Monday, December 26, 2011

The Proposal



Well it took me a few days and finally I am going to post this… was trying to edit the video and picking the best one to use. Anyway as you all know it was a big day for me last Saturday. Majority friends, family and relative knew my big plan plus friends from IRC too haha thanks. We been together for 3 years now, Griselda has been asking me a few times about it too, and those who know me would know I just randomly change the topic or make a joke about it. But it took me a few months now to deicide, then told my friends about it early last month, then parents… and finally the plan. Most of the details are in the video so hope you guys enjoy this which I created and be using for my next big day with the song I used during the proposal (Train – Marry Me).




I would really like to say thanks again to my friends, family and The Loft staff (Rickey & Fabian especially) for allowing me to use this place for my proposal. I could not have prepared all this with out the support from everyone haha Anyway I be uploading all the pictures on my facebook account. Just tag yourself if you see it, or in case I didn’t tag you guys. Again Thank you and hope you all have a Happy Marry Christmas & Happy New year. By the way click on before link for info on how I met Griselda.


How did I met Griselda?

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