Sunday, May 23, 2010

My house is being RAIDED!!!! Part 5 (WAR)

After long weeks of war, I have just found out my intelligent who are also the Black Army ant were actually lying to me. But due to my experience I did not follow their advise and went ahead to use the biological weapon from the same country. As a result… the red army have been fooled again, they brought back all of the weapon back to their base and left nothing at all here are some of the satellite image I took today:


They left nothing and cleaned up the whole war zone area which I previously fill up with all the biological weapon I got from my second base in Sinsuran. So after discussing with all my general we have reach a conclusion to use up all our reminding weapon at one go. ..





I believe the chances of winning this war is very high, where even the red army spy the black army has also been executed for being a traitor for giving my false information. Once the war is over, I will continue on perusing my normal life back….

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