Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tiring day

Woke up late in the afternoon, online for a while, then went for my interview around 3pm. Was interviewed for.. eh.. 3 hours.. that was the longest interview i ever went. The big boss himself for the company I apply for interviewed me and yeah he was explaining a-z about the company and asked about my dad family side, more ever asked for some suggestion and so on. We just talked all kind of things thought the purpose was to understand what kind of position I applied for it just kind of went off the topic every few minutes. In my mind most of the time was like "cepat larr" well I was tired and sleepy even thought it was really interesting to talk with him. Then again the tiring side of my did not help me much.. so as it ended he asked if I was able to work on 1st of april. I then just laughed for a while... and well he too was a little blur and finally notice "1st of april" yes it was April Fool. Then again he said he didn't mean to fool me lol.. well we both laughed again.

So made me kind of blur the whole night now thinking about it and yes it is a little lower pay then what I have asked for in Labuan. Then again I am able to improve myself by working in this kind of company. The company is called Harmonic Security, they supply and install all kind of security system. But since the security system now days uses the most latest technology which uses a computerize system. The boss was thinking of hiring a I.T person who is able to learn all this new technology and combine the knowledge with all the advance security system as 1 big package. Where he/she is able to market that product out then and hope to make a lot of profit in the near future. Well something like that and I end up being that person on the spot :\

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