Monday, September 15, 2008

My mindset during work...

Office hour
9am - 6pm
Hope it finish fast

Hope can work till 10 and claim a lot O.T

After 10pm
Hope to go home and finish the job

after 12am
Hope to work another 1 or 2 hours and get double o.t

after 2am
Hope can continue on the job in the evening.

After 3am
Hope there is some faulty hardware and the equipment all explode and you get mc for the next few days because of the explosion.

After 4am
Time to look for another job in the morning papers.. Because your boss has a problem noticing his staff are not superman.

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Anonymous said...

YEAH..Life is always about job, job and job..but our job always make who we are today...people know us from our job.Pity them.