Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leedroid kernel v 4.0.0

leedroid_hd_v4.0.0_cfs- 16th december

  • fixed ubs detection
  • added smarass v2 official governor (now default!)
  • cpu freq code updates backported from 36.1
  • cpu idle code updates backported from 36.1
  • smartass & interactive governors from 36.3
  • added clean cache
  • sched: Rate-limit nohz
  • sched - lower granularity
  • bluetooth code from 3.0rc6 kernel (imoseyon)
  • updated g-sensor driver from htc
  • several config cleanups & code fixes
  • updated tweaks scrip! Faster app loading times

More details on the forum thread itself: [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD V4.0.0 SE-3.0 [KERNEL]V4.0.0 16th Dec| HTC GB | OTA | CRT TV

I AM finally going to install LeeDoird version 4.0, currently still on version 3.3.3 as before the 4.0 was on beta version lol.. Anyway since the new kernel is out I am going to install it by tonight also.. and currently still doing a backup with Titanium Backup… then got to copy the backups to my lappy and then finally I can flash the new rom and kernel.. maybe be done in another 2 hours… die…

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