Saturday, April 26, 2008


I guess i be posting the same stuff again, hardly ever got to time explore around kk and see some abnormal stuff or funny things happening due to my work. Still trying to adjust my time so I am able to do more things but well I guess it is hard. Then again I am still happy haha

Anyway been going to the same site for the past 2 weeks trying to repair the door access system. I have finally given up on finding out what could be causing it to be unstable. Told my boss what he can do at the moment, even thought it was just a joke solution between me and Alex. Well we were joking of lying to the boss saying the system was up and everyone can use their passcard. Where we would manually input the card information into the door and not using the computer to monitor it or upload all from there. As we can't seem to link the computer with the door access system.

Boss called up that evening and well i told him the bad news where I gave him the joke idea. He said ok and well that made it all more easy temporary as it did not solve the main problem still. So this is about it I guess... talking more about my job again :\

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