Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Updating a remote pc

I was getting bored and notice the cpu beside me had some critical updates by Microsoft. Well Not like I had anything else better to do so I just did it. Feels kind of weird doing windows update and some maintenance on it... Try check out the printscreen I took ;

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If you notice.. I am doing it from my laptop which is using Windows Vista and the cpu is Windows XP. Connecting to it using RealVNC Software. It is helpful if you got a pc running 24/7 back at home and you want to see maybe your download progress or something you are doing and just left it there to run (I am assuming everyone has a ADSL line or something similar running 24/7). If you have a static ip it even be more easy but since most of the home user are having dymanic ip address. I would recommended using a free Dynamic DNS service such as No-IP.

I have been using both service and software over some years now and never had any problem such as being taken over by a so called hacker or what ever. Those who claim they can hack and so on, just ignore them. There are reason why you should set password and regularly change it and if there is any update from the software just download and install. To prevent any wannabe hacker trying they best to guess your password or exploit the software bug.

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