Sunday, November 1, 2009

Video call available on Digi now?

I am not sure how many of you guys out there using Digi notice this but just today I manage to make a video call with Griselda after noticing the 3g logo on my phone. Here are my phone screen shot:


Notice the highlighted box near the signal bar on the above picture? yes that icon means I have a 3g connection.

screen2Well I can’t seem to take a screenshot with the picture or video but there are actually 2 missing box at the picture above 1 is my face and another is Griselda.


I am using my Sony Ericsson W850i still and yes there was no problem, lag, or what ever problem during the call. So far there have been no announcement on Digi website, but I am not the other person who notice this. Griselda friend tested this few weeks ago too when she suddenly notice the 3g icon on her phone and then tried video calling Griselda. Where I would say they are testing it on random Digi users.

Digi users now might just be able to do Video Call too in the near future :D



3 Spam or critics..:

lionel0008 said...

Actually 3G is already usable since 22nd OCT.

Refer link:

Adriel D.K said...

The 3g internet connection yes, not the Video call :)

m said...

wah u all there can call?!
i oni managed to do video calls in Penang.. in KL also certain areas.. malacca langsung takda..