Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fake Public Bank Email

Well most of you guys by now should be smart enough not to click those email claiming from the bank requesting you to update your password, details, or what ever so. Most of the time I receive an email claiming from Maybank about some internet banking problem and asking me to login. Then again I don’t have a Maybank account lol. Anyway all of them looks at the same, here is one which claims to be from Public Bank.


Dear Customer,

Thanks for banking with us,

As part of our security notification and also to notify our customer against any unauthorized login attempt,

This is why we have sent you this message to verify and secure your access,

Click below to be verify and protected <<<<<<

No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG -
Version: 9.0.851 / Virus Database: 271.1.1/3032 - Release Date: 07/28/10 02:34:00


See the arrow I pointed to that link? Well if any of you guys clicked it from your email (I remove the link ontop redirecting it) it lead you to a website claiming to be public bank. That website is blocked by my Firefox browser because "Reported Web Forgery!” says the browser :\

Anyway you guys can check out the link:

If any of you guys are dumb, just click the above link and fill up your Public Bank details. The smart one does everything manual now days still or are they? lol

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Seven men, one of them impersonating a schoolgirl trespassing co-ed school

Most of us would miss our time back in school well I too enjoyed a lot back in secondary school. Did a lot of good stuff, bad stuff, and so on then again never did effect any of my lifestyle now. But to some people.. they take it to the next level… Some by recruiting schoolboys to join their gang and some would ask them to sell drugs too in school. But I guess that has been common even back when I was in secondary school. Anyway there is this group of guys who take it to a really ridiculously level and yes… impersonating as a SCHOOLGIRL LOL. Was reading about it on the news here check it out:

AMPANG: Seven men, one of them impersonating a schoolgirl, went back to their alma mater as they apparently missed their student days.

All of them, aged 20, were in school uniforms and sneaked into their co-ed secondary school here yesterday.

One of them wore a girl’s uniform complete with tudung.

“The school principal caught them in several classes at 8.30am,” Ampang OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Jalil Hassan said.

Investigations revealed the men had left the school after completing Form Five in 2007.

The men claimed that they decided to sneak back into the school because they were nostalgic about their student days.” Read more…

I remember some of my senior going into the girls toilet and well getting caught by our Principle Mr. Teo. All of them were on the news by next Monday regarding it. I have never seen any cross dresser or ever heard one during my time. I mean cross dressing while studying still in secondary, there  were gays, faggot but they didn’t go cross dressing even after finishing their Secondary School. Some did turn into a girl (half complete) but it was like after few year leaving school. So what ware those 7 thinking when they sneaked into the school? Any idea guys? :\

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Prostitute venturing her business into IRC

I guess it is a common thing now days to see some prostitute coming in the irc channel and promoting their services. Most guys would ask for pictures and so on the smart one just give out their number and the dumb one would give their picture only to be kicked out of the channel or made fun (Sorry but yes I do make fun of them and make sure to tell the rest about it). 

There are time when one of them would just make a fool out of them self where I be there pointing out her stupidity. Here is a screenshot of the stuff I mean:


Well the girl with the nick “Yuni_MLcall_085277425470 is ~Yuni_Butu@ * ergthb” is from Indonesia. Just need to do a ip lookup and you find out where is she from.

IP :

Host Not OK

Country :Indonesia

So she is going world wide now by promoting herself online. Only thing is… er she is from indon. So if someone from another country want her services he has to fly to indonesia to get it? I don’t think there exist such a stupid person to do so. Unless she is some famous actor maybe yes then… lol

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ther new link are up – GutterUncensored

Copied from Mr. Gutter Facebook: The Gutter Uncensored is up and working fine, to view try
first and if that doesn't work then try "

Monday, July 5, 2010

The blog you were looking for was not found. – GutterUncensored lol

By now I guess everyone would be wondering wtf happened again (Meaning to those who has been following Mr. Gutter). So far there has been no news from Mr. Gutter himself but some guys seems to have posted a new website saying it is his new place.

I am not sure if this site really belongs to Mr. Gutter so I do not guaranty anything on it. if something happen to your pc all a sudden (Chances of that happening is kind of low I guess.. with the antivirus installed by standard now days..).


Anyway as usual he will announce the new URL or Blogspot address he be using from his facebook account:!/profile.php?id=1009360269&ref=ts

So if there is any updated it be posted there :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What a week..

I guess it has been all about money for the past few weeks. Strange enough when something related happens I try my best to find a solution or it just comes. First it was my Gaming pc and well not that I have always been using it, it is still a pc which I used to use for games and so on. Anyway it is dead now, it did last me like 3 years plus and yes what else can I expect for using it almost everyday.

The spec were like.. er.. hm.. I just remember spending like almost RM3k on it and uses AMD procesor with SLI cards and 1gb ram (recently upgraded to 2gb) which a Gigabyte Odin 550w true power supply. Uses a Gygabyte motherboard too GA-M57SLI-S4 Rev 1.0 so the whole set is gigabyte including the 2 piece graphic card with uses sli-mode.  It was like my first gaming machine and yes I am a bit sad of seeing it down now. I am not sure which part is not working but more like the motherboard… then again i might as well just buy a new motherboard and processor.

So what made me stop buying a new one? well my car broke down last Wednesday. Not just any parts but the clutch itself!!! all together it already cost my like 600+ for clutch cover, cable, bearing, gear oil change, and tow truck service.. eh.. wait.. NO IT COST ME AlmMOST RM800 SHIT. Because I paid the tow truck rm150 for pulling it first!!! shit.

My first week of July and I got to spend a lot already I guess this is what some people call “Life”? lol I guess it has been a bad week for me.