Friday, May 3, 2013

Removing Nuffnang.

I didn’t mind the low payment, the Non-Glitterati status nor did I care if I am getting paid or not from them. Not that I never get paid but the total earning I had from Nuffnang is only Rm668.82. Where on other hand I am gotten $327.76 from Adsense for posting kok-tale on this blog haha. Best part is I am still earning between $2-5 a month from adsense while Nuffnang is stuck at Rm31.99 for the past 1 year plus. I was busy with stuff and kind of left this blog alone for some time, so I don’t expect any higher then that for a inactive blog. Then again I also didn’t expect Nuffnang to give me a new comment box all a sudden like this shit:



NuffnangX Conversations? like I really activated something from Nuffnang site which can hijack my blog and create a javascript to load on open to see a new comment box on a post now?

I don’t like that, plus it really should follow the theme color. Not too sure only Nuffnang users can see that comment box or just me but like fuck I care for Nuffnang, they can eat my Rm31.99  since I can’t windraw it also till reaching rm50 lol.

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