Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to buy a new camera?

I have not been updating much on this blog, well most of the time it was like about Gutteruncensored. Yes I know it is a porn site but that is just for the hit. Anyway I have been browsing around all kind of digital single-lens reflex camera also known as DSLR. I was looking at D40 & D80 at first and yes it is a starter for newbie such as myself on DSLR camera. Then again as the usual someone will advise me to get another better model (also means higher price) which was the D90.

Previously when I wanted to get myself a digital camera, one of my choice was the cyber-shot. But my friend Ben told me that I should not get those china made product. Well the cyber-shot camera was made in china and I can’t argue about that. Where he advise me to get the Japan made camera which was Panasonic Lumix series. I tried searching for the FX08 modem but well can’t seem to find it where I ended up getting myself a DMC-FX30

It took me some time before I finally get to fully utilize the features of the camera and yes I am finally knowing what is the limit for my camera. Which is why I started looking around for a DSLR camera that might just fit my needs. I tried a few and finally I think Nikon would be my choice of brand this time.

D90 seems to be the right choice after checking the review of it and comparing with the review for D40 & D80. Where Des & Carlo said the same thing, where in my mind now is just aiming to get the D90. As for the accessories, lenses maybe 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR, also got to try getting a 8gb (SDHC compliant) memory card but most of this item are included. Then again the Remote Control ML-L3 would be a good add-on too.

Anyway this is just my plan to get one and not going to buy it yet.  I thought of going K.L at the end of this year and check out the price there first. As it would cost around RM4.5k or more here.

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kaikon said...

Forget about those models below D90. Those are seriously crap camera made by Nikon accountants that wanted to compete with Canon. The D90 is the true Nikon with a built in motor on the body and not the crappy D40s,60s bla bla.

Get it from KL and our darling Ju-On will know where to bring you to get one at a good price. Check out to get a rough guide on pricing.