Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy Days...

I guess it has been some time since I posted something here. Well my work have been taking most of my time and my free time too. I still got tons of works here and it kind of sucks not being able to do any extra income. Not to mention I am in dilemma with the current situation.

I am being tempting to join another company at the moment, well not to mention the pressure I am getting with my current job. Few of the reason why I cannot make a decision;

  • I just started in 1 April 2008 ( I want at lease 1 year or more if possible)
  • Would want to handle some big project to be added into my curriculum vitae
  • Having more network as I am being expose outside the company by my Boss
  • I learn more then what I have from my previous employment
  • My boss is promising me some stuff
Where even if I join a new company, the most I get is more pay and more likely I have to start from bottom again. Not to mention I might end up having more work, well which is why I am still considering all this. I got no issue with my boss or my colleague but the work we are doing is just taking too much time and well never ending problem. We have new site to do every week, but with just 3 permanent staff at the moment. How can we actually handle all those? Well that is likely my boss problem. So .. er yes that is an issue.. lol... and I guess most employer are like this. They find people the last moment when by then it be no use. Most company practice this, or what I mean to say is they try to cut cost and think the staff that did not leave are superman which is why currently I cannot post because I have been working till night most of the time. Look at this post time, it is like after 12 already? I got home like almost 12 I think.

So yes it has been really a tiring week for me not to mention I do not know if I am getting any bonus or comission from this current project we are doing.

Life sucks.
Lucky there is dawing.

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