Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well I guess most of you regular here started to notice there is hardly any update on this blog now days. Because I am just to tired every night to blog about something I wanted to tell. There have been all kind of incident to blog about but then again my work just take too much personal time of mine.

But just to inform, I am exploring around for some opportunities which offers more salary(Optional), half day on Saturday or just 5 days a week, more black and white, and last of all.. not a small company again. I would not say the current company has no money, more like not enough man power. Well its all to make more profit, like if the boss found out you can do 10 man job. He will make sure he fully utilize your knowledge and skill till the end of you. In other words, he will be exploiting your skill for his company. Well can't blame him as like any other boss, all of them just want to make as much profit they can and minimize the cost to do it. So like me I can drive, I can speak, I can give idea, I can answer calls, I can write email, I can do wiring, I can do this and that. I am currently doing a admin job, wire man job, technician job, office boy job, a driver, and best of all salesman job.

Who the fuck would ask one to do this much? I would say most company would ask one to do this much if they found out you can do it. So if any of you guys plan to start looking for a job just make sure:

  • It is not a single boss sdn bhd company
  • Must have more then 2 branch and make sure the boss is not the one interviewing you
  • Have black and white appointment letter
  • Not working full day on saturday
  • Does not involve in CCTV or any properties development stuff.
Well this is about much of the list I can say.. there are more but I am to tired. So just figure out the rest or experience it yourself.

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