Sunday, March 9, 2008

Trip to Beluran

I went back to Beluran last friday with my parents and brother. Drove the whole way under a bad weather condition. It was raining really heavily so took much longer then the usual time to reach. I think about 7 or 8 hours but we did make a stop in kundasang Pine Resort. Had our lunch there and continue on the journey.

Reached Beluran around 5.30pm and it was still raining heavily there since our stop in Kundasang. Didn't really do much as my parents intention on going back was to vote for my uncle who is fighting for election in that area. Well even if we don't go back he still win as he is the only one who has done something there compare to all the previous Y.B's. But dad insisted we go back to vote and at lease help him rise the count higher. Didn't take any money or anything from my uncle. We left on the same day after voting as my dad and mom did not manage to get any sleep staying there because of all the village people coming day to night asking for money from my uncle. They call it "Claims" asking for "tambang pulang" as a payment for voting him. Well money is not really an issue as the party as given him a beg of it to make sure all those people who claims to have no money for the bus fee on the way back after voting him. So yes it was not really a nice environment to stay in that house anymore compare to last time when it was first build. Cathy was there for holiday or more like doing more work there rather then holiday to me hahaha...

Anyway me and my family went to Strawberry Garden Resort and stayed there for a night. Didn't really wanna drive back right away too and it has been a while since me and my family went for a trip together. All the pictures are uploaded into which you and view from ontop. So if there is anything wrong with the slideshote please tell me as it seems better then imageshack.

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