Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Miss Hong Kong 2013 Contestant Alleged Leaked Sextape?

Seems like Mr. Gutter have some way of getting all this sex scandal videos again lol

Okay, below is a sex video some in the Chinese media are saying show a Miss Hong Kong 2013 contestant having sexual relations with a man. But after reviewing the video I must say I don't think the lady in the video is the beauty queen they are alleging. I think this scandal was started by other Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant contestants and/or their supporters to hurt this girl's reputation. Peggy Tsui, the Miss Hong Kong finalist denies being the girl in the sex video and nude images being circulated online by people saying it is her. And at this point I believe her... The only way the she is the same person as the girl in the video is if she had a ton of plastic surgery since making this sex video. Anyway. it is still a weird sex video so take a look for yourself and decide.   By Mr. Gutter

I have seen the video, but I am not sure if that is her. Then again I think someone is just trying to frame her as mention by Mr. Gutter as the girl in the video has a few mole on her face and not just any mole but a really big one :
There is another small mole just next to her right nose

You will notice there is something black sticking on her left cheek

Notice that big black mole on this edited screenshot lol also there is one ontop her lips maybe two
where Peggy Tsui don't seem to have any:
No mole here

Still don't see any mole here
So now the main question would be... is that her before doing a plastic surgery? or is that even her? who uploaded the video?

Then again this be the police job to find out lol anyway just head over to GutterUncensored if you guys want to download the video. I am not sharing it, as it is againts the T&C for blogger.. I think lol

#16 Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓)
Age: 26 years old.
Height: 5’4.75″
Weight: 110.4 lbs
Works as a model. Form 5 graduate. Enjoys singing, dancing, yoga, and cooking. Hopes to become an outstanding artist and singer.

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