Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Reply

Well I receive this email yesterday, didn't post it because I forgotten about it. Anyway back to the main issue, I have send an email previously to Kad Mesra regarding their service. So I just had to blog about it because after almost a month waiting for the reply I get this:

Dear valued member,

Good day to you.

Thank you for writing to Kad Mesra.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in attending your e-mail.

Further to your recent enquiry, we would appreciate if you could furnish us with these following particulars, as we need to update your account and as a confirmation that the account belongs to you before we could proceed with your request.

New IC
Contact no. (Hp/Hse/Off)
Membership ID no.

Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 03 8023 2626 or email us at


Violet John
Member Services

My reply? well of cause I got to give back a reasonable one.. hehe

To whom it may concern;

I have already called up to report my lost card and forgotten password. Where you can check all those using your computer from just my email. Which I am sure it has a Graphic User Interface and user friendly for you operator to check on my personal details just like any other database software. That only takes less than 10 minutes the most to find out how to do it, or just call the person who installed it.

I do not understand why are you seeking my personal details now when I have already called up and inform the operator who was on duty. Please kindly refer to your database or if it is so hard just ask someone who you might think is able to search for my details now.

As I find the reply very displeasing now, not to mention it took almost a month just for this simple question of yours.

Adriel DK

Will I get another reply? don't know

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