Wednesday, March 12, 2008

During the sunny days... or hot day.

Woke up around 9 this morning or 10 I think. Can't really remember as I thought of finishing my tattoo today with Jude. But he was busy and asked if I can come tomorrow so going to finish it tomorrow. Since I made myself free I went for lunch with Griselda in cp. Accidentally met Jane my Mandarin teacher where she spend us lunch :\ kind of blur about that lol.. As time passed I went to pick Leigh up and met up with Alban in lintas yoyo. After a long silent seat in yoyo we decided to go CityMall. Well not that we had any other better things to do since all of us thought of hanging out in Jude shop haha... so as we went to CityMall where I just had to take a picture of Alban position.. in Popular Bookshop:

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He was standing there for a while reading hahaha

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