Wednesday, June 9, 2010

D’Chat – Digi

Well I thought it be a wise choice to choose the Package 2a from Digi redemption in the OCS. Because if your bill is less then rm120, the balance of that 120 will not be forwarded and be forfeited. So I guess nothing is worth to redeem now.. Here is a chat log of the D’chat:

(2:47:03 pm)  Thank you for using D'Chat, a Customer Service Consultant will be with you shortly.
(2:50:22 pm)  Your chat session has started..
(2:50:32 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  hi
(2:50:32 pm)  DiGi CS:  Hi, welcome to D'Chat. My Name is PHIK KHEE. How may I assist you?
(2:50:54 pm)  DiGi CS:  Good afternoon. How may I assist you?
(2:50:59 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  i have just redeem the 120 discount from the ocs
(2:51:28 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  was wondering how does it actually works? i mean if my bill was only 40 plus will the balance be forwarded or something?
(2:52:13 pm)  DiGi CS:  The balance of the bonus point redemption will not be carried forward. It will be forfeited.
(2:52:57 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah... ok
(2:53:15 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  so it seems i just wasted the 3000 points
(2:53:37 pm)  DiGi CS:  Otherwise you may change for voucher redemption instead?
(2:53:51 pm)  DiGi CS:  You may purchase available merchandise at DiGi Specialise Store with the voucher.
(2:54:41 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  how many months can i keep the voucher before it expire and where is digi specialise store?
(2:55:01 pm)  DiGi CS:  The voucher is valid for a month and it will be generate together with the bill statement.
(2:55:04 pm)  DiGi CS:  May I know where is your location?
(2:55:27 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  kota kinabalu
(2:55:38 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  one moment, can I pick like something else
(2:56:21 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  as I already redeem the 120
(2:57:54 pm)  DiGi CS:  I can undo your previous redemption since your monthly bill is not generate yet.
(2:59:10 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  I don't think I would buy anything also, so can you just undo it and i just let it convert it to bonus link point
(2:59:36 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  as I thought the balance of the 120 would be forwarded :\
(2:59:47 pm)  DiGi CS:  Oh okay.
(3:00:02 pm)  DiGi CS:  Done. You have 3021 bonus points now.
(3:00:13 pm)  DiGi CS:  Have you activate the BonusLink registration via OCS?
(3:00:16 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  ah ok, thanks alot
(3:00:19 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  yes I did
(3:00:25 pm)  DiGi CS:  Great. :)
(3:00:32 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  thanks alot for the explanation
(3:00:37 pm)  DiGi CS:  You are welcome.:)
(3:00:41 pm)  DiGi CS:  Is there anything else I may help you with?
(3:01:04 pm)  ADRIEL D.K:  Don't think so, as you already helped undo the transaction and I am very happy with that already , thanks alot again :)
(3:01:27 pm)  DiGi CS:  My pleasure to assist you. :)
(3:01:30 pm)  DiGi CS:  Thank you for using D'Chat & have a nice day. :)
(3:01:32 pm)  Thank you and have a nice day.

Luckily they allowed to undo the redemption or I just wasted the 3000 points lol… then again this really sucks.

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