Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gary Ng has a new video

Gary Ng has a new video and it is having sex in the shower. Gary also has announce that he never had sex with the girl name Amanda who said he had sex with her. Where she also inform the reporter about it. So yes free advertisement!!!!! haha What does Gary has to say?

"I cannot imagine someone actually can use my name to get popular in her FL business...Yes, she did get popular with 2 pages of news report, but i think everyone in the forum are not stupid & had already know what is happening." Read more

So yes the whore used Gary Ng name to gain a short publicity on herself. But I guess she has enough money to pay her school fee now.

News about Amanda
Asiaone - The first report
Asiaone - Amanda claiming she slept with Gary NG

Watch Gary Ng Latest video on his blog - Sex in the shower

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Anonymous said...

wah cannot see leh

Anonymous said...

i want to be laid by gary ng as well. jacqueline koh

Adriel D.K said...

Find me then lol

Gary Ng new Link said...

click on the name for his new link