Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picnic trip?

Well went for a picnic trip last sunday with Alban they all. It was fun and well at lease we get to do some activities with some Alcohol haha...

From Left:
Janet, Emily, Griselda, Adriel, Alban, Leigh

So what have I been doing for the past few days.. well most of the time I am busy with work still and yes it is gonna be till end of this month. What are my plans? rest is 1 thing also got to find back all my customer old and new. As I have been too busy with work and they stopped calling me to repair their pc. I am still going to work but well something that is more to sales then technical if possible from now on. Because I find it really physically and mentally tiring to do a technical now days. I don't want to continue on doing something similar for the next few years, which is why I am got to change my job line now. I assume that I have enough experience for the moment well after being pressured so much by the boss & the so called VIP clients, I am sure anyone would have no problem dealing with a new one later on and not to mention meeting new people. Well then again then is always backup plans if what I choose to do did not happen.. :)

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