Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sabah International Expo 2008

Well it has really been a week of work for me. Not much excitement, money, or what can I say fun week. All because I had to work even today at our booth in 1 Borneo. From 10am till 10pm for the past 5 days, repeating the same line, same product, and same question. Looking at the same expression of the people gave after hearing our Bose Lifestyle 48 price. Then again I cannot say it was a boring week as rather a bit more relaxing then doing my regular job in the company.

I did a few things at the expo, one of them was accessing the wireless router. Yes they installed four wireless router all with default password and well I manage to get the streamyx details which is

Username: sie1@streamyx, sie2, sie3, sie4
(I remove the password!!! haha you cannot get it!!! haha)

I have not tried connecting using this account as I got like a bundle of streamyx account. More ever it could be a temporary account being setup just for this expo. Then again had fun changing the router password and giving the PICO guys a hard time bringing around their laptop wondering what has happen. If I was bad I would have uploaded the wrong firmware into each router and it be a useless at the end of the day. Then again I did not really had the time to do so lol...

But I did not have to do anything because 1 of the pc I explored had a brontok virus in it. Scary stuff more ever with people from all over the world bringing their xp laptop into the exhibition. I bet most of them are already infected with the virus, including the PICO people. Not to mention most of the booth owner there are not I.T literate. So they might just end up clicking the virus found in the shared folder of their computer haha...

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