Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pc with this kind of hard drive you should not repair

DSC00600capacities 4.3GB

I guess most of you guys would be wondering what is this large hard drive looking this. Well yes it is a hard drive and not a very new one just for you information. This is a Quantum Hard Driver, Bigfoot series where Bigfoot hard drive was a brand of hard disk marketed by Quantum Corporation in the mid-1990s which featured a larger physical size than hard disks typical at the time.

Bigfoot drives were produced in capacities of 1.28GB, 1.6GB, 2.1GB, 2.5GB, (single platter) 3.2GB, 4.3GB, 6.4GB, 8.0GB, 10.0GB, 12.0GB, 13.0GB, 19.2GB (double platter) and were produced by a variety of different plants in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and other locations. The interface with the computer was an ATA-3 interface. Bigfoot drives were amongst the first to support Logical Block Addressing (LBA) and Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) monitoring.


So anyway why did I connect it with my external hard drive? erm.. well my regular hard disk reader which is just cable is lost. But the main reason for me to connect is just to check the windows version and before doing that a virus scan is a must. I am using AVG 8.5 and well the free version, but it still does the job. Most of you guys should do this before actually accessing the old hard drive to do backup and so on. As you might find stuff like this:

AVGIt is full of old virus too, not only the hard drive is old the virus too is old lol. 

This pc uses Windows 98 and well I don’t have windows 98 anymore. Also the hardware would not support the windows xp even if it does.. the pc would hang due to the old hardware it has.

So if you want to fix your PC and would like me to do it. Please at lease check if it is newer then Pentium 3 Processor or I cannot do anything with it.

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