Monday, September 28, 2009

BorneoColours.Com on Daily Express


“ is a web portal aspiring to be Borneo's only trusted one-stop information portal and it is designed with integrated structure defined as "intelligent new media".

It is also an avenue to trade search, share, store and communicate with people and provide data about Borneo.

"Brunei Darussalam is a well-known country as it is a rich state and the Sultan was one of the richest men in the world. As for Kalimantan, it was well-known for its forest exploitation and, thus, we would like to change this perspective.

"Despite the controversies surrounding Kalimantan, we want to change this negative perspective and show to the world that there are still interesting places to visit in Borneo.

"But we need to sell them as a package. We can do the tourism promotion individually but I do not think it will be effective," said Masidi.

In terms of star rating in the international media, Masidi said the three countries would have better ratings if the whole of Borneo is to be promoted together.Read more..


Also just for you information Borneo Colours Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Doughty, said the project is looking for one person who will go around Borneo for free in 40 days.

"We are calling anyone to apply for the host job and the application will start on Dec 25. All information can be procured from the portal.

Applicants are only required to send a one-minute video presentation to explain their self-worthiness as the selected candidate to travel around Borneo in 40 days for free.

"The closing date will be on April 2, 2010 and the execution of the project would be done in September next year."

So hope you guys would make a video of yourself, upload into youtube, share it in facebook, and link it with your resume…


Just joking about linking facebook and youtube into your resume. Anyway I post about it as soon I get some detail on it :)

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