Thursday, December 4, 2008

Second Interview call

Well some time ago I went for a interview. As I saw the advertisement in Daily Express, where I just apply for it and then got a call saying I am being have been shortlisted for the interview. So during the interview they asked me to present myself. Where I just had to talk about myself and what have I been doing till that day. So after all that, the boss there told me I be called up after 2 or 3 weeks time for a second interview. But I did not expect to be called since I did not really present myself well and I did not know what to ask or what else to tell.

So as the weeks goes by I been offered a few and with no trust I did not take any of the bait. But yet go on with my resignation due to the stress I am facing in this current company I am working for. I am running away? well one would say so then again it is better for me to leave then wait for something to happen during my working time.

The client are all VIP's and I got my own responsibilities in the office, where I still have to make sure the staff get what they need and so on. More ever the Boss is there always changing our daily routine to his liking and making it more complicated for his staff to work. Not to mention customer is always right don't really work well with my boss. Where I find him very good at it haha... what kind of person would scold his own customer and ask them to wait. But then again all his customer are people with money and which is why I hate dealing with them because most of them do not want to deal with the low rank in a company and if possible only with the boss. Yes not all but I still don't like most of them till today.

Back to the topic, I was called up for a second interview from Royal Brunei this afternoon. Be going around next week, but before the interview they gave me a assignment to do. First I thought the lady who called me up said "do a assignment on how to promote royal brunei" where I repeated back what she asked and then after hearing for the second time... it was "do a assignment on how to promote brunei". So yes I do not know anything much about brunei other then the park I used to hear from my friends. Other then that... erm.. maybe the only Sultan (King) who (used to) have a golden toilet bowl... but I heard he sold that off already.. I think :\

Download the Proposal for "How to Promote Brunei"
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(Edited on 07/12/08 due to the typo)

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Adriel D.K said...

Erm... well I don't see any problem with it. It has the most basic function of a computer, where you can type using notepad, write and read email with the built in browser, and some of it has a build in hdd.
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