Thursday, April 3, 2008

working days

Been working in a Company since 1st April 2008. It was a difference environment from my previous experience with Akira. Not to mention one of the Akira oldest technician is there too haha Well not that he is old, still under 30 and been working for K.K akira branch like 7 years. Moved because his salary never went up and well of cause the bad environment he had there. Too much internal politics issues due too the GM relative working together in the same company.

My boss(No mentioning names yet) been asking me to do all kind of task in this past 3 days. Not to mention giving me access to the new office too lol.. There was a new guy started the same time as I did too. But he resigned today as he just won a trip to Hawaii from MTV. I would if I won a trip to Hawaii as I don't think I would have the cash to go Hawaii any soon in the near future or maybe forever haha..

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