything but footprints. So this one made the whole paragraph some how looked like a puzzle. You are not allowed to take anything from the hot spring & also you cannot leave anything in the area but your footprint. Where you are not allowed to leave you shit, urine or what ever there?

I think maybe the person who made that rule or paragraph was high on drugs.


I guess it did not really change much, I mean there are additional stuff like a swimming pool, private hot tub, and so on in Poring now. This was the original area that did not change since last time and I remember it looked the same just like the last time I been there.

P1000750 This signboard is called “Kolam Manu” I don’t know why but it looked more like a rule to me. Not allowed to use soap/shampoo in the bath tup. Does this look like a manu to you? lol


At the end of the trip I still enjoyed it very much, I be uploading most of the pictures to my facebook account so those who wants to check it out. Do not hesitate to find me in facebook... he he he :)

Click here for more Photo's

Friday, May 1, 2009

Google AdSense

I have finally receive my letter from Google and well it was the Google AdSense Personal Identification Number Pin.  It took like almost 1 month for it to arrive into my P.O.Box, well unlike email the longest time it would take is like 1 minute? lol.



I have finally roughly understand how can someone earn more then USD $500.00 . It is not really hard work but well if anyone ever do it and get, caught your account be suspended. Which I think will be a bad idea to post about the details about it then lol..

Anyway I am going Poring tomorrow, the last time I been there was like.. 15 or 16 years ago. So yeah it be an exciting trip for someone who never been there for some time or never been there at all like my Gf lol..

Map picture


oh 4 us be going, will post about it on tomorrow night or maybe Sunday :)