Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Diabetes Vaccine Breakthrough

"We have identified one virus type that carries the biggest risk,” said professor Heikki Hyöty. ”A vaccine could also protect against its close relatives, to give the best possible effect.”
”We know that this vaccine is effective in mice,” noted Hyöty. ”It is important to test it in people, so that we can be sure that the vaccine prevents diabetes.” 
Taking the vaccine through a clinical trial would cost some 700 million euros. Some funding is in place from the United States and from Europe, but more is required.
”Money is the biggest obstacle to testing in humans at the moment,” said Hyöty. ”The matter is of international interest, and people are interested in us. I’m optimistic that the funding will come.” Source: Yle
I guess those rich fatass Malaysian will now have less worries of getting diabetes since there be a vaccine soon. But like 700 million euros??? lol another Super class A project for UMNO if they invest as that is going to be about RM3,041,914,199.16 according to XE.com currentcy converter :D

Some cronies is going to get rich soon once they read about this news or find out lol

Wikipedia: Yle
Yleisradio (Finnish), also known as Rundradion (Swedish) or the Finnish Broadcasting Company (English), abbreviated to Yle (pronounced /yle/), is Finland's national public-broadcasting company, founded in 1926. Yleisradio's organisation shares many of the characteristics of its UK counterpart, the BBC, on which it was largely modelled. It employs around 3,200 people in Finland.

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