Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucky news?

Well I receive a phone call from my friend this afternoon. He asked if I am married or not, I said not and told me he wanted to introduce some people to me. So just like any other guys, I said "I am busy" lol... anyway he was just joking about that part. Apparently few of his contact is finding someone in the i.t field to manage a new company or branch in Sabah & Sarawak. I am not to sure what kind of business they plan to do but they are currently looking for someone who can setup it up, manage it, find new market & reports.

I am not sure if I qualify for it but then again I have most of the requirement needed for that position and only thing I don't have is the Age. So chances of me getting it is very low lol then again I don't really have anything to loose, just going to meet the people who wants to do this business and well along with my friend who be the middle man. :)

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