Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones

For most people smartphone are like something you must have even thought majority would not know how to utilize 100% of its capability. But for a I.T person, it is a must to own such a device which can be called a smartphone due to the features, style and yes how convenient it can be for the I.T literate people. Most people talks how good this phone are but what are the things that can make you look dump or maybe just too smart and thinking you be saving a lot of time but well like everyone else you end up loosing more.

So what kind of dump thing could happen while using a smart phone? well there are all kind of features available such as A-GPS which i doubt not everyone knows how to use its free services. Another would be using your smart phone email client this is such a simple utility which allows you to download your email right into your palm. But the best of all is using it to synchronize with your laptop, in other words to make it work together with your very own laptop!!!

You can synchronize your email, appointments, birthdays, event, contacts, and so on. Then again what is the worst thing could happen? Well I am on a digi postpaid, where I use around rm50-90 every one.  Because few days before that I met one of my friend who was on Digi Prepaid. He was showing off how he could surf the net on his phone and download stuff into his memory card. Then later on open up on his laptop just for RM5 a day.Where that RM5 was stuck into my head for the whole week as my friend mention Digi prepaid user are only charge RM5 for the usage of a whole day!! so wow digi is so good I thought…

This is already considered cheap but then one day I was just being to smart and yes made my smartphone into a modem. I used it to get connected to the internet with only a GPRS connection available at that area to send an email along with 5 pictures. It took only 10 minutes and I was saying “WAAAAA so siokkk” so I open up my msn messenger while waiting and was chatting with few of my friends as I was waiting for the pictures to be attached.  So after the 10 minutes I shut down my laptop and off I go to drive back home as I already completed my job :D

It was like the first week of the month and well while driving about 40 minutes after sending that email. I receive a SMS from Digi an SMS I could just never forgot. Your credit limit has already reached 80% of it usage.. I was wondering eh.. 80%.. I am on rm50 package. The credit limit is rm400… OMG 80% is like 300++++++++++ ALAMAK.

I stopped driving, then key in *128*1*1# onto my screen and yes I saw an Unbilled amount of RM300 plus. It just struck my head and like how can this happen, omg this figure made me confuse and I just had to rush back home to check my Unbilled Transaction on digi OCS. Where I saw the statement showing what is eating up all my credit limit.. a figure I could never forget…:


RM201.30 for my GPRS usage!! Weee plus my phone bill it was 300+!!!!! WAAA  DIE LAR there I was being dumbfounded by the figure as I was inform by my Digi Prepaid user friend once you use till rm5 it just get stuck there for the whole day. Quickly I had to ask Digi and to get some explanation where I clicked on D’Chat to get some answers.

So dumbfounded, frustrated and confuse I needed to get my answer from the Digi operator that time. It was night time and well D’chat was operating till night time too which made me happy a bit. So quickly chatted with the operator asking why am I charge RM201 and not RM5. Where finally the operator told me the answer.. the RM5 is only for Digi Prepaid user and where I was on Digi Postpaid.

Sadly enough I had to accept that explanation but the operator was good enough to ease my pain by information that for postpaid user the RM148 is the maximum that will be charged for the whole month. Where it will not go any higher, so true enough that did make me a bit happy.  But well RM5 and RM148 that is just a bit tooo much difference. Then again it was my fault for not double checking on that RM5 promotion.



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