Monday, December 15, 2008

msn messenger, yahoo messenger, & friendster virus?

As you log on into your friendster account you will notice a new Message. Well in the message which is from your friends has a link and some how after clicking it you end up sending a message without your knowledge. How does it works? well I don't want to find out but you see this kind of link:

(Subject: You can view my private photos.)

(Subject: wow)

(Subject: WOWW)

(Subject: W.O.W.)

(Subject: L O L)

(Subject: YAYYYYY)

Updates (23/12/08)
Most of you guys are posting some weird testimonials in friendster but I am not sure if you guys notice it or not. As you click the picture on the posted testimonial you be directed towards this website:
from here on I am not sure what will happen.. to make you guys post a testimonial (with out your knowledge).. :P

msn virus link:
I have remove the username above link.

(Contact) says:
(Contact) check out these awesome pics from the awesome party LOL   http://(myusernamehere)
This comes with a combination of my username and my msn contact on the msg :\

yahoo spam msg?
maryellenzailisz (1/1/2009 5:39:43 AM): http://graceonfire%2eco%6d?eca>posa mpvsq

maxiezursalaz (12/26/2008 10:38:06 PM): http://graceonfire%2eco%6d?>oudirna mpr

rebecka_with_pics_in_profile2uz: http://haileyknows%2eco%6d?goofbaii

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