Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sabah International Expo Second Briefing

Well I went for the second briefing today as our company have a boot there. It was not really a normal briefing and was more like a heated brainstorming. The PICO people were being indirectly insulted and well pressured because of a parking issue. Where I kind of find it a bit silly, because in the first place the organizer chose the venue for the largest expo to be held. But they did not count it if 30,000-40,000 people who be coming would have any place to park. Not to mention they only notice this during the briefing and a heated agrument pop out just like that.

So what am I really complaining about? well this is mainly focus on developers and they are not small but for them to notice this fucking issue only today is a bit silly. They have been in this line like for years and all the building they build never had enough parking space. So WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY COMPLAINING ABOUT IT NOW. Centre Point never had enough space, same goes to Karamusing, Wisma Merdeka, and many more other area which is popular.

This does include Condominium, housing area, and well any other building made by the developoer (Maybe World Wide). WE WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PARKING SPACEEEE.

They push the blame to the PICO people they hire and hope they solve it as soon as possible (Like that is fucking possible). Maybe the PICO people would suggest them to build another building just for that day for parking and ask them to build it as soon as possible. Is this possible? well the SHAREDA people should have thought about this before asking them to solve something which is beyone their control. Where at first I find them to be very professional, but now I changed my mind. Almost all the contractor have chinaman style and they claim to be professional but for real... I don't see anything professionally done after today's event.

Sabah International Expo

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