Friday, September 9, 2011

No updates?

I hardly post anything here now days then other people stuff. Been busy with my job which seems to be lasting more then 2 years now. Still keeping myself updated with the latest stuff, well since my current job allows me to do so. Actually I am not really that busy or maybe just to free & lazy to update this blog lol

But for the past few weeks, or months wait.. maybe years… I been busy with fishing and maybe photography as a hobby. Well both does have a connection if I catch a fish or maybe the fishing spot I go has some good scenery to capture (But usually I end up holding on my rod most of the time rather then my camera).  Only do this during my off day or on Public Holidays, no such thing as school holiday for me anymore lol

For most people I guess this is the time when one would say she or he has started to settle down and going for a new life. But like WTF AM I TALKING ABOUT HAHA

Anyway I am still the same person, same personality, and yes I am still Adriel.

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