Thursday, February 18, 2010

You can now switch to Digi online!!!!

I should get paid for even blogging this but well I just want my friends and the people I know to switch. Then again why Digi? Click on this link:



So after reading all those there are some testimonial too if you are not convince:


Then again some of you might just want to switch and sometimes forgotten about it but then remember it while at home. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1
Register your details on this website
Step 2
You will receive a call from DiGi within the next business day (Monday - Friday) to confirm your registration and delivery details
Step 3
DiGi's appointed delivery agent will send a SIM pack to you
Step 4
Upon receiving your SIM pack, you are required to call 016-2211800 to start the switching process. This can be completed within 24 business hours with the cooperation of your current service provider

Very simple right? so why wait, switch to digi now and I am very sure you get cheaper rates, no hidden rates, and many more. How long will it take? well estimate it would take between 3-7 business days to complete the switch to DiGi. During this time they will send you a SIM pack and work with your current service provider to ensure a hassle-free switching experience.

But for DiGi Postpaid, please head to your nearest DiGi Service Centre or DiGi Specialized Store. As there are still some problem I guess.. or I assume so.. . erm.. I guess this service is more convenient for those switch to Digi Prepaid.

So for more details click on the link below and you can start your online registration right away :D


All the pictures and logo were taken By Digi, so please don’t take any legal action against me or anything :x

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