Sunday, September 11, 2011

I woke up around 2.43am.

I went to Pip wedding yesterday, was invited by the cousin. Had a little too much alcohol and as a result.. I lost my Saturday night. Not that I had any plans or anything but well waking up 2.43am Sunday is not really fun. I could have go drinking somewhere but no.. I slept the whole Saturday night away… :( anyway I recorded the dance performance they did yesterday in KDCA Hall:


I guess they did some proper training for this and yes it was fun watching it haha.. Open-mouthed smile There were still a lot of people even after 3pm, the whole place was like still packed but more like it was because there was free flow of beers and whisky? lol but it was fun day Smile

Who is pip? er.. hm.. just got to this site and you know what does he do for a living lol:

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