Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malaysia Top student not good enough for local public universities

"KUALA LUMPUR: They are among the brightest students in the country and yet were deemed not good enough for local public universities. 

Eight students who scored cumulative grade point average of 4.0 were not offered any courses at the public universities despite successfully submitting their forms to enter the universities. 

MCA education bureau chairman Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said he could not accept the Education Ministry’s excuse that technical error was among the reasons why many top scorers either failed to obtain places at public universities or did not get courses of their choice. “They obtained 4.0 CGPA. Don’t tell me they do not know how to fill a form." The Star - Link

This is not really something new in Malaysia, if you are indian, chinese, kadazan or any other race that is not UMNO Bumiputra. You be having a hard time trying to get such good offer. One of the many reason why most Malaysian student goes oversea to study and would prefer not to come back.

Then again Malaysia is not even top 10 place to study, plus I do believe most of the educators are not well train. I mean you have discipline teacher calling their student prostitute, teacher insulting the king and even teachers raping underage student in Malaysia.

So why study in Malaysia? I know most Nigerian and China come to Malaysia just for the student visa and end up doing some other stuff. While the real student who wants to study but are not Bumiputra 1st class, have a hard time getting scholarship or loan.

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