Thursday, October 2, 2008

Low cost laptop

Well basically I have receive this laptop last Saturday from a friend. No name mentioning at the moment because there are people wants to sell this laptop but can't find any company from Sabah and only in KL which take the stock from China.

Here is a picture of the laptop:

(Sorry for the bad image capture but i only got ms paint on my laptop here.)

The laptop is taken beside my W850i just to show the size of it. The screen size is like 5.5" wide and 4" height. It runs on Linux so you don't need to worry about the laptop having any blue screen problem. It also comes with a 1gb memory and can be upgraded to 8gb. You can either connect to the internet using a rj45 or just use the wireless function it has.

This laptop comes with very basic function need, where it has a word processing tool, video player, and a internet browser. There are more but I am just mentioning the most important usage for a laptop. Where this laptop will cost less then RM1000.00

(I have not mention all of it spec because I have not receive the manual book yet. Will update on this once I receive the book)

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