Friday, June 20, 2008

Laptop updates

I have finally managed to spare some time to ghost back my laptop. Currently I am updating the windows in the office. As I was finally free after finishing my entire task this morning till an hour ago.

Not to mention the rain helps a lot slowing down the ADSL speed making it feel like I am on a 65k dial-up connection. My company is using a soho line, which is supposed to be 1.5mbps and well when it rains, it drop to 1.5kbps. So where do all the extra bandwidth go when this happen? I always wondered about that, does it go back to TM or some other streamyx user or maybe just disappear like that? Don't really know what happen to all those extra bandwidth during a rainy day.

Does this happen to other state or just sabah? is it because the semenanjung guys think we don't need any changes and just wait till our phone is being stolen or damage before any upgrade are made? Most of the phone line here are older than I am which is still being use with so much noise in it. The state resource is being ripped the most in Malaysia and what do we get?

Bad maintenance

Lies by the government (e.g.: no fuel hike)

Flyover so the cars will not get bored while getting stuck in a traffic jam (Because state government didn't follow the original floor plan? its either build it or the federal take money back.)

Road being cover over and over causing jam each time they do some maintenance which just covering over the hole and not re doing the whole road. Non standard bumper sizeHospital that has some brick road causing the Ambulance to slow down or heart attack patient will die right away because of the vibration driving over the brickAnd many more things
Why am I complaining? Well because at the moment I am really feeling the effect of the fuel hike and it is not really helping out my monthly expenses now. So which idiot voted for Barang Naik? I didn’t even register myself because at the moment all the parties seem to be the same. All of them will lie just to get vote, they promise saying this and that when they don’t even know if it is possible to do so.
Can 1 promise saying you be coming tomorrow? I would say no, unless you can see the future then maybe. But if you can’t then one should never promise anything to anyone. Because there is always a possibility something will happen before fulfilling the promise such as having a accident or maybe your car can’t start. Where you can’t do the task you promised.
Don’t bother reading if you think this is just another rambling thought of me. As at the moment I got nothing else to do haha.

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